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I thought it was time to address something I feel is the elephant in the room on social media. Sponsored posts–What are they? Why do we do them? How does it affect you? With Instagram rolling out a whole new way to present sponsored posts with more transparency, there is no better time to discuss. I want anyone who follows me on any social media platform to be fully aware of my values and intentions when it comes to this specific area of my business, as nothing means more to me than the community I’ve built and how my content affects you.

Let’s start with the basics. A sponsored post or #Ad is just that, an advertisement. It means a brand has paid me to post XYZ product or service on one of my channels. You see these ads circulating all over Instagram especially, as that channel tends to be the biggest for many influencers. Ads / sponsored posts also take place on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, etc., but today I’m primarily talking about IG.

For me, the way a sponsored post comes into fruition is very simple. As you see on my Stories, brands send me lots of goodies to try (makeup, skincare products, clothing, home products, flowers, etc. etc. etc.), and I sort through them. I analyze their packaging and branding, and decide if it’s something I want to try, donate, or feature in a giveaway. Sidenote, I love giving back to you guys via giveaways, and it also helps keep clutter to a minimum in my office. I set aside products I feel would be a good fit for me, aka fulfill a need, offer a solution, or just looks like fun.

From there, if I truly love something I will share it on IG stories (something I’m not obligated to do). Usually I can gauge how interested you guys are in a certain category and from there, if a brand likes my style we link up and work together on a paid basis. I find that I’m most drawn to products like makeup, self tanners, face oils, sprays, masks (& so much more) because those are things I would be buying myself if they weren’t gifted. Meaning, it’s a natural fit.

I would hope you guys already know this about me, but I’m all about keeping this 100% real and authentic. I consider myself an everyday girl, aspiring to live my best life. I think that is something many of you can relate to, which is why I connect with so many readers. That is why it’s important for me to be completely honest and open about sponsored posts.

Sponsored posts are what pays my bills and allows me to continue blogging and sharing my life with all of you. Otherwise, I’d have to get a 9-5, which would mean a whole lot less content from me. I feel very fortunate for the opportunity to work with so many brands I admire and have been familiar with my entire life. Can you imagine how I felt working with Too Faced this summer when I used to save my money at age 13 to buy their products?! Opportunities like that make me so grateful to be doing what I’m doing.

Over the last year I’ve read & heard a few bloggers I follow express their frustrations with low engagement on sponsored posts. They explained how their following doesn’t ‘Like’ their photos if it says #sponsored or #ad, which then looks like poor ROI to a brand, which then means they probably won’t work with that blogger anymore. I get it, but if you have an engaged audience they will be able to tell when a paid post is genuine or not.

If all of a sudden I did a sponsored post for lizard food you would know I’m full of shit!

My point is, sponsored posts are part of my job. I am very selective about who I work with (I turn down opportunities quite often if they aren’t the right fit), and hope you know that anything I share is genuinely something I believe in. In the coming weeks you’ll start to see the phrase ‘Paid Partnership with [business partner]’ above Instagram images & sometimes in Stories on sponsored posts. I make a point of sharing tons of non-sponsored content, as that is my daily life and I want you to see more than a feed full of product endorsements. I love sharing my sassy side with you all towards Paul, my family, wine, the beach, my travels, etc.

I hope this sheds some light on the situation for some of you. If anyone has absolutely any questions about this, I’m happy to answer them below in the comments.

ps–this post is not sponsored.

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  1. Tiffany says:

    Sivan, thank you for being so transparent! How long did it take you to get to this point? I’m desperately trying to figure out how to make blogging full-time work out. Thank you!

  2. Alicia says:

    I’m obsessed with all your stuff! Thank you for being so real xoxo

  3. Ashley Bancroft says:

    One of the many reasons I read your blog is your transparency! I love that whether it’s a video, a photo or blog post, I can always hear your personality through the way you write! While I follow many bloggers on Instagram because I love outfit posts and finding new fashion ideas, your blog is the only one I read dedicatedly! Obsessed!

  4. Madyson says:

    Love this!! I would love to see some posts about full time blogging and how you got there!

  5. Ziv says:

    I absolutely love your Instagram and blog!! You could post a video of you eating lizard food any day and I’ll still be your most loyal follower!

  6. Gabriela Gomez says:

    Hi! I’m a huuuuuge fan! Love your effortless style, simple makeup tutorials, easy cooking recipes, & I also share your love for homegoods! I even have my mom, sister, & boyfriend watching your livestreams haha. I also love your honesty about sponsored posts (rare to find bloggers like that). Fingers crossed about your giveaway!

  7. Rachael Lowe says:

    Sivan, I am obsessed with your blog! Thank you for being so transparent with all of you posts too. I am such a huge fan – I am consistently sharing your posts and blogs with all of my girlfriends XO

  8. Andrea says:

    Love the post and your style !

  9. Jordan DaRé says:

    I was never one to read blogs or follow blogs for that matter but I LOVE your blog! And I love all of the stuff you post and talk about not only on your blog but on Instagram ( and your stories crack me up).

  10. Jocelyn says:

    “PS: this post is not sponsored” LOL! Love you’re sense of humor and all your content! Thank you for this mini giveaway fingers crossed I get lucky! Love from Cali xoxo

  11. Gabrielle says:

    Great post! I’m glad to see you’re sticking true to yourself and your brand. You are one of my favorite people on IG and love your hilarious stories <3

  12. Audrey says:

    Hi Sivan! You’re one of the most transparent and real bloggers I follow! I love that you share your honest opinion and I’ve used so many of your tutorials for different makeup looks and how to’a! Thank you for being you! Xox

    • Audrey says:

      Hi Sivan! You’re one of the most transparent and real bloggers I follow! I love that you share your honest opinion and I’ve used so many of your tutorials for different makeup looks and how to’a! Thank you for being you! Xox
      I subscribed to the blog! Can’t wait!

  13. Julia Muller says:

    I follow many bloggers but you are one of the only ones I trust when it comes to sponsored posts. Thank you for always being transparent with your readers. You are by far my favorite blogger!

  14. Matty Word says:

    Sivan, this is pure magic. Thank you for sharing this- I have always wondered what was up with sponsored posts, especially those that don’t seem genuine. I appreciate your REAL-ness & trendy AF style. I know I can always scroll through your IG/stories and find trustworthy products, trends & damn good recipes!!! Keep it up, you are 100% my fav blogger.

  15. Nicole Luciano says:

    You are my absolute favorite! Completely obsessed. Thank you for being real and transparent with your followers! Love your blog.

  16. Bryce Singh says:

    I love the blog so different than other bloggers and that’s very refreshing! Simple chic style!

  17. Dixie says:

    I remember a couple months ago I found your page and from the first look of it I was super interested. After following your insta for a while and reading your blogs I am so amazed how real you are! It’s very nice to find truthful down to earth people on social media and I very much enjoy being able to see you post!

  18. Lily Pavlova says:

    I love how real you are, you rock. I’m obsessed with your style and personality, literally the coolest blogger out there

  19. Caroline says:

    I like how you’re so honest about everything. I actually enjoy seeing your sponsored posts because I know you legit love the brand! You’re the best!!



  20. Karla Wilkins says:

    Your are so down to earth! love your style!

  21. Alexis Scaturchio says:

    LOVE how real you are!! although i have only been following for a short time, it didn’t take any time at all to realize how obsessed i am. i base literally every aspect of my home after your interior design skills and literally get excited anytime you post anything espesciallg insta stories on daily life!!

  22. Julia M says:

    Obsessed with everything you post!!! Thank you for all your posts! It means a lot that you’re honest and open us!

  23. Jaicee says:

    Yes, I love this! Thanks for taking the time to address something that can be the difference of real VS fake people on Instagram. I love following you because I always know you’re gonna be real, more bloggers/influencers need to be like that <3

  24. Hey Sivan!

    I also survive off sponsored posts and creating content/blogs for brands. I love following along with you because we are so similar in style and occupation, obviously. You teach me so much from a day to day perspective as a blogger. You are my true inspo!

    My question though is: I never mark my insta posts as #AD or #sponsored. Is this something I should be hashtagging to make it clear as an influencer my role with these companies? Have you seen a difference from when you have added that tag vs. when you haven’t? I guess what I’m asking is: is this necessary?

    Look forward to more posts!



  25. Scarlett Leigh says:

    Love this post and you! Always keepin’ it real! #noadsforlizards

  26. Haley McKelvey says:

    I always knew sponsored posts were just a part of a bloggers job but I think it’s really important to me to know that you won’t just take any paid opportunity that comes your way! I trust your opinion on products and the fact that you’re selective with who you work with really makes the sponsored posts work well with your other posts. Keep doing you!!

  27. Jordan Banks says:

    Your honesty and transparency is probably the main reasons that I follow your blog/instagram. I love your no s@#t attitude!

  28. Sydney says:

    I genuinely enjoying reading what you post on your blog and your insta. You’re so real, funny, and down to earth. So glad I found your page a few months ago xoxo

  29. Meshel says:

    Thank you for being so real!!! I’m obsessed with your overall style.

  30. Kelsey says:

    Sivian I love what you are all about! I’ve been following you for the past year and you’ve inspired me in so many ways. Your style, your home, you girl boss attitude and job, and most importantly your relationship with your husband. I just love what your doing! Thank you for sharing your life with us all!

  31. Savannah Charles says:

    I’ve been subscribed to your blog for about a year now & it’s because of how REAL you are ! Anyone can post about beautiful & amazing things but everything you post is so genuine ! PS I love all of your recipes & cooking lives, not many bloggers do them & I think it sets you apart from the rest xoxo

  32. Andrea says:

    Hi Sivan!

    I actually sent you a DM explaining why I loved this post! But def want to be entered in the giveaway. Thank you for being you!


