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Black + Gold Affair

gold mood boardI am no longer bordering on an obsession with black + gold, it is now a full blown, acknowledged admission. While it pertains more to home decor than clothing/accessories, I do love the combination in basically any capacity. My living room, which is still a work in progress, has slowly made the transition, and my bedroom now will, too. I don’t like to get too carried away with a color scheme in the home but this one makes sense. You can always omit the gold and substitute with a different color, OR just add to it (you might be cringing but I promise it can be amazing). See, it gives you options to go black + gold! Just for the hell of it, I have compiled some items I am lusting over but be sure to check back for the final unveiling of my newly done bedroom.


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Wednesday Wisdom

pradaToday’s wisdom is to find alternatives to your indulgences. I subscribe to many home decor magazines that leave me green with envy and a gaping hole of desire for items I would 1) not be allowed to purchase with Paul knowing and 2) know I can probably make myself. While I don’t pride myself on my ability to sculpt furniture, I do know that Home Good (or TJ Maxx, Ross, Marshalls, etc.) will most likely sell the base for what I’m looking for ( at a much cheaper price and most likely a color I hate (purple). With a little spray paint I was able to get the look I wanted for a whole $45.

Next, I just had to have the Prada Marfa print from none other than Gossip Girl and guess what? No way in hell was I spending $1995 for a 4×6! Next option? Print it myself….well, Costco actually printed it but I framed it myself and now have a mini version of my dream print among a collage of other art I made. You will find prints that I’ve slightly replicated throughout my apartment and can confidently say that I’m glad I never spent the money on an original. My version is customized to our home and I completely avoided some serious fights over expensive home decor. Trust me, you will feel proud of your home. You can thank me next Wednesday!

bar side table



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Retro Cabin Living

0605a7b270c12a9ad793f7c746a97794Lately I’ve been feeling a little retro about home decor. Since exploring all LA has to offer furniture-wise, Modernica, among other case study bearing shops, have slightly altered my perspective on all things retro. I was never a huge fan but just like my personal style evolves each passing day, so does my interior design style. If I was to have a cabin inspired home somewhere in the world I would most definitely be open to styling it much like these in my inspiration board. It has been a while since I’ve found inspiration that makes my jaw drop but all of these images from a gorgeous home in Sweden is definitely worth sharing.

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OMFG! Adler for JCP

happy chicOMFG doesn’t even do my reaction to discovering this collection justice! Much like Missoni for Target, bringing in designer goods at too-good-to-be-true pricing is just that, too good to be true. My gay husband has teamed up with JCP–most likely in an effort to boost their falling sales–and has brought the essence of his motto, Happy Chic, to the masses. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Jonathan Adler (shame on you!), he is known for combining modern with retro, which results in case study furniture with a colorful array of decor. To get a better understanding of this look (and his style) I strongly recommend picking up a copy of his book–good reading material and a great book to display on a shelf. I know it is probably scary to some to have an orange couch (shock!) or even throw pillows (let’s ease you in), but there is something so happy about it and JA clearly knows it since that is the name of his collection. Happy Chic-ing everyone!

PS–everything is still in stock!

1: Bleeker 6-drawer dresser // 2: Owl Accent lamp // 3: Stripped ceramic vase // 4: Kitchen towels // 5: Wool rug // 6: Yellow Lola pillow // 7: Acrylic trey // 8: Arrow bookends // 9: Wood Trim candle holder // 10: Acrylic pitcher // 11: Ceramic nesting treys // 12: Highball glass // 13: Column panels // 14: Upholstered bed // 15: Greece pillow // 16: Velvet couch // 17: Fabric placemat // 18: Round pouf // 19: Bubble vase


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Inspiration of the week: Jenna Lyons

tumblr_mevha8VDSP1qdku94o1_1280Every now and then I come across a person who just stops me in my tracks and spins my universe around. To give you an idea of past people who have had this affect on me, Olivia Palermo (this one was quite embarrassing as most of the world is already obsessed with her), Elin Kling, Cara & Poppy Delevingne, Nicole Warne, Anna Dello Russo, Miroslava Duma, the list goes on.

Jenna Lyons is the President and Creative Director for J Crew and has been deemed #2 most stylish person in New York according to the Rank & Style. I discovered this little tidbit while browsing my Instagram feed and the Man Repeller posted a flyer naming her #3. I was more intrigued by #2 (Jenna), and probably #1 had it not been named “Pizza Lover.” In short, within one page of Google searching her name I am in love with everything about Jenna–her style, her former Park Slope townhouse, her girlfriend, and her understated elegance. Here is a little taste of what she’s done with her $3.75 million 7-bedroom, 3.5 bath place in Brooklyn.

