Fess Parker

jeansComing back to reality after the best 3 days of my life has been harder than I’d like to admit. Los Olivos, and specifically the Fess Parker Spa & Inn, was my ultimate dream. Outstanding food, a relaxing atmosphere, and plenty of wine made for my ideal life. While I have had to dive back into work and force myself to focus, I did spend a good portion of this past weekend rummaging through my wedding magazines to gather even more inspiration for all the wedding festivities. With that said, it was only appropriate for me start a Wedding section on my blog. Since this will be a two-year engagement, we will have lots to cover in that time span, and by the end I will have lovely documentation of my most coveted time yet.  Hope you enjoy my wedding prep as much as I will!

ring ripped loungeI’m wearing: BLANKNYC jeans // elle a top (similar one here)  // Zara shoes // Karen Walker sunnies // vintage necklaces (similar one I love)

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Will Brooks Be Back?

brooksI couldn’t even wait until tomorrow to post this, as the shocking events of tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette came to an end. There was literal silence and stillness in the house as Paul and I glued our eyes to the television screen, trying not to miss a single word uttered during the most painful breakup I’ve ever watched. I can honestly say that was the first real moment I’ve ever seen on this show to date. Now, the big questions is: Will Brooks be back? How can the show go on after this? Who will she pick (if any)? What happens now? So many questions…share your guesses with this obsessed Bachelorette-fanatic couple!

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Bling Ring!

25c621a8f2fa11e2b85522000a9e28f2_7I have never been so excited about something yet had so little to say about it. On Sunday Paul asked me to marry him! I am still pretty speechless and shocked. Considering we are going to Paris in 5 months I thought maybe, just maybe, it would happen then. But this?! Did not see it coming.

This whole thing started as a surprise trip up to Los Olivos (wine country in Southern California), which is pretty much the most ideal vacation for us. Being serious winos and foodies, there is nothing we love more than vineyard hopping and eating well. Upon arriving, Paul had planned a Bachelorette-style picnic for us, complete with the roses and “challenges.” Yes, I know we are extremely sappy, but having something to look forward to each Monday is very much worth it. At the end of our “date,” I was presented with a rose that he decided not to give me; instead, I received my stunning bling ring.

I have never loved a material item more in my entire life. I am so distracted by this rock on my finger I find myself starting at my hand every 10 seconds. And not to be forgotten is the elation I feel about marrying my best friend. Paul truly is someone I could NEVER get tired of and am so happy to be able to vocalize my crazy future plans for us! So get ready fellow readers, a SIVANAYLA wedding is underway!

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Summer Shorts Sale!

summer shortsMy most lived-in pair of shorts this summer so far has definitely been these Lovers + Friends floral shorts. They are snug around the waist but loose on the leg, leaving me more comfortable than I need to be on a regular basis. How have I been too comfortable, you ask? Well, I pretty much didn’t take them off (except to shower) last weekend (oops!). If you would like a pair I am selling them for $50 and have all sizes available. Email me if you are interested: sivan@sivanayla.com! I also have the matching blazer if interested.

shorts hollywood


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To live in style in LA!

UnknownWhat happens when my best friend opens a store in the Valley? We have a party, duh! If you follow me on Instagram (@sivanayla) you already know how adorable her soireé was, but in case you missed it, here are some snaps from the event. Be sure to stop by her store and pick up some goodies. Prices are unbelievable (we are talking everything under $60!) and her styling is impeccable! #proudbestfriend

elle a


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Black + Gold Affair

gold mood boardI am no longer bordering on an obsession with black + gold, it is now a full blown, acknowledged admission. While it pertains more to home decor than clothing/accessories, I do love the combination in basically any capacity. My living room, which is still a work in progress, has slowly made the transition, and my bedroom now will, too. I don’t like to get too carried away with a color scheme in the home but this one makes sense. You can always omit the gold and substitute with a different color, OR just add to it (you might be cringing but I promise it can be amazing). See, it gives you options to go black + gold! Just for the hell of it, I have compiled some items I am lusting over but be sure to check back for the final unveiling of my newly done bedroom.


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Dear Girls Above Me

imageYou know that moment when someone sort of important retweets or favors your tweet  and you just die? Well, that moment happened to me recently after reading what can only be described as the funniest book of 2013. I would give it more credit than just 7 months of being the funniest book, but that would discredit my girl  Sophie Kinsella, who quite literally brings me to all sort of bodily functions that should not be induced by reading.

Charlie McDowell gave flame to his sort of creepy tweets about his obnoxious upstairs neighbors (2 young blondes) by creating a book that demonstrates what and why the male population truly thinks of 20-something girls. He covers all topics from sex, family, politics, travel, drinking, and everyday minutia from the perspective of a guy overhearing 2 girls with little to no brain, with a detailed analysis of what he thinks they are actually trying to convey.

Not to be ignored is the hilarity in the anecdotes of his personal childhood and neighborly experiences. I’m not even exaggerating when I say I flew from Indiana back to Los Angeles (direct!) and did not put the book down. Not just that, I was forced to cram my body into the right corner of the already-too-small airplane seat to try and hide my convulsing body and tears (yes, tears! I cried!) from the two nice old people sitting next to me. When it got too out of control she did turn to me and ask, “What are you reading, dear?” and I could barely bring myself to speak without spewing spit all over her face from laughing so hard.

Highly recommend reading this book–if you couldn’t tell what I was getting at–I promise it won’t disappoint. And just in case you were curious which part reduced me to tears: The Disneyland chapter. Charlie, if you happen to read my review, ‘favoring’ my tweet made my day! You have officially confirmed everything I already thought men think of women…


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Hidden Gem



Hidden gems never fail to excite me. This weekend I was graced with two in one day: First, as I was getting dressed for a birthday party and had nothing to wear, a maxi skirt I bought at a Cynthia Vincent sample sale popped out at me and I was reminded that it is actually a dress. Done! I had never worn it that way and with 90 degree weather in Malibu it was lightweight enough to get the job done. Later that day as we headed home there was unexpected traffic in the canyon that urged me to take a detour down Mulholland Drive. It was pleasant and sunny so I didn’t mind but I was especially excited when a body of water appeared out of nowhere with lake houses surrounding it. Where did this come from? How much does it cost to live here (too much, I later found out)? Can I rent a pontoon (no, I later found out, too)?

This hidden gem is in fact called Malibou Lake and it is rather charming. It is technically still “Malibu” without the gloom or distance from civilization. Although I am disappointed that those homes are a little out of my price range at the moment, I am just happy to know this place exists! I guess this lesson could actually be that “everything happens for a reason” since I would have never discovered Malibou Lake had there not been annoying traffic that forced me to take an alternate route. Which lesson did you like better?


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Tropic Fever

tropic feverYou know I’m predictable when people point out that my pants match the chairs in my office. The print, that is. I have developed a serious infatuation with all things leafy and green. I’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to bust out these pants and this past weekend was the perfect time for a day date with my boy. We have officially upgraded our bed to an Eastern King; meaning: I might have a slight chance at slumber normalcy with all the additional width (the dogs and Paul all tend to end up on my side). Back to the point, though, my all white ensemble was just what I needed to get in the mood for a new bedroom and because I set my sights on a nicer-than-needed outfit, we ended up having a nicer than just mattress shopping day. See, your outfit really does set the tone for your day!

FYI: If you would like to purchase a pair of these pants, I have all sizes available. $50! Leave a comment below if you are interested.

details pantsPants: BLANKNYC (selling all sizes! If interested, leave me a comment-$50!) // elle a top // Zara shoes


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