Flower Bomb

flower bombYou’ve seen this dress before. I wore it in black and raved about it. So when this printed version came along I hopped right into it. My Natalie B snake armband hasn’t left my arm since I put it on a few weeks back so I hope you were smart enough to pick one up before they are sold out. $24 people!! If you entered the NOIR giveaway currently going on you can easily swipe an armband and this dress AND a free pair of Raen sunnies. Be smart; follow the simple instructions and win win win!

twins bomb quoteI’m wearing: Natalie B armband ($24) // Rachel Pally dress

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Win $300 to NOIR! Yes!

raen giveaway 10-59-35I want you to have the perfect NOIR experience and why not try it with some free NOIR bucks and swag? We are looking for one lucky reader/follower/shopper to be our lucky winner of $300 to shop on NOIR, AND win a free pair of Raen Optics glasses (you know, the super ridiculous amazing glasses I wear everyday now?)! Simply follow the directions above and you are entered. Extra point for following ALL our social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Newsletter, etc.) and letting us know you have followed.

To enter, you must first pin the above flyer AND follow us on Pinterest. Here are the links you will need?

To follow: http://pinterest.com/styledbynoir

Sunnies Board: http://pinterest.com/styledbynoir/sunnies/

Good luck!!


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Hippie Bridal Shower

sideThis weekend my good friend Kelly had her bridal shower. It was a Pinterest perfect event, complete with handmade tablecloths, ribbon mobiles, mimosa bar, candy bar, and amazing desserts. Since Kelly is my most whimsically beautiful friend, I didn’t feel the need to dress stuffy in a typical bridal shower dress. I felt perfectly comfortable in these silk chevron pants, although slightly see through, and a basic black top. The wedding will be held in Maui and I cannot wait to take it up a notch and do beachy chic!

pants back sunI’m wearing: Elle a pants // Elle a top // Zara sandals // Natalie B jewelry // Ray Ban aviators

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Rebel, Rebel

rebelWe all know how this goes. I mix two prints and get excited. The usual. Lucky Magazine is seeking some good mix & matchers and I thought I’d share this look, as it represents my style perfectly. See, there’s a method to my madness! I will leave you with this little style tip, although my top is wildly “printed,” the base is chambray, making it easily mixed with any solid or print. Test it out this weekend (away from the office) and see what kind of reaction you get. I promise it will be a good one. Happy Friday!

pic details skirt tieI’m wearing: BLANKNYC chambray top ($59!) // Rachel Pally maxi skirt // Raen glasses // NCLA nail wraps // Natalie B slavery bracelet

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A day in the life…

workSome might imagine the life of a blogger/creative director of an online style blog + online boutique to be quite glamorous, but let me assure you it is far from that. First off, working from home has enabled me to develop a routine starting at around 7:00am, beginning with breakfast, a load of laundry, making the bed, and quickly hopping into workout clothing before hitting the social media circuit hard. I’ve got NOIR looks to promote, blog content to share, and additional computer-related responsibilities. From that point on you will find me immersed in notes, photos to edit, water bottles to drink, and a hungry tummy. Usually around this time (let’s just call it 1:00pm), I have a little snack, run on the treadmill for 2-3 miles, get into the shower, really get ready (camera ready), and map out the looks I need to shoot for the following week. This is really when I lose track of time, as Paul will be getting home any moment and I haven’t even begun to think about dinner. I make some mental and physical notes for tomorrow, shut down for a few hours, cook dinner, watch a show with Paul and the puppies, hop back onto the computer around 9:30pm, schedule looks and blog posts for the following day, then crawl into bed for a quick 15 minute reading session before passing the ef out!

