Trick or Treat?

halloweenHalloween, next to Thanksgiving, is my absolute favorite holiday. The costumes, the weather, scary movies, pumpkin painting (not carving), warm drinks, and duh, the candy…what’s not to love, right? This year we will be having a fabulous Hollywood Hills Halloween bash, complete with decked out decor and a mixology bartender and I am just about living on Cloud 9. If you are hosting any Halloween parties or just want to decorate your space, head over to Z Gallerie for their to-DIE for decor! You might cringe in fear of spending XYZ on gold skulls and black-out glasses but you as long as you store them properly they will be good for life! Happy Halloween!

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Home Sweet Home

homesweethomeI love nothing more than re-arranging my home to make it feel like completely new place. I guess you can blame my ADD but I need aesthetic change often. With the recent gifts that have been flowing in for our engagement, I have a few updates to share with you. Enjoy a few glimpses at my current favorite spots in the house.

bookcase livelove kelly katemoss plenty

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Skinny Mule

skinnyLast week my friend Morgan came by for some cocktails and catching up and I thought we should test out some of my new gifts. Currently our home bar is so stocked we tried something a little bit unconventional for a DIY cocktail, the Moscow Mule. It was actually pretty easy once I figured out what it took to fill my beautiful, copper Bastille cups. Follow the directions below for a delicious, skinny cocktail that will get you quite drunk. Cheers!

ingredientIngredients that yield 1 cocktail in a Bastile cup:

  • 3 ounces of Skinny Girl vodka
  • 1 ounce fresh lime juice
  • Some Ginger Beer
  • Ice


  1. Pour vodka & lime juice over ice in a shaker, shake well
  2. Fill the cup with large ice cubes and pour drink over ice
  3. Pour some Ginger Beer into the drink
  4. Squeeze another lime over and drop it in
  5. Use a chevron straw to stir & sip!

*Warning: this is basically a double if you want to fill the cup


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Fawning for Fall

fawning for fall1. Popcorn Pouch // 2. Isabel Marant check shirt // 3. Cats Pajamas // 4. Stella McCartney tartan sweater // 5. Balenciaga bag // 6. Stella McCartney Lace bra // 7. Phillip Lim luggage // 8. Gold skull // 9. Rebecca Minkoff mini classic bag // 10. MAC lipstick // 11. Ray Ban aviators // 12. Diptyque perfume // 13. New Balance tennis shoes // 14. Isabel Marant booties // 15. Margiela rings // 16. Rag + Bone booties // 17. Black skinnys // 18. Gold iphone // 19. NARS nail lacquer // 20. Perricone MD eye serum

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tartanBritish terminology is so much better than plain old English. Tartan instead of plaid? Why not. When I snagged this top before heading to the airport last month I never imagined I would get so much use out of a $20 shirt. While it is very comfortable, I will admit it is probably the neutral colors that have me wearing it just about every week. Red has slowly worked its way into my favorite spot, and yes, red is neutral in my book, AND I’m feeling all the accents (bag, lips). And I know big puffy skirts are making a comeback but trust me this is probably the only type I can wear since it is high-waisted. I would still hem this baby a good inch after seeing the pics but I won’t bore you with my short people problems. Happy Monday all you plaid-wearing school kids!

red leather necklaceI’m wearing: Le Tote skirt // Forever 21 top // Ray Ban aviators // Balenciaga bag // Geoffrey Scott necklace

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Greek Petros Eggs

greek eggsWhile staying in Los Olivos’ Fess Parker Inn, I found myself ordering the same breakfast each morning, the Petros omelet. Their famed Greek restaurant, Petros, is absolutely remarkable and once I had a taste I couldn’t imagine life without it. Since I can’t frequent the restaurant daily I have created my version of the dish and I’ll have you know, it is not bad. The recipe is very simple and takes no more than 15 minutes, prep included. Since 15 minutes is about 13 minutes too long for me during the week, I keep this as my weekend treat for Paul and myself. Another reason we are happy to jet-set over to Greece to tie the knot…the FOOD! Enjoy my recipe below!

ingredients mrsIngredients (serves 2 people):

  • 6 eggs, scrambled
  • 3 smallish heirloom tomatoes, chopped
  • a small handful of kalamata olives, halved
  • Authentic feta cheese in brine, crumbled (the expensive feta is worth it & makes the recipe, promise!)
  • 1 tblspn olive oil
  • a few capers


  1. Heat oil and pour eggs into the pan
  2. Once the eggs are mostly cooked, add the tomatoes & olives
  3. Mix them up, then add the crumbled feta
  4. Turn off the heat, let sit for 30 seconds
  5. Serve & garnish with capers, which actually add a touch of sale

*Tip: I serve mine with a side of labaneh with olive oil & zartar and some flat bread


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Ripped + Relaxed

rippedSometimes a girl just likes to be relaxed. Contrary to popular belief, heels really are relaxing to me since I reach a semi-normal height, and as long as everywhere else is low key, I’m good. Sundays are made for ripped boyfriend jeans, a loose blouse, an over-sized clutch to haul everything, and of course, some strappy heels to differentiate myself from the boys ;)

details CV clutchI’m wearing: BLANKNYC boyfriend jeans // Lush top (similar here) // Steve Madden heels // Cynthia Vincent clutch // Ray Ban aviators // Michael Kors watch // Charme Silkiner Amor necklace

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Mama Mia!