  33. Rachel says:


    Also wanted to add that I love how honest you are about everything you post. With other bloggers you never know how honestly and genuine they’re being and with you I see that you truly spill the real stuff. Keep it up and love everything about you!

    Xoxo Rachel

  34. Amira Guetif says:

    Dear Sivan,
    Following your stories and reading you is the best part of my day. So rich, fun, and most of all transparent. Thank you for the time you give daily to all of us. Sponsored or not, your generosity and hard work is heard, seen and felt around the world.
    Keep it up,
    Much love from Canada!

  35. Kate F. says:

    You are seriously the realist & most genuine. I appreciate you so much!

  36. Natalie says:

    I love how real you are !! I also love and believe you love the products you give ads to. I’m always looking for new things and you’re the best person I’ve looked to for new stuff! Love the blog !!

  37. Danielle Bisaillon says:

    I think that it’s awesome how you portray yourself. Don’t ever feel that you are doing/posting things for the wrong reasons. People follow others because of their personality and how they act. I have been following you for months now and it is clear that you have your own sense of style and creativity. Blogging as a full time job always has some ups and downs. I adore your sense of fashion, lifestyle and home life. In particular all your dog snaps! Keep up doing you! hugs – DB

  38. Alyssa says:

    Sivan! You are my absolute favorite blogger because of the fact that even before this post, it was so clear how authentic & open you are. I definitely appreciate that as we need more & more people to demonstrate those qualities in the world! It also helps that we have the same style & taste so I am into all of your recommendations. Thanks for being the best! xo

  39. Kristen says:

    I love how real you are and how all your posts seem genuine even if they are sponsored. I follow a lot of bloggers many of which you can tell promote products they don’t actually care for just so they can get paid so thank you for being so real. Also love your blog! xoxo

  40. Alyssa Cuellar says:

    I love this! I’m just starting my YouTube/ social media journey or career I guess and feel like everyone judges everything I post and accuses me of being sponsored by every product I talk about and I haven’t even been sponsored by anyone yet! I’m just trying to give you honest opinions on products I love! Love people like you in this business who are so real about everything behind the scenes and all! So thank you! ❤️

  41. Tory says:

    I just recently started following you and your blog. You’re like a breath of fresh air in this mass market of bloggers. Love your transparency and you’re unapologetically yourself!

  42. Raquel Esquivel says:

    I seriously adore you and your blog! I’ve been following you on Instagram for quite some time now, and I get a lot of my beauty, wellness, and fashion inspiration from you! Thank you for being so real with your followers, you’re truly amazing!!

  43. Beatriz Fernandez says:

    I absolutely love all of your content. It’s funny, fresh, sassy, and oh so real, which makes it extremely relatable. I agree that there’s a way to do #spon posts without ‘selling out’ your brand, and you navigate this beautifully. Keep on rocking :) (ps – I subscribed to the blog for the giveaway because a gal loves free things!)

  44. Sydney Roach says:

    Love this post and love your feed! Seriously one of my favorite people I follow.

  45. Kristina says:

    You’re one of the only bloggers I follow that I truly believe isn’t lying to me about products! I have a list of Sivan approved products I neeeed to buy! Totally admire your transparency in this post although it wasn’t needed. You do a great job of letting your true self show on your stories. I feel like we are friends! Hah, keep doin you girl! Xoxo

  46. Katie says:

    Your genuinity is why I started following and it’s why I continue to follow. Thank you for being transparent and selective about who you work with. Your content is always inspiring.

  47. Diana says:

    Hi Sivan! Thank you for always keeping your blog posts real, new and exciting! Love how open you are with your audience, it’s always fresh and makes for a great read.

  48. Liz Conti says:


    Your blog has been such an inspiration to me. I love how you incorporate your daily life into all of your posts and IG stories. Thank you for being you!

    Liz Conti

  49. Jamie Schuppert says:

    Thanks for being so transparent and being so honest! It’s hard to know if bloggers really like the products they’re posting about and what they are forced to post about. It’s hard for us to know if the product is as good as bloggers make it seem to be. I LOVE your style, you’re truly the only blogger I follow. Xx

  50. Calli says:

    Just subscribed but i’ve been following along on insta for quite awhile! My fav products ever are anything skincare and I can always count on you to show a new serum or mask :) I tried the bliss yogurt lookin’ one and am obsessed. Thanks Sivan!!

  51. Jinille says:

    Thank you for explaining and breaking down the process in detail. I was always curious about the sponsored post. I adore your blogs/vlogs!

  52. Lisa Parry says:

    Obsessed! I find your posts inspirational in my daily life from outfits and makeup to holidays and home decor. I’m not one to follow people as such but I love your blog! Stunning ✨
    Lisa xx

  53. Carla says:

    Okay listen we are about to have a ONE way conversation! hahaha I started following you about 2-3 months ago and Sivan we are BFFS and you dont even know it!! My daughter and I are all over your page looking for outfits and just cute girly stuff to wear or make in the kitchen. My boyfriend sees me watching you IG Lives and just laughs because “I’m watching my friend I’ll talk to you in a few” is what I say to him. Hahahaha! I even stopped wearing foundation and now I wear tinted moisturizer, unless I’m going out for a quick twerk sesh with friends. Jk jk I just turned 30 so I toned down my semi ratchet ways. Anyways I subscribed and we are long distance friends in my head. Keep it up babes love your posts and your blog!

  54. Abi petitt says:

    Sivan! You’re the only bloggers page that I check religiously, I love seeing your life and hearing your opinions on products! I now have an OBSESSSSSSION with your wine glasses and I don’t even have my own home yet. Love from sunny England xo

  55. Stephanie Villalobos says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVEEE reading and viewing all your tips, tutorials, and everyday outfit posts. I love your honesty, rawness, and you don’t give a fuck about the haters. I’m such a big fan! You rock Girl!!!

  56. Jennifer says:

    I have been following you for almost a year I would say, and it has honestly been the best. I love following you because you’re so real about life and you keep people up to date with everything your doing from day to day. You’re one of the only few people I see that sponsor actual things that people use everyday like makeup & clothes and not all these excersie things like celebrities. I enjoy your blog because you post about where you got items and stuff, so we can always have a chance to buy it, because you have the best taste in furniture and decorating, so thank you for being such a real blogger!


  57. Tori Pateuk says:

    You’re the most genuine and real (and sassy) blogger I follow, and that’s why you’re my fav!

  58. Thelma says:

    Been trying to push you on all my girlfriends since becoming a loyal reader of your blog early this year. Obsessed with how fresh your content is and ultimately how honest you are with us gals! I think that’s what makes your content so unique. Your authenticity practically oozes out through your words, Instagram lives, & videos on YT!
    Keep kickin’ ass, one glass of Miraval at a time lol.

  59. if i was a blogger, i would be doing all the things you & saying all the things you are to us. i feel as if it’s important to let us all know sometimes how it is & what you have to do to keep paying your bills. i appreciate the honesty & i’ve always wanted to start blogging! thanks for sharing such amazing information & i can’t wait to read & see future posts :)

  60. Merissa says:

    I love watching all your videos! You are so sweet and so real! I’m so obsessed with your while closet!

  61. Sivannn. You da bomb! Love your honestly and authenticity always!

  62. Stefanie Martinez says:

    I couldn’t agree more that you are extremely transparent and real with all of us! From the posts you have to your day to day life, I can connect and relate to you on so many levels! This is one of many reasons why I love love love you and your blog!!

  63. Cydney Barber says:

    i’m pretty sure you are the first blogger i ever followed and you are hands down my favorite! thank you for being so transparent and being you!

  64. Emma says:

    Sivan, you are literally my fav blogger. I love your honesty, and I know I can trust your opinion. I am looking forward to seeing Paul “Richard ;)” do your makeup! Thanks a ton for providing a dash of style and inspiration into my feed. xxx, Emma

  65. Elizabeth G. says:

    I love that you are so transparent with us. That is one of the main reasons I started following you. That of course and your fashion sense. I love that you are straight up and say it how it is. Thank you for being you!

  66. Rachel Olivia says:

    Just recently discovered your blog and I am so obsessed with your fashion sense! It’s the perfect mix of casual and dressy while also being nice and simple to achieve… also I really love that you made this post acknowledging sponsored posts as it can be hard to know whether bloggers are being honest about certain products sometimes… thank you for being real with your followers!

  67. Laura says:

    Hi! I just recently found you on Instagram and I’m loving your blog! I’m actually getting invisalign next week and your story was super helpful/encouraging! Looking forward to more awesome blog posts and hilarious Instagram stories!

  68. Sonia says:

    You are my favorite! I love all your posts! Xo

  69. Stella says:

    I found your blog a couple years ago – I don’t remember how I found it, but I fell in love with every detail of your wedding! I remember even suggesting to my now husband that we should get married in Greece! Thanks for remaining authentic & transparent. Bloggers like you are far & inbetween!

  70. Amelia Armstrong says:

    YESSS!!! So glad someone finally talked about this it makes me really happy to know this is your process!!!

  71. Shelby lethbridge says:

    You are literally the only blogger I genuinely enjoy watching, reading, and girl crushing over. You’re so honest with your subscribers when it comes to everything you recommend (so refreshing) also thanks for not being one of those blue gummy bear eating bloggers, that’s how I know you’re a true insta queen.

  72. Della Jerkan says:

    I remember coming across your wedding makeup YouTube video a while back and thinking, “How the fuck does this girl do this!?”. I did not know that you had a blog until I came across your Instagram. Blogging has always been a (secret) dream of mine throughout my life, and you basically epitomize everything i’d look to offer through my own blog (if it were real, lol). Although I just started to follow you on IG, and now have subscribed to your blog (yay!), I already love looking through the recipes, beauty, clothing, and workout tips you provide for your pool of followers. It’s refreshing to come across someone like you, who seems very down to earth and true to your values and intentions, as you mentioned in this particular post. It’s admirable as hell, and I am so looking forward to viewing more of your posts/tips!

