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The Bachelorette 411

I’m pissed! While watching The Bachelorette I had been taking vigorous notes and putting together my recap of the guys left over and then the rose ceremony happened and made all my points moot! SO pissed. Since I’ve already put so much effort into this I will let you take what you want away from my synopsis. Who else can’t wait for next week? So much crying and talk of “worst day of my life!” I LOVE IT!


Juan Pablo: The European 

My pick. My favorite. I love his accent, look, foreign-ness, and energy. While I think he should win, I don’t think Desiree even deserves this guy. With that said, ABC needs to increase his air time and hope he does something to get him voted off so he can so clearly be the next Bachelor. When that happens I will be signing up for the show. The fact that they planned a soccer game in Spain (Juan Pablo is a professional soccer player) and Des did nothing to acknowledge this proves she has no clue what this European has to offer.

Update: He got cut. Dumb bitch let the best guy on the show go. I love you Juan Pablo…I’ll spend Christmas with you and your daughter. I love that he says such random things at inappropriate times.


Chris: The guy she will pick

He’s not my favorite, but I think he may be Desiree’s. They are equally cheesy (aka write poetry…that rhymes) and should limit behavior like that to one couple. He’s not bad looking and his mousy disposition suits her well. Pretty generic, but then again, so is she.


Zak W: Shirtless guy 

Until I googled this picture of him, I had no idea he was the guy who came out of the limo shirtless. I thought it was the Italian guy who was booted off last week. Come to find out it’s Zak, which was pretty shocking since he seemed totally non-douchey. He has a very Jersey Shore look to him that truly deceived me and for his sake he needs a little less self-tanner and gel to be marriage material.


Michael G: The Gay guy 

His voice, his smile, his clothing, his hair, everything about this guy is gay! I absolutely love gay people but I am not quite sure why he felt the need to confused himself, the viewers, and myself by coming on a dating show like this. And he’s not the only one–just wait–so maybe they need to get together so I can stop screaming at the television each time I hear him commenting and starting drama?!


Drew: The other gay guy

He’s nice enough but come on! How can Desiree honestly keep these guys around when they so clearly like men?! Drew has the whole preppy Abercrombie goes to church look going on (it’s a good look) but it’s just not what I would expect from contestant on The Bachelorette. I’m waiting for some great moment for these two (this guy & guy above him  (no pun intended)) but I have a feeling that will never happen…on television.


Brooks: A Man’s Man 

Brooks loves all the guys on the show even though he is competing with each one for the love of the same girl. It shows his character (kind), his attitude (extremely personable), and mentality (goofy) in each date scenario, which makes him very likable. I also have a thing for men with long hair (a very European look) and can’t help but like this guy. I wouldn’t be mad if Desiree picked him (this would mean Juan Pablo is still on the market). And don’t worry, Paul is fully aware of my acute obsession with JP (yes, we are on a nickname basis). Go Brooks!

Update: Why is Brooks crying so much in next week’s episode? The commercial totally got me and I’m seriously looking forward to next Monday.


Kasey: The Boy Next Door

This guy does nothing wrong but also doesn’t do anything too right either. He is very neutral, always defending the good guys and calling out the bad. I have yet to see any type of connection between him and Des, so my guess would be he is heading home soon. I also happen to think he looks like a Kasey I know. Does he look like that to anyone else or do I really know this guy? Kasey, if we know each other, leave me a comment below :)

Update: Called this one. He’s gone. Nothing much left to say about him.


Don’t remember his name: Biggest Douchebag 

Wants to be the next Bachelor, acts like a tool, works out his upper body too much. Do I need to go on? Before I even got to his summary the show was over and he was thankfully not offered a rose. But who else found it so annoying that he talked her out of making him leave not once, but TWICE!? To Desiree, glad you finally made the less dramatic choice to make him leave.

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