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Watermelon Feta Mint Salad

You have seen various renditions of this salad on the blog before. It usually happens around summertime since it’s a light + refreshing snack, but each time I tweak it slightly. I find this salad to be the perfect pool party salad, as the colors are bright + happy, the taste is delicious, and it’s extremely easy to throw together. Most likely you already have a watermelon that will be served, but chances are you will throw away a good amount (since they are huge). So why not put half of it to good use?!

The key to making this salad extra delicious?

Get FRESH, double-cream, Danish feta. Unsure where to get it? Any ethnic or specialty market usually has a good assortment of fetas at their deli. Trust me, once you’ve had the “good stuff” you won’t ever be able to eat that pre-packaged feta ever again.


  • Half a watermelon, cubed into bite-sized pieces
  • A ton of mint, ripped off the stem + torn up by hand
  • Fresh, double-cream, Danish feta (1 pound), crumbled by hand
  • Balsamic vinegar reduction (TJ’s sells it bottled)


  1. Lay out a layer of watermelon on a long, large serving platter
  2. Add feta + mint
  3. Add another layer of watermelon, then repeat Step 2. Keep doing this until you’ve used all your ingredients
  4. Top it off with the balsamic reduction
  5. Voila! Done.

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