  73. Elizabeth G. says:

    Just a follow up to my comment since I got too excited, I subscribed!:)

  74. rebecca says:

    I can’t get enough of your authentic, keep-it-real, no bullshit attitude. Your style and brand are flawless. Curated, but real real real. Keep it coming.

    Also, subscribed.. to everything :)

  75. Allison says:

    I feel like one of the reasons I love your blog/instagram so much is that it does truly seem like you love what you do and you believe 100% in everything you post about. When people post about things just to earn extra cash and it’s allllll over the place it seems so disingenuous. Keep the great advice coming and we’ll keep listening!

  76. Autumn says:

    Love everything you do Sivan!! Keep it up :)

  77. Summer Hoffman says:

    Love all your posts Sivan!!

  78. Ani says:

    We all know who you are and what kind of person you are so that is the reason why we do follow you and love you! Now if there is some people out there to judge how you earn money, sounds like a personal problem! Keep doing what you doing and we can keep enjoying your lovely feed and pictures! Have a nice one

  79. stephany says:

    Love your posts. The topics are very useful & engaging! I found you recently and I loved everything on your website!!

  80. Anneliese says:

    I just want some free sh*t! Just kidding.. kinda. Found your blog/insta a couple of weeks ago, I’ve never felt more connected to a blogger. Love your humor and realness (and style!!!)

  81. Samantha says:

    I love how honest you are about all the things you get. Just the other day you tried on something and didn’t like it and told us rather than telling us to get it!

  82. Caroline Penny says:

    Thank you for clarifying how this works, I have a small business and it’s been hard for me to figure out sponsorships/how to go about collaborating with others- particularly bloggers who have an authentic voice like you! You always keep it real and your commitment to the community you have built is something that many bloggers don’t maintain which truly sets you a part! Keep up the amazing work and inspiring us ladies to keep hustling and slay (with rosé in hand)! Much love! Ps- I live in Orange County so I’m going to the Shop Laguna event, see you then!!!

  83. Madison says:

    I love your transparency and authenticity! :)

  84. Heyyyyy Sivan!!!
    Absolutely obsessed with your blog!!! I’m in college and just stared an Instablog– you’re the biggest inspiration ever!!! You’re such a girl boss and I love that!!! I’m trying to make forever21 as enticing as you did when you were in college!! That was my favorite article anyone’s written. Trying to start a blog is a slow process, but a fun hobby!!! Thanks so much for being an inspiration to all!

    Olivia Melville

  85. Alexandria says:

    I’ve always wondered about #ad posts with the bloggers I follow! So interesting! Thank you for sharing this and always being so real with your followers! P.S. I’m already subscribed ;)

  86. Kelly Cheeks says:

    Hi Sivan! I recently found your Instagram and had to follow you. I love that you maintain your true self (your instastories are so fun – Paul and your dogs!) Glad that I subscribed today!

  87. Brooke Owens says:

    Love this and you! Obsessed with how real and inspriring you are!!

  88. Anissa Bell says:

    Always keeping it 100! Love your blog, which I have been subscribed to for sometime. Always genuine and adorable. MUCH LOVE!

  89. Sharon says:

    Love your transparency! this is why you’re my fav blogger. Keep up the great work.

  90. Hayden Rogers says:

    I appreciate this! Obsessed with you and your style, I show you to allllll of my coworkers. Keep it up!

  91. samantha says:

    You always keep it 100% and you make everything you post relatable! I seriously tell all my friends to follow you for style and food and WINE advice :)

    • samantha says:

      Awkward I definitely didn’t mean to have the same comment as the person before me!! BUT at least you know it’s true. Just subscribed btw!

  92. Amanda Beakes says:

    I’ve been a faithful follower of yours for about a year now because of how transparent you are! Love your honest sassiness! Thank you!!

  93. Danielle says:

    Love your style, both in how you present yourself and in your clothing/products! You really do seem to live such a genuine life – love seeing that and totally trust that you share product with us that you stand behind!! Keep being you! :)

  94. Mary Ann says:

    Thanks for your transparency and honesty in all your posts. It is really important for us, the ones who follow the bloggers to get real advice about products and I feel I can trust you on that. Also you keep it real when it comes of showing who you are as a person on your insta stories. It’s refreshing to know that even when your blog and Instagram looks perfectly presented you are a nice down to earth person.
    Oh and of course I am subscribed to your blog!

  95. Jessica says:

    Love your brand and how authentic you always are! Keep doing your thing, girl!

  96. Kelsey Rosenberg says:

    Love how true you stay to your readers and to yourself! Keep doing you girlie!!

  97. I am newly subscribed to your blog & follow you on insta! You are my favorite to follow & the only blogger/insta videos I watch daily because of your realness & great style tips for home, clothing, jewelry, makeup and skincare! I have also told my friends to def watch your videos and follow your blog because you are always on top of the new trends and have a style like us! Thank you for always writing back too! I look forward to your engaging posts and hope to win some of your great products you promote too!!!

  98. Cassy says:

    I am a subscriber (;

  99. Skadi says:

    The fact that you are so open and honest with your job and the things you share, builds a trust to me as a reader of your blog (#subscribed) and a follower of your IG & Youtube. Compared to other bloggers you differentiate yourself through being like a best friend that loves to share stuff she’s passionate about, instead of selling things to her subscribers.
    So keep going ’cause you make me feel so inspired and I love seeing new posts of you. xx

  100. Catalina says:

    Just recently started my personal blog and you were definitely one of my inspirations! Love all your posts and outfits!


  101. Cara says:

    Here are my thoughts on sponsored posts… as readers I think we sometimes place “influencers” into the “friend” category. You become one of us and often times are so relatable we forget that you are running a business. Once a blogger crosses over into the influencer world with their sponsorships the readers, followers, subscribers, etc. stop and go “wait a minute? I thought this was just us talking”. But there is no difference than Kobe doing a sponsorship with Gatorade and You doing a St. Tropez ad. It just now means we tend to look at you more as a business and no longer “one of us” which we have to realize is OK. My one side note is I have been put off by influencers, who I follow regularly, posting sponsorship ads for things I have never seen them post about. Maybe they use the item in their everyday life but just never photograph it. but to me it came across as odd and scripted.

    My thoughts are that as long as the character of the post is true to your content and followers then do you girl! I support anyone who is trying to grow a business! PS sorry for the long post lol

  102. Brie H says:

    Thank you for filling us all in, I love everything about your page and what you strive for! Thanks for sharing your life with us! Xo

  103. Catherine says:

    You are my all time fav and I feel like we are twins!!! I have Invisalign too! Keep keeping it real!!


  104. Sivan, I love your page and all of your content is so beautiful and simplistic! I’m in the progress of creating a lifestyle blog as well! How did you first begin to collaborate with brands? Did you reach out to them? Also, what do you recommend for editing your photos, to maintain a cohesive feed? Thank u xoxo

  105. Amanda Pisani says:

    As a Social Media Manager for @aerolase, laser company, it is always good for me to read up on people’s views of sponsored content and Instagram, in general, to keep me up on the most up to date social media marketing stories. Thanks, Sivan, love your content!

    Ps. I subscribed :)

  106. Micaela says:

    Hi Sivan,

    As per usual, I loved the post – great read! I’m subscribed to your blog, thank you for your lovely content; it’s very inspiring as an aspiring blogger.


  107. Julia Elder says:

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    Julia Elder

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    Also, subscribed! :)

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  110. Alysa says:

    I’m so happy that I came across your page! You’re such a breath of fresh air – a blogger who can provide real content instead of the ever so popular “so cute” or “I’m obsessed”. I especially love your dinner prep stories on insta. It all looks so good and easy!

    Subscribing now!

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  112. Nycole Robbins says:


    I just subscribed to your blog! I’ve been following you for a long time on instagram and love your authenticity. I feel that you are very relatable and I love seeing what products you use on a daily basis because I feel like I can trust your judgment. I have purchased a lot of your makeup suggestions and appreciate all your beauty/fashion tips! Keep doing you girl!

  113. Nicole says:

    I love your authenticity and transparency. Thanks for addressing this before it became an ‘issue’. I love the way you keep your readers informed and not in the dark. It definitely sets you apart from the rest. Keep up the great content!
    I’ve subscribed to your blog and youtube channel :)
    xoxo, Nicole

  114. Alex says:

    Of course I’m already subscribed.. but thank you for your honesty in everything you do! You are so relatable, helpful and overall stylish and chic through it all. Thanks for keeping us ladies in the know and honestly for cracking me up every time I watch a video or read a post. Also BIG thanks for introducing me to Miraval.. changed the game! Keep these awesome posts coming because your personality and openness about life, style and everything in between sets you apart from the millions of bloggers out there. Looking forward to reading/watching more.


  115. Irene says:

    Dear Sivan,
    I knew about you from Louise Roe and I immediately fell in love with your being just like her: TRUE.
    You are such a simple girl and it’s amazing. Nowadays if you are famous thanks to social networks you immediately start to act like a diva. I think it’s so bad and I always try to follow and be inspired by authentic, genuine and real people. People I could consider like the sister I never had or the girl next door. You are one of them.
    I really appreciated this post. You showed once again to be true and simply you. It’s the most important thing and I love all your Instagram stories and the products you received.
    PS: I envy your beautiful long hair.
    Thanks so much also for the giveaway.
    I subscribed to your fab blog :)


  116. Julia Caudle says:

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  117. Brittany Burgess says:

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    P.S. I’m subscribed :)

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    I so admire and appreciate your transparency and unfiltered voice. I’m a relatively new blogger and so many of your posts (especially your blogging advice) have been such an inspiration to me! Keep kicking ass girlie!

    Sydney Burden

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    my bf and I recently moved in together and have made all of your recipes now. I saw the other day he follows you AND paul on IG! loool.