1185130_10151590470681296_483808848_nWell….the cat’s out of the bag! I’m getting married in GREECE! During our engagement party over the weekend my future father-in-law leaked our big secret (during his speech) but we could not be more excited to be able to speak about our plans. I have been lusting over Greece since the very first day I joined Pinterest and was confronted with millions of gorgeous images of those quintessential white walls, crystal blue ocean, incredible culture, and exquisite food. After 2 grueling months of planning our engagement party I came to realize planning a wedding just wasn’t something I actually wanted to do and that is when Greece entered the picture (thanks Mommy!). Now we will spend the next 2 years preparing for an epic vacation with our best friends and family, and we will just happen to be tying the knot while out there. Hey, we wanted to honeymoon out there anyway so why not, right?! If anyone has been married in Greece I would love to hear your suggestions and any tips you might have for this tired-of-planning bride-to-be. Now that it’s out….ahhhh!!!! I’M GETTING MARRIED IN GREECE!!!!

Sorry, I just had to let out a little scream of excitement. If you need a reference for just how amazing it is to not only be in Greece, but to also get married out there, watch Mama Mia and it will all make sense!

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RNwobua2m5rCJllUh-bGqEIKCsEkk6HQygnaRHkd1NBUbZYl4yNmvbHYqaZVhOcSpA=w1170-h454A little taste of what ensued in the Hollywood Hills on September 21st, 2013. Paul & I threw the party of our lifetime in an Art Deco inspired bash to celebrate our engagement. Our friends and family all graced us with their presence and well wishes as we toasted with champagne, sipped on signature cocktails, took one too many shots, and danced the night away. It was an evening I will never forget and will look back on often to remember how many wonderful people are part of our life. As we gear up for the 2-year engagement and wedding in….(find out tomorrow!), I am happy to share that this has been the best time of my life yet! Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate this special time with us.

hWjJnm_VgovjygTDJAag2An_kL7J_jyuUrP_FoBnATA3W27Z19Yht0I6bPhEfstJtg=w1170-h454 x7XIuP70jH1zAv4Yi56LU-bXSm_eb0Hp0I_Y9hL6JnROKI0_NYnvCr352r1FhPzukA=w1170-h454 I7WZPVCmxYlZQjrbMEN7yAx4iNWh74FfT7eygHJ9jsWLiMHs1AE-zmwFCwRpX0935Q=w1170-h454 r-W41JMvEvzkqevLzapSjiBBcd4h4EoXWJQgtUWMtU2TzWrmJ2ZehmnydxB8H0WZ-w=w1170-h454 QHtC666yqG-BxypBXQTd5qsEdtPEBjR_753GMbijtVxdMVok7VV4TLlGIpVRMHbOMA=w1170-h454  hK4I_0tiac1zYvThAvahmmq7AKayMc3f_YburauhFbeSgXnzRZtFCkkGJ0FV2RdHZw=w1170-h454 jZRA1w7iy66wfAq2M5Iqb7zc6b5ylPQveYAVmKhiFOUnO7AcR1U-8W9GC00YQzfSiQ=w1170-h454 4lci7kdKDbVHEBWA-cjTk4quhTJ0W7J1tXbt5nb1g_ZXNW_XnihvNTagzp6jEcMHuw=w1170-h454

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Electric Eel

stylestalkerI scored this StyleStalker dress during one of their insane sales and am thrilled that the fit is rather perfect. I am finally back to normal after my whirlwind engagement party and was ready to slip into something a little nicer than denim cut-offs for spray painting and something a little more low key than my white gown for the party. While I wait for my pictures to arrive (did you really think I wouldn’t share pics from the fab event?!), I am anxiously putting together some fun posts of the decor that consumed my apartment for 2 months. Stay tuned for DIY party decor, tips from planning this soiree, and of course, the most exciting news I have to report yet! It’s all coming your way, on this blog, very soon!

ring dress leather topI’m wearing: Style Stalker Bodycon dress (on sale here & here) // BLANKNYC vegan leather jacket (similar here) // Zara heels // Ray Ban aviators // Charme Silkiner ring

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