oversized-sweaterWho doesn’t love a good oversized look? I’m talking head-to-toe loose, comfy clothing. And speaking of head-to-toe (ok, maybe not quite toe…but head-to-ankle), this full look is from my absolutely favorite boutique elle a. in the Valley. My stylist happens to own the place, too ;) Since it is unseasonably warm still, I’m able to get away with wearing open-toe sandals but believe you me, once temperatures drop I will be whipping out my booties in no time! I especially love this chunky sweater because of the pop of red, which has slowly become my signature color (think: lips, accents, bag). Cannot wait to prance around Paris in all my new goodies…packing has never been so easy! Oh, and what did I say about seeing these pants again. Trust me, it’s not over.

red-balenciaga tribal-sweater leather-jogging-pant chunky-sweaterI’m wearing: Faux leather jogging pants (elle a) // Chunky sweater (elle a) // Zara sandals // Balenciaga bag // Ray Ban aviators

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Leather Jogging Pants

neonGet ready, you will be seeing these vegan leather jogging pants on the blog A LOT. It’s only Monday and I already have at least 3 outfits in my head for them. I’m currently very into mixing high and low fashion and this outfit exemplifies just that. And the neon? Well, after I decided I couldn’t walk around with a bright red purse everyday of the week and had to get something “basic” I ended up with this. Obviously still on the prowl for a black basic bag. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. With my upcoming birthday (26!!) I am feeling extra needy of items to validate my personal style and youth. Sorry, it’s the truth. Material items really do set the tone of my day and I’ve learned to prioritize my purchases. Except for this neon bag, of course. It’s my birthday and I’ll buy dumb shit if I want to!

neon-messenger outfit-details leather-pants tribal-shirtI’m wearing: Faux leather jogging pants (similar here) // Forever 21 tribal top (similar here)  // Zara sandals // Neon satchel // Ray Ban aviators

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MUSE CITY BACKGROUNDMy good friend Kelly and I met while attending FIDM in downtown Los Angeles. We were instantly drawn to each other in class and soon found ourselves enrolling in every single class together, making life difficult for every counselor (we had to have the same schedule!). Mutual class schedules merged into sharing a mutual twin-sized bed, and then finally we graduated and had to part ways. We didn’t stray too far, though. We found one another a short time after starting our work in fashion industry right back where it all started in downtown LA. Kelly worked in private label development, while I dabbled in wholesale showrooms and we would indulge in the mandatory work trips to New York together. Soon enough we were back to sharing beds and inevitably car-pooling to work…what can I say, we can’t get enough of each other!

Today, Kelly is a newlywed and I’m recently engaged. We spent a short year being excited about the festivities but have focused, once again, on what matters most…our future together ;) It’s been clear that Kelly and I made a pretty damn good duo for a while but now we have seized the opportunity to make this plan happen on our terms. Muse–our full service creative consulting firm–allows us each to excel in what we are good at. It is a collaborative effort that allows our clients to use a little (or a lot) of what we each has to offer. And the fun doesn’t stop there! We have so many incredibly talented friends in the industry that I can guarantee if there is something we can’t do perfectly, we know someone who can! Check out our latest venture together and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram (consultmuse) www.consultmuse.com

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Mummy Couture

halloweenThis year I took Halloween to a new level costume-wise. I’m always eager to dress up pretty and reenact my favorite characters but something inside me this year (maybe my age?) urged me to be ugly. I could only take the zombie dirt and blood so far, but I did get pretty creepy. With multiple events to attend, including my very own Hollywood Hills party, I had to come up with a few concepts that stayed within a theme. My bestie, Lily, was of course a culprit of most of what you are seeing and for that I love her. Not gonna lie I’m pretty impressed with what we pulled together in just 24 hours…DIY at it’s finest! Enjoy a little snippet from my glamorous dead beauty pageant & yet another party in the Hills with the best views in the city!

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weekMonday-Friday: Faux Fur // Paige Skinnys // Rag & Bone booties // Celine handbag // Bauble Bar necklace // Janessa Leone hat

Saturday: Leopard faux fur // Leather leggings // Steve Madden strappy heels // Rebecca Minkoff clutch // Shark tooth necklace

Sunday: Bralet // Paige skinnys // Sweater // Schutz heels // Ray Ban Wayfarer // LA hat // Neon satchel

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Faux Real

fauxIn preparation for my upcoming trip to Paris (!!!) I have been shopping for the perfect furs. I just didn’t think I would get so lucky when I happened upon 3 uh-mazing faux furs from Cynthia Vincent. This one is by far my favorite fur, but trust me, the others (non-furs included) are just as incredible. I can hardly wait for Paris to bust out the furs so I took advantage of the chilly LA nights to play a little dress-up. I paired my lavish coat over this beautiful, silk jumpsuit that I fully plan on wearing for New Years Eve in Paree to give myself a little taste of what it truly feels to be dressed like a woman of luxury. It. Felt. Great.

swank sideI’m wearing: Cynthia Vincent jumpsuit // Cynthia Vincent faux fur chubby  (sold out but similar here) // Zara heels // Chanel bag c/o Kelly Hughes // Ray Ban aviators

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mischiefIt was one of those days I wasn’t anticipating would be anything ‘special’ per se, but turned out to be one I had to document. Living across from the pumpkin patch (and the eventual Christmas tree lot) always gets me excited and in the mood so it was inevitable I would end picking up my autumnal decor there at some point. I just wasn’t expecting it to happen while I was dressed in mostly black and high heels! Since we are having a Hollywood Hills Halloween bash we had planned on getting some monster-sized pumpkins, but again, not the day pictured above! One thing led to another and I found myself carrying 1 massive and 2 mini pumpkins up to my place in heels…through the dirt. By the time I reached my door I was practically crawling and had yet to drop any of the pumpkins. Paul, for the first time, claimed he was going to “pee his pants” (yes!). The whole ordeal was one for the books and I wish we had pictures of that!

shirt details sideways wagonI’m wearing: BLANKNYC plaid pants // Lush t-shirt // BLANKNYC vegan leather jacket // Balenciaga handbag // Zara heels // Ray Ban aviators

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Trick or Treat?

halloweenHalloween, next to Thanksgiving, is my absolute favorite holiday. The costumes, the weather, scary movies, pumpkin painting (not carving), warm drinks, and duh, the candy…what’s not to love, right? This year we will be having a fabulous Hollywood Hills Halloween bash, complete with decked out decor and a mixology bartender and I am just about living on Cloud 9. If you are hosting any Halloween parties or just want to decorate your space, head over to Z Gallerie for their to-DIE for decor! You might cringe in fear of spending XYZ on gold skulls and black-out glasses but you as long as you store them properly they will be good for life! Happy Halloween!

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Home Sweet Home

homesweethomeI love nothing more than re-arranging my home to make it feel like completely new place. I guess you can blame my ADD but I need aesthetic change often. With the recent gifts that have been flowing in for our engagement, I have a few updates to share with you. Enjoy a few glimpses at my current favorite spots in the house.

bookcase livelove kelly katemoss plenty

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