What I Want (for Spring Break)

spring break1) Mara Hoffman bikini // 2) Hudson Bleecker shoe bag // 3) Wildfox heart sunnies // 4) James Read face tanner // 5) Essie Cocktails + Coconuts // 6) Nude Collection shadows // 7) Rebecca Minkoff sunnies pouch // 8) Coconut oil // 9) X-Ray Passport case // 10) Nine West sandals // 11) Mara Hoffman bikini cover-up // 12) Sensi Studio panama hat // 13) Gap flip flops // 14) La Mer sunscreen // 15) Tons of Vogue // 16) Samudra pouch

Let’s face it: I, and anyone else aged 26 or higher, probably has not even acknowledged spring break for a good chunk of time. However, in my household (and family) we still have [law] school-goers and spring break is a definite thing that we participate in. After all, who doesn’t like a little getaway or staycation to relieve all your stress from midterms and finals?! With that in mind, I have compiled my go-to items I want/need for a little Palms Springs action that I intend to plan very soon. With my sisters on spring break and my fiance celebrating his very last spring break, our family is looking for some fun in the sun. I’m just looking for a reason to buy another bikini (kidding, kidding!)….

What I Want [this] Wednesday

WIWI have a confession. I have become a crazy coupon lady. Well, to be fair to myself, I’m only like this for CVS coupons. See, I used to have this crazy obsession with making lists of household products I just had to buy right then and there as an excuse to go to Target because I really REALLY liked Target. I would somehow go in for shampoo and Clorox and $200 later I’m shlepping bags of other things (curtains, dogs toys, gloves, flip flops, etc.) home. It was becoming unhealthy (and expensive). One day I was in a huge rush and needed something (I can’t really remember what) immediately and had to resort to CVS, as Target was just not going to happen with only 1 hour’s time to run this errand (see, it was unhealthy!). At checkout I signed up for rewards–because who doesn’t?–and was on my way.

About a week later I received an email for a 20% off coupon to CVS. There was even this fancy ‘Send To Card’ button that enabled me to use this generous offer without so much as the hassle of a printer(!). This time, instead of heading to Target for my needs/fix I went to CVS for my usuals and got 20% off PLUS another $5 off for just being there! I eventually got 30% and then one time even 40% !!! I tell you, CVS has saved me so much money on items I actually need and has prevented me from buying unnecessary items I so would be buying otherwise. With that said, don’t you find it justified that I’m a somewhat crazy coupon lady (for CVS, only!)?? If you are wondering why I am telling you this story, well here it is. I browsed the Target website today and found SO MUCH stuff I would normally just zoom over and buy so instead I have made a display of them in case any of YOU were interested. You can thank me later. Oh, and sign up for CVS Rewards….you won’t regret it.

1. Farmer’s Market canvas tote // 2. Karen Walker sunnies // 3. Jonathan Adler chair // 4. Le Pen pink // 5. Santal 33 oil // 6. Diptyque candle // 7. Gold cheese knives // 8. Poolside with Slim Aarons book // 9. Gold dipped playing cards // 10. Wood + Brass drink cart // 11. Christian Louboutin pumps // 12. White Lies canister // 13. Gold + Acrylic stapler // 14. Metallic zebra dish