Kissing Summer Goodbye

mauiLDW has arrived, which officially marks the end of summer. It’s a bittersweet feeling to be saying goodbye to my favorite season; however, my favorite month is coming up: October. You may remember from last October, and the last October, just how much I adore that time of year. You will be reminded again this October why I love it (so I’ll spare you the details), but I had to take the time to kiss hot bikini days goodbye and welcome sweaters, hot coffee, and snuggly blankets instead.

I often feel that summer vacation never really ended for me. How could anyone let go of what was the best three months of the year? No school, no work (while still in school), beach, friends, what’s not to love? As an “adult” I have been determined to keep the spirit of those summers alive by allowing myself mini vacations, happy hour, some summer Fridays, and of course, lots of time by the water. Although the turn of season means I am headed back into the grind, I am actually excited this time. I have set myself challenging goals and there is just so much to work towards that I feel more motivated than ever. If only my attitude about exercise were this positive…One step at a time, I guess. Wishing everyone a wonderful and safe holiday weekend. Enjoy the last sweet sips of summer!


Sivan Ayla

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Maui Diaries: Paradise Cove

paradiseThe first couple days of our trip were spent driving around the island exploring and visiting some of our favorite spots. After a day at the Grand Wailea we got in the car and headed toward Makena to see a more familiar shore. With wind-blown hair, a severe tan, and fresh coconuts in hand we accidentally passed the turnoff but came across these crystal clear coves. We had initially kept driving but upon our return I basically jumped out of the car to run into the water. It was warm and the sand was sinkier (not a word but you know what I mean) than the sand in Wailea, or anywhere for that matter, and it was absolutely deserted. I felt we struck gold and after Paul insisted I play in the mini waves for some pictures we later learned that these coves are where the more recent shark attacks took place. Lovely. My second biggest fear in the world (2nd to earthquakes) is sharks and I was basically asking them to come snatch me and my lacy cover-up! Luckily I made it out of the water untouched but I still get creeped out just thinking about it! Have you ever encountered a shark in the water? Do tell, I’m fascinated!

cove backI’m wearing: Jen’s Pirate Booty cover-up (sold out) // Gap flip flops

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Maui Diaries

mauiI’m back in LA and surprisingly very glad to be here. After 5 blissful days prancing around the soft Maui sand, floating in the warm water, admiring the sunsets, and watching two of my good friends get married, I was ready to come home. I missed my dogs restlessly and even though Maui was once my home, I definitely felt like an outsider visiting. Something just felt different. I was lucky enough to see some old friends on the island, which was truly the best feeling when feeling a little lost, and it restored a sense of familiarity. I won’t ignore the fact that wearing a bikini (and an equally cute cover -up) was a dream–because it was–island attire never gets old. I did my best to showcase my favorite looks from our trip but honestly blogging looks all day can be tiresome, not just for my photographer, but for me mentally. I almost felt as though I was “wasting” my trip searching for the perfect lighting and second to shoot a look instead of truly taking in my surroundings, which might have contributed to my growing pit of melancholia. Okay, okay, I wasn’t exactly melancholy on this trip; I just want to make sure I reinforce how important it is to not get caught up in the big picture (no pun intended) but instead focus on what is making up that picture-worthy moment, aka your loved ones and occasionally a drop-dead gorgeous sunset. With that said, I hope you enjoy my Maui Diaries. They are a true peek into how I spent my intimate vacation with my fiance.

back peacock front sitI’m wearing: Mara Hoffman cover up (sold out) // Billabong bikini // Karen Walker sunnies // Charme Silkiner Celine necklace


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sivandoesmauiMy good friend Kelly is getting Maui’d this weekend so Paul and I decided to head back to my old hometown for a little relaxation prior to the festivities. It has been far too long since I’ve been back on the island and I’m already feeling like my time is too short there. Thankfully Paul has spend just as much time on Maui as I have so we aren’t obligated to do any tourist attractions, leaving us with days wide open for beach, pineapple, Maui babe, the fish market, friends, and a few secret spots (sorry, a secrete is a secret). Please excuse the lack of posting this week but do follow my travels on Instagram to get your daily fix (@sivanayla). Aloha!