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  130. Micaela Ballew says:

    I love your transparency about all of this stuff! I feel like we don’t hear from bloggers we follow enough about this kind of stuff. I super appreciate all your candidness because you’re right, this is your business and it’s great that you educate your readers on what’s up. Thanks Sivan! All the best xoxo

    P.S. I’m subscribed! But I have been having trouble receiving new post notifications? Not sure if it’s on Mailchimp’s end or what.

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    I look forward to all your future posts & reviews, you are seriously my all time favorite blogger & I hope to meet you one day :)

    Ps. I live so close to the village & every time I leave that place you always seem to go, I keep missing you by a few minutes so I really hope I casually bump into you there @ Go greek ! Lol

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  146. Isabel says:

    Thank you for sharing! I blogged a bit over the summer due to being abroad but I have followed you for a while and love the items you pick out and what you represent. I actually have taken a lot of advice saved for them and gotten them and been so happy with them they’re part of my normal routine. So thanks for doin you Because you’re doin awesome! And sponsorship the way you do it is never a bad thing! XOXO

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  150. Your blogs are really cool. It’s always interesting to read it och watch your story(live story) about new stuffs and your life!

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  153. Erika says:

    I really love how authentic you are to yourself and your followers! It’s inevitable that as a blogger, you would be doing sponsored posts… isn’t that what people ultimately set as their goal!? Not to do a sponsored post, but to be able to share their life and make a living from it!? I really like how on most topics you just go right on and write about them without beating around the bush. Great post Sivan! Love those jeans too!

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    I’ve been a loyal follower for years and have turned a ton of my girlfriends, including my mother (!) onto your blog and social sites. I love that you were open enough to tell us all how it actualllly is! Haha

    Cheers girl!


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    Sivan! Thank you so so much for always being so straight up with all of your followers. You keep it real, whether it be with blog posts, food, beauty, etc. Thanks for the tips and for the laughs. Oh, and the adorable little doggies. ❤️

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    Kristen V.

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    keep doing you.. we all love it !

    ↠ Chelsea D.


  166. Ali Cannedy says:

    Thank you for sharing the ins and outs of sponsored posts. I always wonder and was super curious.

    I can tell that you’re authentic in what you suggest and use – I love the transparency.

    Really enjoy reading your blog and love your recommendations/recipies!! (Greek chicken salad is amazing BTW!)

  167. chelsea says:

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  169. Agustina Clair says:

    I absolutely love how transparent and true you are to your followers, and that is something you don’t see quite often in bloggers.
    On top of that, your style is impeccable and you push us to give the best of our selves. (I don’t know if you may remember the photo I sent you…but my tiny kitchen is 100% inspired by yours).

  170. Lindsey Miller says:

    Thank you Sivan. I’ve loved your content for a long time and I don’t mind sponsored posts as long as it’s not all we see. If it’s something you actually like or would use, why not!? I still like learning about products or services even if it’s sponsored.

  171. Ashley says:

    As always, a beautiful, genuine post written by a truly genuine soul. Thanks for keeping things real with us day in and out. You’re an inspiration to us as aspiring bloggers (and as grown ass women) trying to find our way. And don’t get down on those who don’t understand your blog/IG etc. is a business. You taking the time to show everyone the business side of your every day work through a post like this is all you can do!

    xx, Ashley

    Ps, been subscribed for a while now!

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    I’m subscribed! Love your honesty and transparency! And because we know how authentic you are and your no BS attitude, I think it’s safe to say that we can trust your opinion and your choice when partnering with companies and know that you are speaking honestly and truthfully! Xoxo

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  178. Sivan where to start!! What a great post! Yes I agree you are very genuine & every product you share goes with who you are or things you love!! Personally I think another reason why people don’t mind your sponsored posts is like you said because you also share sooo much of your personal life. When I watch you Instagram stories I’m not just seeing products but life updates! There is so much about you that people like & one of my personal favorites is your sense of humor & relationship with Paul! I love how much you guys support each other & how he truly cares about your blog and how you guys have fun with it! oh I also love all the places you travel to!! (It seems that a lot of bloggers just pick the same place every other blogger is going and that’s no fun to see! People want to see new places to go!!) you really stand out, you don’t copy other bloggers & for that I love following along and getting ideas on home decor, fashion, & beauty! Much love, Niza Westphalen

  179. Ashley says:

    I look forward to your daily pics, stories, blog posts. My favorite is the dinner vlogs! Keep doing what you’re doing!
    Much love,

    Ashley xo

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    You truly are an inspiration through your authenticity. I admire your passion and love for blogging and remaining true to who you are through your posts. I’ve been following your insta for awhile and one reason is because of how transparent and genuine you are. Looking forward to the next post <3

    Sarah J

  182. Lindsey Miller says:

    I’m now subscribed to your blog! Love your insta stories and YouTube channel. Great post, love the honesty. I honestly don’t mind sponsored posts as long as it’s not all we see :)


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    For starters I want to say that I’ve always felt that you do sponsored posts differently and more genuinely than a lot of bloggers. I can tell you’re picky about who you work with which is rad. I’m sure some bloggers don’t have the luxury of being super picky so I always appreciate when it’s easy to identify a sponsored post so I can take it with a grain of salt. With you though, I really trust what you’re saying even if I know you’re being paid by the brand. And I get it, gotta make that money girl!! XOXO -francesca (already subscribed)

  185. Paige O says:

    Hi Sivan! This post helped clear up so much for me.. I love all the products you blog about and I was wondering if those brands paid you to endorse them. Now I see how the whole process works! I understand that either way the product you feature in your day to day and the ones endorsed with partners are a part of your lifestyle and you would never endorse something that you yourself wouldn’t use! Thanks so much for being such a transparent blogger. Love love love!!

  186. Nicole says:

    Great post! Thank you for shedding light on sponsored posts!!! Definitely super valuable information!! Love you and love your Insta stories !!

  187. Kate Gormley says:

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  188. Camisa says:

    I absolutely love your honesty and transparency, it speaks volumes! I’m obsessed with your blog, style and you (in a good way). You’ve definitely been an inspiration to me!

  189. Viviana Pina says:

    Love your sincerity! And I don’t think that if a post is sponsored then is less good/honest that any other post, it comes down to the blogger’s ethic and clarity with their audience. I love your style & I’ll continue to like your posts even if they’re sponsored

    I just susbcribed to your blog!

  190. Kate says:

    Thank you so much for being so true. It feels good to see people like you. You’re amazing. Btw, I subscribed!!!!! Thank you for being you. Xoxo

  191. Bianca says:

    Amazing how this makes me recognize all the adds that go through instagram whitout most people noticing because most are not this transparent about it.
    Congratulations you are an inspiration.
    Thank you again

    ( Say hi to the puppies)
    I am subscribed to this blog and I love reading your posts when I have time out at work.
    Keep them coming

  192. Dolores Velazquez says:

    Thanks for all the insight! I’ve always wondered how it worked! Love ya for being so real!

  193. Ashley Soulliere says:

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  194. Sammi says:

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  196. Sydney says:

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  197. Sammi says:

    Hi Sivan, I’m obsessed with your style! Keep doing what you love because your are a very big inspiration to me! Thanks xoxo

  198. Lauren says:

    Working full-time as a marketer, one question clients ask me almost weekly is “do you follow influencers?” My answer is always yes! and then I proceed to show them your blog and social channels! Thank you for inspiring me from both a personal and professional side. You are a perfect example when I show clients that influencer marketing works! :)

  199. Kelly says:

    Thank you for your genuine nature and sharing light on a topic in which many of us are skeptics. Though I’m a recent follower, I truly admire the transparency behind your brand-yourself! It keeps your audience constantly aspiring for something visionary, without losing sight of themselves. I’m glad this is the way you resonate with the world, and it has truly flourished into an outlet for many of us. Wish you much luck on this journey we call life, and please continue to inspire!

  200. Courtney says:

    Hi Sivan,

    I’m subscribed and I love following you on social media. I appreciate that you’re so unfiltered and so real with your followers, and you also a great at DMing back when I ask questions :) I think you are one of a few influencers who does sponsor posts right, keeping them on brand and appropriate for your following, I honestly don’t even notice they’re sponsored half the time when they’re done that way in your voice. The ones that really make me mad are all the bachelor stars promoting sugar hair gummies. Thanks for being so transparent!

  201. Danielle Koren says:

    Hey Sivan! Awesome post. I think it’s great you are addressing sponsored posts so your readers will understand what is going on. I love that companies send you goodies to try and that you are sweet enough to share them with your followers at your giveaways.

    Ps. I am already subscribed to your blog :)

  202. Hillarie C says:

    To the realist blogger out there! LOVE reading your posts, and of course your insta stories.

  203. Charlie says:

    You are so inspiring Sivan! With your transparency and genuine nature. You’re also my favourite fashion inspiration on Instagram, I get so many ideas from you! Keep all your amazing posts coming – sponsored or not, they are all great! X

  204. Stephanie says:

    Pick me for giveaway! Big fan and love the blog ❤️

  205. Rosario says:

    The first time I saw anything from you was a live you did a couple of months ago where Paul kept telling you you were acting crazy (the one before you went to the horse race). I actually thought you were coming across super genuine and relatable. Since then, I visit your insta everyday for updates from you and have become loyal follower. I love your pransparancy throughout and your love for your community. Thank you for sharing so much with us, we love it!!

  206. Jillian gray says:

    Love love love you on instagram! Have yet to branch out to your blog out of lack of time but as someone who dreams of blogging, was nice to finally read your stuff! Now that I’ve subscribed, look forward to more!

  207. Carlotta says:

    I love to read all your posts and follow your stories on Instagram because you are authentic! And this is a so beautiful thing, not lots of people have this characteristic. I think that since you are a blogger part of your job is to sponsor some product, so you should do that! Just sponsor what you really like and think it’s good, and your followers will always be on your side! Kisses from Italy!