Jenna-Lyons-Park-Slope-Dream-Home-2 Jenna-Lyons-Park-Slope-Dream-Home-3 Jenna-Lyons-Park-Slope-Dream-Home-9 Jenna-Lyons-Park-Slope-Dream-Home-14


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Bye, Kate Upton

kate uptonSince sometime around April 2012 I have had to stare at the voluptuous bikini-clad Kate Upton on the cover of Sports Illustrated sitting idly on my chevron foot stool in my bedroom. Although we do not subscribe to Sports Illustrated, the swimsuit edition somehow found its way into our apartment last year and won’t seem to go away. Sure, I’ve flipped through it a couple (hundred, jk) times, but I do not see the reason in keeping it around to torture my self-esteem and image! I mean, a full year later it is April again and I am not that tan, and I’m certainly not that toned. With summer approaching I’ve given exercise a thought or two but that’s pretty much where it stops. Help?

Anyway, the point of this post is actually to demonstrate how with a paint brush and a sample-sized paint container you can update a boring old dresser, not to hate on Kate. This was one of those projects that got my mind going as I tore up the sexy magazine and splattered paint all over their 6-packs and beautified my dresser and restored my self confidence. I fully intend on hitting the gym starting TOMORROW. If I’m not having a super busy day, that is.

supplies before actio drying after side view jewelry close


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A Tale of Two Sities

For two years I have told tales about the different seating in my house and basically how much I don’t like it. I’ve complained your ears off about the red dining chairs, the black leather loveseat, the office chairs, just to name a few. Today’s tale is one of craft and patience and how you can easily fix the ugly in your life just as easily. Enjoy.

It all started a long time ago in the city of Sherman Oaks, where Sivan & Paul resided among a bevy of ugly seating. The office chairs were so brown and lackluster Sivan could take it no longer and hit Home Depot.

After a trip to the hardware store and a fabric store in Downtown LA, she was ready to being Operation Fix Ugly Chairs. With 2  yards of fabric, a staple gun, staples, black laquer spray paint, and a screwdriver later she got to work.

Look for the little screws (usually 2-4 on each) that hold the cushion in place & unscrew.

You will be left with stripped chairs that can either be painted or left untouched.

I chose to spray my chairs black to cover the brassy-chrome color they were.

While the paint was drying (2 coats at least) I cut my fabric with about 3 inches extra on each side to begin stapling to the cushion. For the corners you might have to fold the creases a few times and keep stapling until the top looks tight and secure. Also, make sure to cut little holes in the fabric where the screws will be re-inserted.

For assembly, simply line up the holes of the cushion to the holes of the chair and begin screwing in the screws.

Voila! Re-covered, re-finished chairs in one little afternoon.

And Sivan lived happily ever after with her new office chairs. The End.

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Remember when we were kids and we played Mash? I don’t think I actually played correctly because I remember always being content with the outcome and I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to give half desirable and half undesirable answers. Anyway, I feel like my life has been kind of Mash-ish lately, as Paul and I explore the option of moving out of California sometime in the future. We were on this Colorado thing for a while but I’ve come to realize no. Just no. Moving forward, we recently opened up the discussion about moving back to my native, Maui. The weather is obviously on point, living is easy, and the rest if history! Naturally, I have already designed our home on Maui. Care to take a look?

Welcome. Please take off your shoes (Hawaiian tradition in all homes)

Now that we don’t need to use the fireplace for warmth, lets fill it with logs!

Let me prepare us some mojitos before we proceed with the tour.

Life is so much simpler and lighter on Maui.

This is where I will continue blogging (W+S & NOIR) from.

Or in here…

Would you like a bite to eat?

This is where we shower after the beach.

And now the creme de la creme…

and one more…

Where do you want to live?

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W+S Studio

I’m making it my mission to finally create a fully functioning studio in my home. Seeing how it is Wednesday, and the word want starts with a W, let’s go with What I Want Wednesday (for my office). I’ve known for a long time that I would base the whole space on black & white (take a look at my “workplace” Pinterest board and you would already know that), but my accents are going as gaudy as it gets. Gold and silver will make an appearance throughout the studio in little hits such as the gold dot vase on my white lacquered desk, and the silver faux-dermi head that will hang above said desk. Thoughts? Am I being too boring? Safe? Spot on? Tell me!

And because I am THAT lazy, if you would like to know where you may purchase any of these items, please leave a comment below and I will share :)

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House of Rock

Last week I had the pleasure of working on set in the House of Rock in Brentwood. The house is staged for industry purposes, and while the reason I was there was exciting enough, wandering the house was pretty exhilarating for a home decor obsessed person like me. Each room makes a statement–the creme de la creme is a toss up between the chain-lined dining room and the moon-roofed recording studio–more striking than the next. Take a look:

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