So no, I do not spend my days lavishly jeweled and outfitted. On the contrary, I am make-up free, in mismatched workout gear, usually sporting a messy bun. It was quite an adjustment but I’ve come to appreciate the times (mostly nights) that I apply my make-up and spend more than 3 minutes on my hair. I appreciate the art of beautifying myself again…something I thought was long gone, as age seems to convert medial tasks that I once loved into chores I dread. Working from home has shed light on my lifestyle in a myriad of ways, and the superficiality I am avoiding each day by working at home is completely worth it! For those of you who do work in an office, I have put together this look that might be appropriate : )

work look work2 detailsI’m wearing: Elle a pants // Ella a top // Zara heels (sold out) // Raen glasses // Adia Kibur necklace // Vintage Dior bag // Natalie B slavery bracelet

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Retro Cabin Living

0605a7b270c12a9ad793f7c746a97794Lately I’ve been feeling a little retro about home decor. Since exploring all LA has to offer furniture-wise, Modernica, among other case study bearing shops, have slightly altered my perspective on all things retro. I was never a huge fan but just like my personal style evolves each passing day, so does my interior design style. If I was to have a cabin inspired home somewhere in the world I would most definitely be open to styling it much like these in my inspiration board. It has been a while since I’ve found inspiration that makes my jaw drop but all of these images from a gorgeous home in Sweden is definitely worth sharing.

336683a08bcdfb2648cb8d2e6ad7ca70 a44f1a1ee939260a7addf6e0227a0f64 b4a30cf7f53ace9e9455eb698cd7bb45

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lemonade edit 2A little short suit is what’s currently exciting me. There isn’t anything to even think about! This mellow yellow number by Lovers + Friends really embodies everything I want in a suit: 1) shorts vs. pants 2) it has a print 3) it is bright 4) the blazer is fitted in all the right spots without swallowing me whole. I found myself sipping on a matching lemonade from a new juicery in town and just so happened to pass by this darling swing in the front of a nice old man’s house. My life is a bit absurd at times, even I will admit.

lemonade edit jewels edit lemonade edit 3 lemonade edit 4 lemonadge edit 5I’m wearing: Lovers + Friends floral blazer // Lovers + Friends floral shorts // Daftbird tank // Adia Kibur necklace // Raen glasses

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Water Baby

toesI know what you are thinking. Why am I always on my tippy toes?! My boyfriend is always asking the same thing, but I don’t care. I have short person syndrome! Legs are proven to look better with high heels since it forces your muscles to be flexed and the same effect can occur when standing on your toes. Plus, hopefully it is confusing you enough to believe I’m taller than I really am (5’3″). I have taken a quick blog break to share this bikini cover-up that I can’t get enough of and will be headed right back to the water. It has been a wonderfully long weekend of pool time, family, and lots of sun. Just the way I like it. In other news, stay tuned for a fun week with NOIR. Hint: more amazing outfits to shop and a giveaway that has me wondering if I can enter ;) Happy Memorial Day Monday!

water cover poolI’m wearing: Elle A bikini cover up // Bikini from Isreal (similar here) // Gap sandals


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Picnic with Vogue

picnickTree People is a little oasis just 1 mile away from my hometown of Sherman Oaks. I often wander up there with the pups for a more deserted hike, or in this case, a little picnic. I must say, this was not my typical picnic, as there isn’t cheese, salami, wine, fruit, dessert, etc. It was more, I need to read my fashion magazines with some coffee in peace in quite. And I just happened to dress in very whimsical, flowing outfit to go alongside my zen moment in the sun.

blue details quote vogueI’m wearing: Lovers + Friends daydream top // BLANKNYC denim shorts // Natalie B horn necklace // Natalie B turquoise ring // Raen glasses

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Body Mapping

tree peopleLe Tote does it again! One of my childhood friends graduated from law school this week and had a cocktail party to celebrate. It was a beautiful affair that called for a toast and a statement dress. Coming home from Palm Springs mere hours before the party, I was dreading opening my now lackluster closet to pick out my outfit. Luckily, I received a Le Tote package over the weekend and was so thrilled/relieved when I saw this vibrant body mapping dress. Not gonna lie, it resembles a certain designer that is known for said body mapping, but I have no shame! With trends coming in just as fast as they are out, why spend a small fortune on 1 dress when you can have 4 for $49 a month? Sorry, Le Tote, I might have to wear this one a few times before sending back : )

tree body map body mapping detailsJewelry: Natalie B cuffs $24 // Kris Nations knuckle rings $10 // LUV AJ ring $32

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