  208. Hi Sivan!
    Thanks so much for sharing this and always being real with your followers. You make your audience feel like they know you and can trust you! How long did it take you to start getting companies to reach out to you about wanting to work with you? I’m working on my own blog and can’t wait to make it a full-time job one day!

    xx Fernanda

  209. Natarsha says:

    By far my favourite blogger, and that’s saying something when you follow every blog on IG. Absolutely love how down to earth & stylish you are. You make me want to spend my whole savings on endless home decor- my finance isn’t impressed haha! Definitely not trying to suck up what so ever, just thought you should know how fab you are! Keep up the good work. X

  210. Coco Rose says:

    Love all your tips, blogs, insta stories, and fashion! Would love to take your style and convert it into my future wedding theme :) Xo @cokes_15

  211. Sivan Gavish says:

    Loved you then and I love you now!!! Your posts are always so insightful and very helpful. Your authenticity shines through your posts and I absolutely love that. Keep it up. I always look forward to seeing/reading your blog posts, insta stories, and pictures. <3

    Sivan :)

  212. Vivian Suarez says:

    I love reading your posts ! Your keep it 100 . I love how you say it how it is !! Thank you. You’re my FAVORITE blogger !!!

    I’m already subscribed (:

    I’ve made many of your yummy recipes (thanks for teaching me how to cook lol)
    I hope I get to try the beauty products you love !

  213. Afke says:

    Again a Great blog!! Love your Instagram Posts and vlogs on YouTube. Its also great to hear that all the “sponsored” posts are products your stand behind and would use yourself! Keep posting! X Afke

  214. Brenda Mehdian says:

    Seriously love you and your blog so much. Everything you talk about and post is always so accessible. A lot of blogs today are totally opulent but your blog is a breath of fresh air. I literally feel like I’m your litttle sister getting advice from you and a actually die of laughter at your subtle humor. Your transparency and honestly about the sponsors proves to me even more why I love this blog. P.s. You are low key (actually high key) life goals!!

  215. Kelly says:

    Have been following your channels for over a year or so now . I love that all the other followers are following you for the same reasons I am because your content is versatile and REAL, I don’t feel like you are trying to put on this perfect life but just live your best life, healthy and looking good! Your channels not only share all the info on things I want to know more about from the skincare, cancels, clothing ( great prices), hair care, makeup tips, COOKING, workouts everything! Your make up tutorials haha have helped me a lot, and I am always getting friends hooked on your insta and tutorials. Most of all I love that for myself and even more for all the young girls out there on social media you show everyone you can be YOURSELF and REAL and cool and great at the same time. That you don’t have to fit into any mold or be perfect all the time and not laugh at yourself.
    Keep it up! – kelly

  216. Kelly says:

    Oops I subscribed !! Forgot to add!

  217. Jessica says:

    You’re blog is my favorite! Subscribed!

  218. Love that your sharing something like this! I’ve always felt that your post are so real and relatable, even if sponsored. I feel like you have such a strong connection with your audience and you have inspired me in so many different ways! I always look to your feed or blog for advice on make-up, clothes, and food. Thank you for continuously inspiring and connect with your audience and showing your true personality with all your posts!

  219. Taylor says:

    I love watching your videos, stories and live videos! It’s hard to watch you actually live because I’m stationed overseas, but it’s on my everyday to-do list!! Being in the military, watching your videos makes me feel so much for feminine, so thank you for that!! I’ve ordered so many of the products you recommend, so thank you!!! Much love from Germany! ❤️

  220. Stela says:

    Long time fan, brand new subscriber here! Love all your content, you’re one of the few influencers I follow on insta who has never struck me as a sell-out. Much love for not trying to sell me flat tummy tea!!

  221. abby bridges says:

    I love your honesty and transparency! I think the social media world could use a lot more of it :) That is why I have followed you for so long – I love how funny & down to earth you are. You have a sense of realness about you, it makes all of us feel like we are your friends. xoxoxo
    I subscribed BTW

  222. Tatiana Blanco says:

    I literally never get tired of reading, watching and listening to you!!! You are so real and this is legit what you are made for. Thank you for putting out the best content out there, readers like me can also appreciate how you always make everything look so good like your Insta-stories, outfits and of course home! You inspire many people, keep on keeping on Sivan. Much love ❤️

  223. Kylee williford says:

    I’m so glad that you did this post. I’m not going to lie I’ve always thought “I wonder if she really likes/uses these products?!” Thank you for being so real and honest with your followers. That’s why we all love to follow you! Xoxo

  224. Lindsay E says:

    I just subscribed! I follow you on IG and love how real you are! You have opened up my world to many amazing products and great fashion! I am a mom of two so I often forget to take care of myself. I am new to following blogs/ fashion bloggers and you are my first!! Thanks for all the inspiration and tips!!

  225. Katrina says:

    Hi Sivan,

    Thank you for always keeping it real with your posts and sharing what you like sponsored or not! I enjoy your content and trust your opinions on products you share prior to me getting it myself :)
    Please continue keeping this up and look forward to seeing more of what you post!


  226. Molly Hoxha says:

    Sivan! First off that outfit is bomb. I can’t believe those jeans are AE, they stepped up their shit! I love your posts on blogging, insta etc. I used to blog but then abandoned it, you inspired me to start up again!

  227. Krista Baker says:


    I’m subscribed now, but that never kept me from reading regularly anyways! Thanks for your real-girl honesty and attitude! You’ve helped guide me to many products I use regularly and I’ve never doubted your authenticity!


  228. Molly Quackenbush says:

    Love you and your blog Sivan! You are so gorgeous and funny! Your Snapchat live cooking sessions and watching you unwrap your mail goodies are my favorite!

  229. Eden says:

    Love this and how transparent you are !
    Ps I’m subscribed :)

  230. Liel Miller says:

    Hey Sivan,
    I love you IG page and I have been following you for a while. I love you posts and stories, but after reading some of you blog posts I’m definitely going to subscribe .
    Thank you so much for your honesty ❤️

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    First of all I am such a huge fan of all your work. I’ve been reading your blogs religiously and have been living by your words! I feel as if I can relate to you so much. I am a young California girl from the valley who loves style, beauty and writing. I am so happy you like to keep it 100 with your followers because it is so often now a days that people who sponsor products just do it for the money and the product does not even work. I trust your word and judgement so keep doing you!


  232. Molly Quackenbush says:

    Almost forgot! I also subscribed! xoxo

  233. Mariana Medrano Fernandez says:

    I love your style, your blog, your instagram and your dogs❤️

  234. Ciara says:

    Hi Sivan!

    I haven’t really visited the blog until today and I love it! I’m mainly on your Instagram and I could die for everything you post on there. This will be my 4th giveaway that I’ve entered from you and I would LOVE to win. Not only to get fun, free things, but to really connect with you and to be able to see what all of the amazing products you use are all about! I just subscribed to your blog so now I can stay up to date with all things Sivan :) I hope to experience a little of your lavish life in the products used for the give away ✨

  235. Mayra Jauregui Huamani says:

    I like that you are honest with us, that makes you more real than others influencers, love from Perú!

  236. Marcelle P says:

    As you already know I love your blog and I love your product recommendations. I especially love your recipes because you make skinny look so easy!

  237. Sophia Alfaro says:

    Sivan! Thanks for keeping it real and sharing your life with us all. To open up to your readers on so many different levels, is not something you see from a lot of bloggers these days. I’m actually boarderline obsessed with you hahaha. You are hilarious. I actually created a hashtag that I use with my best friend in text convos #whatwouldsivando lol. I’m hella lame, but I def look up to you, you inspire me from style and beauty all the way down to your cooking and home design. Keep being real and doing you girl, because that’s what we LOVE!!


    • Sophia Alfaro says:

      P.s. I subscribed :) I thought I already was, but I was subscribed to your ig. Hehehe I’m always getting those notification girl ;)

  238. Paris says:

    I always am amazed by how bold you are to stay true to yourself.. you never fail to keep inspiring me as a young woman. Your hard work is paying off & it’s incredible to see you keep flourishing. Cheers Sivan… to your blog, to life & to flourishing!

  239. Haley says:

    Adding another comment! I am subscribed already!!! Just saw your story.

  240. Lauren banks says:

    I really love and admire your posts! I am 18 years old and looking at your posts always gives me ideas and inspires me on style and just life in general! I see you as an amazing roll model for me I can’t wait to see what you post next :)

  241. Claudia Gombos says:

    I’m a student so I read a lot of boring things and honestly sitting down to read your new blog post or watch your new video brings me relaxation and joy!! I love that you’re yourself all the time and your feed is goaallssss.

    Thanks for entertaining me when I’m bored!!!

    P.S. I’m subscribed!!!

  242. Caroline C. says:

    Ugh Yes! Thank you for being so authentic. There is such a difference between supporting a product because you genuinely think it’s great and just getting paid to push bull!

  243. Josie Salcido says:

    Thanks for only sponsoring items that you actually like and not ones that are not great just to make money. Much respect.
    PS. I am subscribed

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    Ps I’ve subscribed-so I can be even more obsessed now haha

  245. Marissaalexis1 says:

    Thanks for posting this! It’s great how transparent you are with your followers. I think that’s what sets you apart from other bloggers/influencers. Even if I’m having a busy day and I don’t have a chance to get onto social media I still look at your Instagram stories to see if there are any new products I should try! I absolutely know that you only sponsor products that you truly believe in and I think it’s great that such awesome brands want to team up with you. After reading this I’ve happily subscribed to your blog!

    Thanks for always keeping it real!