Sivan Ayla

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I have some pretty exciting projects coming up and if you have been even semi-following me lately you would probably be able to guess who I’m teaming up with. I have a borderline obsession with a new store in town and we are working to bring you something fun to officially welcome it to the community. Hint: everything I wear lately has been from this super chic, super affordable, and super on-point boutique. I highly recommend keeping one eye on us because this is one duo you won’t want to miss!

black back


pyramidsI’m wearing: Dress from elle a // Karen Walker sunnies // Balenciaga handbag // Charme Silkiner pyramid studs

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Fringe Benefits

fringeI’m a sucker for anything that is tie-dye or has fringe and when I saw this little dress out of the corner of my eye I knew I had to have it instantly. With my upcoming trip to Maui I am still living in maxi dresses and easy-breazy shorts but can honestly say that I am looking forward to fall. It’s strange because even until recently I always “hated” cold weather, but now as I get older I appreciate what goes along with colder LA weather. Come October, Paul and I will spend the month watching scary movies with the fireplace on, sipping on minty hot chocolate, and bundled up in blankets. It may seem like something insignificant but it has become our tradition that I cherish and very much look forward to. However, until then, enjoy the last of my summer looks.

side details fringe2 IMG_2779 moveI’m wearing: Dress (sold out but here is a similar one I love) // Zara sandals (sold out) // Charme Silkiner Roth necklace // Charme Silkiner Dusk necklace // Ray Ban aviators

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Real vs DIY

diy realReal or DIY? That is the question this tiresome Friday afternoon. Life has been an absolute whirlwind for me lately and I honestly do not foresee it calming down anytime soon. When you spend a good three weeks straight just being “on” (your A game, awake, online, working, creating, you get it), there comes a time a girl just needs a nap. Thankfully I am leaving for Maui on Tuesday for a good friend’s wedding and I am so ready for days of absolute nothing with Paul. Beach, sand, cocktail, book, done. Until then I am hustling to get everything prepared so I can truly enjoy my mini vacation (I say mini because you aren’t truly on vacation until week 3 and this is certainly not a 3 week vacation…sadly).

Getting back to the topic at hand (almost ended this post without addressing the point! Yes, I’m tired), I’ve found storage to be my biggest issue lately. Buying new things always poses this problem since I live in a condo and I’ve been forced to get a little creative. Since I refuse to put anything in my home that isn’t aesthetically pleasing, I was forced to find ways around your typical storing options. For example, after burning my favorite Diptyque candles I gut the inside of the glass and use if for my make-up brushes or pens for my desk. Soap dishes make for great ring holders while doing the dishes (or in my case, they are home to my engagement ring when I sleep). For “real” storage I recently picked up some acrylic treys from the Container Store and used it for my nail lacquers, make-up, and bedside tchachkis. It looks much sleeker and gets the job done! How do you get creative with your storage woes? Do share.


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Charme Silkiner x Sivan Ayla

hideI am so beyond thrilled to be working with Charme Silkiner on her new collection! When the opportunity came about for me to merchandise her collection in the comforts of my own home, using my super fab decor, I jumped at it at lightening speed. I have been dying to get my hands on her stuff for a while now and am so impressed at the impeccable quality and downright gorgeousness of the pieces. There is still so much more to come but I just had to share a few sneak peeks from the weekend shoot we held. To see more of her current collection visit her website! Psst…there is currently a 20% off all earrings sale going on (use promocode FBEARRINGS). Better snag something fast before they are all gone! Enjoy.

covet collab voluspa

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Chambray Monday

chambrayMy dogs absolutely love going to the local park and running wild . Paul and I can’t even say the work “park” (or anything that rhymes with it) without their ears perking up and before you know it they are sitting by the door crying. So, when it is, in fact, time to hit the Parky Warky they are so ecstatic that it is hard to find a spare moment to change into something comfortable or better yet, pack a picnic. Over the weekend Paul and I decided to be sneaky and pack our new blanket and some snacks and surprise the kids with a trip down the street. It was a very sweet afternoon spent with my loves and made me not so dismal about the eventual end to the weekend.

picnick close park fullI’m wearing: BLANK NYC shorts // Old chambray shirt (similar here)// Zara sandals (sold out) // Ray Ban aviators

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Engagement Party Mood Board

df5a6aa496acb474c51d9130573f7fe1With my engagement party coming up next month (!!!) I thought I’d share some of my inspiration for the event. I have only been engaged for 2 weeks and so far I have done everything in the most unconventional way possible and that is why I have decided to go with a completely different motif for this party than my actual wedding. With all the events that we will be hosting in our honor I think each one can have its own style and we will start with an uber glamorous, Gatzby-style engagement party in the Hollywood Hills. Stay tuned for THAT!

810af62e54ccbf2960b9276167c27246 73ba17541d274d91a6da40b744ef9372  40c775174440d8aec47a7b8df2539d8d db529a3e19cdfd700a673c06a8f509f8

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