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Last weekend I graced Coachella with my presence. I never really thought I would enjoy the festival, but contrary to my beliefs, I had a blast. Playing dress up was by the far the best part but I did enjoy hopping around, going from full rave fist pumping (David Guetta) to gentle swaying (Gotye) as the sun set. While I would NEVER, in a million years, camp, I will probably be back for some more Coachella festivities next year :) The most important things I learned:

*Blended watermelon & vodka is the ONLY drinkable alcohol in that heat

*Hats will only make your scalp sweat, so load up on sunblock, giant sunglasses, and head jewelry


*Fake jewelry will turn your body green REAL fast

*Having a beautiful house with a pool to stay in (that is walking distance from Coachella) is key!

*Being barefoot isn’t so gross after a few drinks ;)

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