  246. Christina says:

    Awesome! Love your blog, especially your post about Invisalign! I’m all subscribed now :)

  247. Ayla says:

    I love this post because you truly are so down to earth and your blog/instagram is so fun to follow because of that. I just subscribed to your blog and am so excited to see all of your posts about travel and lifestyle advice- those are my favorite!

  248. Kelsey Hewitt says:

    I absolutely love you! I don’t subscribe to many bloggers because of just exactly that- I can tell when someone genuinely is invested in helping the community of folllowers, or just throwing tons of ads/discount codes, etc.

    You are beautiful, hilarious, and you share so much range with us. YOU GO GIRL!!!!

  249. Andrea Fuentes says:

    …And THIS is exactly why I love your blog/posts/stories… I literally feel like I’m talking to a friend because you’re honest and transparent and REAL! Also, sponsored stuff for you means more giveaways for us! Love your blog!

  250. Lara says:

    I’ve always appreciated how real you are! You are probably the only blogger I can think of off the top of my head that I don’t immediately realize I’m seeing sponsored content from, and that comes from you making conscious choices of what brands you work with. Thank you thank you thank you for being real! :-)

  251. Layne says:

    I am seriously obsessed with you!! You are so down to earth, real and so easy to listen to n watch. Love you !!!!!!!!

  252. Kelsey Hewitt says:

    I commented earlier, but I’ve subscribed!!!

  253. Leina says:

    Finally a blog worth subscribing to! Always and forever a fan xoxo

  254. A) love ya, so tan, so fabulous, so wonderful. B) my blog is named Tan & Wild for the very reason that I assume you are doing a giveaway of some of these fantastic products! C) I just got a promotion at work, am blogging on the side, have no spray tan and am currently white af (despite blog name), and truly need some new products and pampering in my life RN. Halp a sister out!

    <3 this post though for real, and will be keeping a lookout for faux lizard food supporters elsewhere on the Instasphere!



  255. Paty Avery says:

    Sivan, just love so much the way you write and really come across yourself in every single post! As I read someone else saying here, there are tons of instas I like looking at for just some inspo but here I truly take my time to read every single post because it feels almost like “home”. I so agree that you truly engage with your audience, I often write to you when you post smth on your stories and you always answer me back! I feel like as if I know you! Keep up the good work, you’re doing amazingly well girl! Xxx

  256. Mandie Haggard says:

    Thank you for ALWAYS being so honest and REAL! I love you blog and all your social outlets.

  257. Zelma Banuelos says:

    Thank you for sharing this and keeping it 100% unapologetic real AF! Your’e one of my ultimate favorite lifestyle bloggers and I truly enjoy all the content you share. Thanks to you my skin is always glowing and clear and my tan is on point. You literally do no wrong girl. Keep it up,

    We love you <3
    -Zelma B.

  258. Mary Saydein says:

    Hi Sivan,

    I totally discovered you by accident on Istagram and I’m so happy I did. I’m from LA, but I live in Egypt and I’m always looking for new and effective beauty products. I was really draw to your style, both fashion and personal, and tried out new products because of you and fell love. I had never tried Two Faced, and now I have a bunch of their stuff.

    But I was confused about sponsorship for some products you spoke about. For example – eyeshower primer. You used Lancôme, Urban Decay, and Two Faced, I didn’t know which one to choose! I went into Sephora and a nice woman broke down the last two brands and I went with Urban Decay, but I always wondered which one you actually love and which were #ads. Thanks for explaining what goes on behind the process.

    I think you’re great!

  259. Sasha says:

    Just recently discovered your blog. Absolutely love everything you post and how real you are! Definitely one of my favorite bloggers!

    Just subscribed!

  260. Lina Sierra says:

    Hey Sivan! I’m absolutely obsessed with your blog posts/insta/instastory etc. You never fail to entertain me especially with your Richard posts! xo

  261. Lauren says:

    Hi Sivan!

    I love reading your posts! I love that you post about fashion, beauty, food, drinks, travel, etc! Your realness, and positive energy is refreshing. I love trying beauty products, recipes, and even wine glasses that you suggest! I am subscribed to your blog, and I can’t wait to read your future posts! I would love to be entered into your giveaway!!!

    Thanks! :)

  262. Madison says:

    Hey hey! First of all, I’m loving the lighting in these photos and that gray tshirt is so cute! Second of all, I love how open & transparent you always are. I started blogging a year and a half ago and plan on doing for a long time, weather I end up getting sponsored posts or not. Of course that’s the plan and I’d love make money doing what I love, but I’d be fine either way bc I just love it! Like a stress reliever or something. Anyways back to the point haha you inspire me everyday and I appreciate every single post you do, especially the ones about blogging!!

    Happy Wednesday beautiful!
    Cheers! Madison

  263. Angela Clements says:


    I truly appreciate your posts, comments, advice, and opinions!! TBH, I’ve bought quite a bit of things after watching/reading your suggestions. Thank you for being so personable and honest with your blogging since it’s becoming harder and harder to find blogs that I feel are genuine and in tune with my own style/preferences!!


    Ps I am subscribed!

  264. milica says:

    i came across a really funny street art quote in my hometown that said: you all aspire to be different, yet you are all still the same. instantly, i thought “fashion industry.”
    sivan, you are the first blogger i reached out to, and i was mind blown when you answered.. twice! yay, girlriends! you are a ray of sunshine in today’s blogger world, and i enjoy you and your feed so very much.
    you are the “girl next door” and that’s what us girls need more of on social media!! thank you for being so transparent, and ohhh SO RELATABLE, i love it! you are by far my favorite blogger, and i cannot wait to see you prosper even more :)
    subscribed to the blog and thrilled about it!!!! <3

  265. Shannie says:

    Hiiii Sivan
    I’m honestly such a big fan! You really inspire me with ebeytbjng you do. First I love that your so real with all your blog posts and that you actually advertise for. You can see that your actually bein extremely genuine when it comes to your ads and even when you just post Day to day. Also want to say that it is so amazing that you actually take time and do giveaways and don’t just use your fans for likes. And lastly thank you for always answering your direct messages unlike most bloggers out there!
    Keep up your amazing blogging skills and personality!
    Btw I am subscribed and will never unsubscribe
    Instagram @sbouskila or my blog at @scarlettediary

  266. Officially subscribed!! Thanks for being my ultimate favorite and putting out such great, organic content :) Keep it coming! xo

  267. Sarah Newton says:

    Found your Instagram through some of my best girlies over at Beach Riot and have love, love, loved your content ever since. I’ve always appreciated how down to earth and real your social media and blog are. I truly consider the products you endorse because they feel like they’re coming from a friend and not someone just trying to get paid. And with that, SUBSCRIBED.

    Ps. Just read your post on Invisalign and immediately called my dentist and set up a consult. Not even a little bit kidding.

  268. P. Davison says:

    The other day, I came across your one-year anniversary post which linked back to your wedding video. I couldn’t help but click on the video….and just like the first time, was swept away and cried a little :). How you present yourself….in your blog, your IG stories your YouTube videos – people know you’re being real. Online or in person, people want to trust someone if they’re going to invest their time and energy on them or their content.

    You are also a great writer. If you have time, you should write a book! How to be a great friend, wife, sister, dog-mom, hostess, DIY queen – so many talents to share with the world!

  269. April Dunhill says:

    I love how real you are and always look forward to seeing your posts on insta story or your blog! Xoxo

    Ps I subscribed :)

  270. Deanna says:

    Subscribed! Love the realness & positivity underlying your blog & persona! Love your Instagram lives. They’re so fun to follow along & get beauty, makeup, hair, etc. tips in real time. I’ve saved a ton of time doing my hair the way you do with just letting it dry naturally then throwing in some waves, or the slick back pony – my new favorite now that I’m working out almost every day. You inspire me to consider blogging after I’m established in my new RN career – maybe one day you’ll want to collaborate on Medi-Spa content. My 7 year old son always sees me looking at your posts or watching your Instagram stories & he says, “Is that your favorite girl?” I said, “Yes.” He asks why we aren’t friends & I said because you’re like a celebrity & he said, “Well, you should go knock on her door & say, ‘Let’s be friends.’ C’mon, easy.” Solid friendship making advice. He loves your dogs, too. Thank you Sivan!

  271. Paloma says:

    I feel like this is something so relevant and really interesting. Love your posts & keep up the amazing content!

  272. Loren says:

    sivan, thanks so much for all of your tips and tricks when it comes from blogging to cooking to getting a quick workout in! they all are so helpful & fun, I always find myself on your ig! I totally relate to your invisalign post and am absolutely loving your workout series videos! I am subscribed & so excited to see what the rest of the year holds!

  273. Crystal says:

    I’m so glad you wrote this. I sometimes feel turned off by the sponsored ads because i feel they aren’t genuine. I almost feel betrayed when I look at a previous post and see a different brand was their favorite just a few days ago.
    Thanks for keeping it real!

  274. Sierra says:

    I absolutely love all of your social channels! It’s awsome to see a blogger who is very honest about the products they share. Knowing this, i think it does make your followers more interested in the products you share. Can’t wait to see more!!

  275. Crystal says:

    I subscribed by the way! (Forgot to add that in my comment)

  276. Meaghan B says:

    I love following your blog and social media channels because you are completely authentic. You’ve got a dream job and you are rocking it! Keep it up because it’s so entertaining and insightful to follow along! XO

  277. Lucia says:

    You are the best!! Thank you for always sharing from experience! I love love your style, and your dogs! They are so cute! I have tried many of the skin care products you share and they are AMAZING. I like that you like everything super natural! Keep it up!

  278. Sophie Rachel says:

    Thank you for sharing this! I follow so many bloggers (you are my fav) and I have often wondered about what these types of posts are all about! I look forward to learning more on your blog and about your amazing style! Every time you post a new look I swear my credit card/ PayPal gets a workout and I follow like 10 new brands!

    Ps I am now subscribed !


