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Ricotta Lemon Kale Salad

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Kale is big in my house right now. What started as a juice craze has gradually evolved into a full-blown eating kale craze. I love me a good salad but kale was making it kind of hard to enjoy (those hard stems that you can’t ever seem to chew all the way?!). Luckily, with a new recipe to try and an improved bag of kale with less stem, I am one happy kale eater. I promise if you are new to kale and are reluctant this will convert you!



-red onion, sliced until almost invisible

-ricotta, shaved

-olive oil

-1 lemon

-fresh cracked pepper


1. Place kale and onions into a bowl

2. Sprinkle shaved ricotta on top

3. Pour a big glug of olive oil over the salad

4. Squeeze the entire lemon into the bowl and top off with fresh cracked pepper


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