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Nice to meet you,
I’m Sivan Ayla.

I’m a…

lifestyle blogger, mom to my daughter Capri, wife to my hubby Paul (alter ego: Richard), and most recently, an owner and designer of my own swimwear brand called Tan + Lines and tanning products at + Lux Unfiltered.

About Sivan

While I’m expanding my product lines, I still use my blog and social media channels as a way to connect with my audience and share all the real shit that goes on behind the scenes. My mission is to share a realistic approach to everyday luxury. With an unfiltered voice, you’ll learn how to do your makeup, cook a healthy dinner, shake up a killer cocktail, decorate your home on a tight ass budget, travel the world with a buzz, and style your same jeans 50 ways.



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    How Do I Edit My Pictures & What Camera Do I Use?

    99% of my Instagram photos are taken on my iPhone 10 & edited on VSCO. I love the J & A series for editing. I shoot most of my YouTube videos on my Sony 5100 & edit on iMovie. My blog photos are shot with my Canon T3i or with my photographer. If you want a list of my equipment (lighting, apps, etc.) you can find it all in this blog post.

    Who Does My Hair?

    Nikki Lee at 901 Salon in West Hollywood. To know what I ask when I get it done, check out this video.

    How Did I Start My Blog?

    I have a pretty extensive story behind starting my blog and growing it to where it is today. To read all the dirty details & learn my best blogging advice, check the Blogging Tips section.

    Is My Tan Real?

    Nope! Well, it’s partially real but that golden glow is directly from my favorite self-tanner Nº32 + Lux Unfiltered, which is my own brand! 

    What Is My Sizing?

    For starters, I’m 5’3” (fooled you!)…I just know my angles. I’m typically XS or S in tops & dresses, 25” – 26” in bottoms, 7.5 in shoes, & S in bikinis.

    How Can We Collaborate?

    The best way to reach me is email. Every other form of communication overwhelms me! For gifting or partnership inquiries, or if you just have a random question for me, email me at sivan@insanityhq.com




    Something you should know about me is I’m no bullshit. I tell it how it is, always. Yes, my livelihood and income derives from this blog, but I only work with brands and products that I 100% believe in. In many cases a paid sponsorships stems from me loving a product so much (& sharing it on my social media) that the brand reaches out to work together. Other times a brand might send me new products to try and if I love them then we might decide to work together. If you want to learn more about this process and logistics, I’ve written an extensive blog post all about it. I’ve worked really hard to earn the trust of my readers and value it more than anything. Trust me when I say I wouldn’t steer you wrong!

    Privacy + Copyright + Policy

    I own the rights to all of my content. Please respect my work and credit me if you would like to share my content, which I very much encourage!

    Still have questions?

    You can always email me with general questions, if you would like to submit a question for my next Q+A video, blog suggestions, whatever! Just fill out the contact box above!


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