  279. brenna montgomery says:

    the honesty in this post is something most bloggers don’t have the courage to do… how genuine and transparent your explanation behind sponsored posts was, is truly the reason we all love and adore you. i live for your stories, posts, pictures and youtube videos. you’re so beautiful inside and out, and definitely deserving of the lifestyle you’re living. if anyone deserves to be happy it’s you!

  280. Nadia Eltahir says:

    You are so refreshingly honest!! (Subscribed) xo

  281. Carmen Katz says:

    Hi Sivan,
    I subscribed! I’m probably not your typical follower being that I am a middle aged gal- but I find your Instagram so entertaining and unpretentious! I like that we are invited into your day to day activities such as morning makeup application, yelling and loving your fur balls and antics of your wakadoodle hubby (duvet changing, fig leaf gurgling noises, etc.). You always keep it real!

  282. Bec says:

    Love your blog & style, I find your posts really authentic and relatable.
    Thanks for the laughs and inspo.
    Your live cooking videos are awesome too!
    xo Bec

  283. Adela says:

    Love your honesty & love you!!! <3

  284. Starr says:

    I have always been curious about bloggers/influencers’ loyalty to brands and their authenticity behind posts. Seeing as I read your beauty routine post, and looked well into Skinceuticals, it is refreshing and comforting to know that you are true to yourself and honest in what you post, sponsored or otherwise. Thanks for the good direction and honesty.

  285. Lisa LaMontagna says:

    Just subscribed! Love following you. Just made your Kale and lemon salad last night, it’s now a house favorite!! Xo

  286. Amanda says:

    hi Sivan! Thanks for being so honest and just freakin’ real with all of us! Love your content and your opinion on everything. I’ve been following you for a long time on IG but just subscribed (& now addicted) to your blog.

  287. Nicole Herrera says:

    Hi Sivan!

    I discovered your Instagram one day when I was scrolling through my explore page and I have to say that you’re definitely one of my favorite bloggers. Your fashion & life style definitely resonate with mine! I like how honest you were with this post and to be honest, I love your long Instagram stories (whether sponsored or not) because you’re so genuine with us all who watch you! Being 21 & in college, sometimes it’s hard to afford the clothing, makeup, & skincare I want, but you always have some product or cute piece of clothing to show us, and more often than not it’s affordable! Thanks for being so honest & open with us, love you! Keep doing you girl!


    Nicky H.

  288. Air Domantay says:

    Hey girl! So yes, I’m posting to enter giveaway haha, but also wanted to comment as I’m also in the business of sponsored content. I’m an account exec for a native advertising platform (mainly dealing with brands/advertisers as part of a bigger media spend), and I’ve been monitoring how social has been evolving to adapt to industry standards, as it relates to sponsored content.

    1) as an avid follower of your content, I so appreciate the transparency around how you choose the products you share with us.
    2) being in the business of sponsored content (sidenote: i cringed a little writing “in the business” don’t judge me) it’s interesting to see how platforms like Insta will be disclaiming sponsored posts (vs. just relying on hashtags).

    Keep doing what you’re doing – love the content, and love me some Sivan! xoxo

  289. Cristina says:

    Thank you for explaining all this stuff cause not many influencers, bloggers, instagrammers, etc… Not many explain how it works and make it look fake. I really enjoy all your work and your style is amazing. Lots of love from Spain.

  290. Follow comment that I just subscribed!!!!

  291. Ashley Wenzel says:

    Thanks for sharing Sivan! Seriously love everything you post!

  292. Kayla Harley says:

    I had no idea about the new way of sponsorship posts. And honestly, I find it very refreshing that you actually posted about it since lost of bloggers/influencers tend to shy away from talking about things like that more than what they have to. So thank you for being honest with us. It’s a testiment to your character from reading through some of these comments. Keep doing you. And try to keep Richard’s sanity in check. Hahahaha seriously a ticking plant. I laughed til I cried.

    Also I thought I was subscribed a while ago but I’ll do it again just in case.

  293. Jackie Sampson says:

    Honestly you’re one of the few bloggers that I consistently read because you are so informative and knowledgeable about a lot of different things; whether it’s skincare, workout tips, recipes, makeup tutorials you name it! In regards to this post about ads, I love your honesty and transparency – thanks!

  294. Jackie Sampson says:

    Totally forgot to mention in my comment that I subscribed to your blog! Xo

  295. Tina says:

    I recently started following you and watching your YouTube videos and I fell in love right away! I love how simple your make up/hair tutorials are; they’re exactly what I need! I also love your Instagram posts and seeing you travel everywhere; I literally feel like I’m traveling with you lol You keep it 100 and you can just tell how authentic you are and I think that’s super awesome! You are so beautiful on the inside and out; your insta posts give me life and I just can’t wait to see what else you have in store!

  296. Madison says:

    I’m glad you decided to post something about sponsored post because most people that I see don’t explain it or talk about it. So thank you!

  297. Sarah says:

    “Ps this isn’t a sponsored post” – hahah!
    Love that you’re so open and honest about things! I feel like I have a similar style to you and I love your overall look so it’s good to know that if I buy something youve advertised it means you’ve tested it and liked it first and that us readers aren’t buying something that you’ve received and thrown in the trash! Too many bloggers are fake these days and advertise everything and anything! It’s good to know you’re genuine about soponsorship! Keep doing what you do xx

  298. Raquelle says:

    Thank you for always keeping it real on IG, Stories, blog posts and your YouTube videos. I am always looking forward to your posts/videos and you’re probably one of the only few bloggers i follow that i feel are super genuine and relatable, I also appreciate that you actually give back to your followers through giveaways. There’s other bloggers I’ve followed in the past that have lost my engagement because they aren’t as transparent and we as followers don’t really get to know them as people. So thank you for being you & never change!

  299. Raquelle says:

    PS I subscribed!

  300. Remmi says:

    Thanks for always being authentic and genuine and for having amazing taste in clothing, beauty, and just life! I always look to your posts for fashion inspo and makeup/skincare advice. Keep doing you because you is amazing!!

  301. Erin E Dykstra says:

    Love the breakdown, the transparency is so refreshing! Also – shopping that ruffle tee asap! xx

  302. Adriana says:

    Hi Sivan!

    I found your IG and blog while searching for wedding inspo ( your wedding was absolutely incredible, btw) and ended up loving your style, authenticity and overall genuine vibe!

    Love seeing women like you shining through the social media fog!

    Newly subscribed & loving it!

  303. Bella says:

    “If all of a sudden I did a sponsored post for lizard food you would know I’m full of shit” HAHA. Love your honesty and when you speak like this, it’s hilarious and it makes me feel like you’re one of my girlfriends. But seriously, thanks for the honesty and if bloggers go about sponsored posts the right way, like you do, I’m always just as interested in that content. Xoxo

  304. Phoebe Schramm says:

    Saw this on your IG story and had to click over. LOVE the transparency and honesty, keep doing you.

    Also…I hate lizards too, yikes!

  305. Erin says:

    PS – subscribed too! xx

  306. Jillian stolzenburg says:

    Sivan!!!! First off let me say you’re a huge role model to me. You always respond to my DMs when I have questions, you always are engaged with you’re fans, and you are always truthful with us. I feel like I know you, which is crazy because you have no idea who I am. But, even so- I feel like I am your friend, I think that is why people love you and follow you, because you make them feel involved and loved. Sivan you are like the sister I never had!!! Thanks so much for teaching me how to be cool, cook and do makeup! :)

  307. McKenzie Ferry says:

    I love your blog and this was a great post! I really appreciate you being transparent with everyone ❤️

  308. McKenzie Ferry says:

    I already commented on how I love your blog but am going to again because you are so inspiring and encourageing and I love your style, IG feed, and everything about your work!! I also subscribed ☺️

  309. Ariel says:

    It’s about time someone discussed this topic! Love how genuine and real you are! Thank you for always staying true to yourself!

  310. Erin says:

    One of the best things about your blog, your voice, is your transparency and willingness to address that damn elephant. Thanks for being real about this, and so many other topics. In honesty, I unfollow influencers whose only content is sponsored or who don’t own the fact that, yes, this is an unconventional job but it’s a JOB. Don’t treat your readers like they’re idiots who don’t know a sponsored post from one that’s not. Build trust so that they know the sponsored posts are also genuine. You do that beautifully. Thank you for sharing!

  311. Bri says:

    Thank you for your beautiful and inspiring ig account. I come to your page daily for inspiration. Hugs xx
    I subscribed!!

  312. Tanya Chaneva says:

    Hi Sivan,I’ve been following you for quite some time now and I think you are amazing! From what you do on a daily basis to your work, everything makes me smile.
    You and everything you are/do is very much appreciated! Xoxo Tanya

  313. Claire Hayden says:

    Thanks for the 411, Sivan! I’m subscribed also!

  314. Amanda Ramsey says:

    Love Love Love your blog!
    I also wake up every morning looking forward to your insta stories! (Is that weird? Haha)
    Also I subscribed! :)

  315. Britten Anderson says:

    Thank you for being so honest!

    Subscribed :)

  316. Chantelle P. says:

    Thanks for making content that leaves your subscribers wanting more! I love getting home, style & dog tips from you!!

  317. Malori says:

    Sivan like the sea,
    I love your posts and how you really are transparent and sincere across all of your media accounts. You are a beaut – inside and out.


  318. Dayanna says:

    I am obsessed with your SM platforms (in a non creepy stalker way)! But between your notes on products to making dinner I truly become inspired to check out a new product or even COOK!! I appreciate your athenticity as well as raw post (on Instagram) don’t change !! It’s great to know that outside of your awesome photo ops there is a real individual there!! Cheers to you!

  319. Dominique says:

    I love your style and the way you edit your pictures very nice and minimalist.

    • Dominique says:

      And also what can I say about your wedding like I was blown away with how it looked I’m so happy for you and Paul. I hope to see you start a family soon.

