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Mississippi Mud Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving ya’ll! This year I opted for a different look than my usual classic-chic meets modern tablescape. With a few simple additions to my collection (dessert plates, scotch glasses turned water glasses, and a basic runner), I am ready to try something new yet comfortable. Since my condo doesn’t have a proper dining room I need to supplement my lack of space with lots to look at. Rather than savor any space I do have, I have chosen to scatter my succulents, interesting alcohol bottles, and a bevy of glassware to create a cozy environment that welcomes drinking your drink of choice and not fretting over keeping my table “perfect.”

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday with their loved ones. However you celebrate, just remember to always be thankful for every last person in your life. And of course, I am always thankful to those who continue to read my blog and support my passion. I am eternally grateful.

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