  320. Makenzie Mitchell says:

    Not only do you have the best fashion, but you also have the best personality! I love how you say what you feel and don’t care what anyone thinks. I have told every girl I know to follow you and have even posted you on the boutiques instagram that I run. By far my favorite blogger!!

  321. Shannon Carmont says:

    Sivan, ever since I discovered/subscribed to your blog, I’ve been obsessed! It is my bible. I feel like every time I read it, I’m consulting my bff on her opinions. Thank you for being such a genuine, creative and positive role model for me.

  322. Alexandra says:

    I’ve tried leaving this comment a few times so if they randomly all appear please forgive me haha! I came across your Instagram a few weeks ago and I’m absolutely obsessed with your posts! Plus it’s hilarious watching you go live with Paul!
    As someone who is juat getting into Instagram and working on creating my own content, this is a really helpful and appreciated article!
    Thank you for sharing and for being such a great fashion influence :)
    – Alexandra

  323. Casi Jackson says:

    I have just recently begun following your content, whether it may be on Instagram and/or Youtube and of course your blog, and I must say that you are my absolute favorite blogger I have come across! I recently started up my own website/blog and you have inspired me to hopefully one day pursue this as a career rather than just a hobby. Your aesthetic, the way you present yourself, along with your open and honest opinions towards products of all sorts create a deeper respect from me and I’m sure the rest of your followers as well. Thank you for being you and KEEP being you because YOU are an inspiration to many!
    With Love,

  324. Alexandra says:

    Ps I subscribed!

  325. Fabby says:

    Love how you’re keeping it real.
    I’ve made quiete a few purchases that you have shared with us readers and have loved them myself! Therefore I take your feedback and constantly look forward to new reviews or comments you have on products.
    Thanks for being you!

    (Uhm How had I not been subscribed yet?!) CHECK☑️

  326. Michelle Merino says:

    I Subscribed! Great post btw :) Much love

  327. Katie says:

    Love this! Your authenticity definitely doesn’t go unnoticed, and aside from your style which I love and find so much inspiration from, it’s the reason I followed you and still do! Keep inspiring and doin what you do, it’s much appreciated! (even if my back account disagrees…) Xx

  328. Katie says:

    Love love love this! It’s always so lovely to see individuals in your position being honest and respectful of there followers xxx

  329. Danielle Tubul says:

    Love reading all your posts! Me and my friend even have a joke that we have to be in a quite room when we watch your stories on IG because we don’t wanna miss anything important! Haha! Thanks for all your insight and always recommending amazing products! Side note: you mentioned that you use Cetaphil lotion in one of your stories last week and Costco has a sale on 3 huge bottles for $14.99!
    Can’t wait to read your next blog!

  330. Lauren says:

    Love this! Thanks for being YOU and so transparent!

  331. Alanna says:

    Love this!!! Such a great post! I have adored your blog recently but I have been watching on YouTube for a long time and have been super inspired! Your vlogs are the best ❤️

  332. Danielle Tubul says:

    Love reading all your posts! Me and my friend even have a joke that we have to be in a quite room when we watch your stories on IG because we don’t wanna miss anything important! Haha! Thanks for all your insight and always recommending amazing products! Side note: you mentioned that you use Cetaphil lotion in one of your stories last week and Costco has a sale on 3 huge bottles for $14.99! Not a #ad
    Can’t wait to read your next blog!

  333. I’ve obsessed over your blog and videos over the last couple weeks. So glad I bumped into your IG!
    I have questions regarding the latest filters you used, as I am always trying to get a real vibe for the pictures that don’t make them look too edited, but have not being too succesfull with it.

    PS. I am subscribed as well !

  334. Morgan says:

    Always a pleasure to read your blog. You’re such an inspiration to me!

    P.s. I’m subscribed! :)

  335. Deborah B says:

    It’s nice to actually finally get the details! Love your blog love your insta! You are subscribed.

  336. Janine says:

    Love your Instagram feed. I also enjoy hearing about the products you are trying and the ones that you really like.

  337. Katie says:

    Sivan!! Thank you for being a breath of fresh air- You always keep it real! I’m inspired by your style, your puppies are the cutest + Richard is ok too, I guess.


  338. Janine says:

    I subscribed!! :)

  339. Madison says:

    Hi Sivan!
    I only discovered your account/blog around the beginning of the year, but dang am I glad I did! I look forward to every new post of yours and you really are such an inspiration to me.
    I am only 20 but have been struggling to find my passion and life purpose, as I am sure a lot of 20 year olds are… but seeing what you do every day through all your platforms has really peaked my interest in many things including possibly starting my own blog.
    I wish you (and Paul) all the best and thank you for everything you do and continuing to inspire people everywhere!!


  340. Emily says:

    So glad you brought this up – I always wondered about this process! Its clear to me the brands you promote (or that post photos of you in their apparel – Flynn Skye, Strut this, 12th Tribe, elle a, bali body, etc. etc.) you really love and use in your everyday life! You’re my favorite blogger because of your relatability. You show your readers the products you love, why you love them and that has consistently allowed me to try new things, explore new clothing stores, and find my now favorite self tanner (bali body)!! Thank you for all the time you put into your blog, youtube and ig – love love love following along and getting my friends to enjoy your posts too! Keep up the awesome content :)

  341. Tara says:

    I ❤️ that you are honest with yourself. That’s shows in your posts and stories. Cheers to some Rose’!! Just subscribed!

  342. Rashell Davis says:

    You are such a beautiful soul and fucking thank you for being real

  343. Dana says:

    Thank you for being so transparent on this subject. I think it is one of the reasons I enjoy reading your blog and love your Instagram. In a world where it is hard to tell what it real or not; it is refreshing to see someone as authentic as you on Social Media. Thank you for being inspirational, for your tips and tricks and for making us laugh. Mostly, though, thank you for being real! It truely is refreshing!

  344. Gen says:

    Sivan I love your posts! I love how open you are about all things “blog,” it really helps to know how everything works for those who are trying to start a blog, like myself! Can’t wait for more to come!

    p.s. already subscribed <3

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    Been following and subscribed! Love your style and helpful tips !!

  346. Eleni says:

    Been obssesed with your blogs and tips the last couple weeks!!! (already subscribed) Also you have the best outfits ive ever seen!

  347. Lexie Pappas says:

    I’m so glad you touched on this topic. I’ve always played around with the idea of starting a blog, and have been a bit blurry on how this worked. I wasn’t ever sure if you were sent something by let’s say a major brand that you were required to share it on feed. My question from here is, when do you decide to go out and buy maybe let’s say a tanning product that you’re interested in rather than waiting on someone to send it? Does this conflict with what you decide to shop for?

  348. Dana says:

    Oh…I subscribed!!!

  349. Morgan says:

    You. Are. The. CUTEST! Also, #marriagegoals

  350. Giorgina says:

    I recently just started to follow your blogs because my friend Kendall referred me over to you! I’m so happy she did! After checking out a TON of bloggers, I was having trouble finding one that just honestly seemed real…(or didn’t have some crazy diet/fad or obsession). Once I checked out your blog you DID’NT have some crazy elimination diet post or some radical ideas on how to live life (TY) & you love rosé + tequila like a normal human! Love everything about your blog and your realness!

  351. Sarah says:

    Amen sister! Thanks for being transparent. You’re legit the only blogger I follow because you’re so real and raw. I’ve had a handful of friends follow you as well because of how you are!!

    Ps I’ve subscribed months ago – :)

  352. Regan Stauffer says:

    Thanks so much for sharing blog tips I love reading them! Your blog has inspired me to start my own!!

  353. Charlotte says:

    I follow people that I feel are genuine and don’t try to sell things they don’t believe in, and you are definitely that! Thank you for being 100% authentic. Love your content !!

  354. Jenna Smith says:

    I love your outfit from head to toe, so cute! Love all your helpful tips!

  355. Remy says:

    Sivan, love this post! I am new to the affiliate world and just starting to learn about how it works. Love everything you recommend!

    Ps. I’m subscribed ;)

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    Love this post! Super helpful! I am starting a blog of my own and you have most deffitnley inspired me to do so! Xoxo

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    Love this post! Super helpful! I am starting a blog of my own and you have most deffitnley inspired me to do so! Xoxo

    Also, I’m already subscribed :)

  360. Jamie Weber says:

    Sivan!! I loved reading this! I love following along your insta and blog because you’re so authentic and pot about things I’m genuinely interested in and find products I love (and not to mention recipes)! You inspired me to start a blog myself and although I’m nowhere near where I want to be I loved getting the inside scoop from this post! Thanks so much for keeping us all in the loop!

  361. Sivan!

    Always inspired by your vibe! Thanks for being so real!


    Loyal follower

    Harmony Christiane

  362. I love how transparent you are!! Thank you for explaining everything!

  363. Girl! You’re so real and I 100% appreciate you’re openness with us! I know (and I’m sure anyone who’s been following you) that you give raw, real info on all things you try and use. It truly makes your blog informative, unlike so many no a days that are just promo-ing things left and right that they never even heard of before doing a spon post. I’ve been following you for at least two years now and there’s a reason why your growing so fast, it’s call authenticity. Keep doing you girl !!!

  364. Jasmine Naomi says:

    Sivan, the fact that I feel like I’m talking to my bff when I read your posts or watch your vids is one of the reasons why I enjoy all the content you share with us! I think this is perfect timing to address sponsored posts because I’ve seen an increase of this type activity across social media. Personally I find the sponsored ads as recommendations from a bff when the choices of whom they work with mesh well with an influencers style/ vibe. So thank you for keeping it real with us as always! I think so long as you are authentic about your opinions then … get it girl! I can’t wait to see more stuff and add to my endless “need to try/buy list”

  365. Diana says:

    Great post and I feel like it’s great to discuss this. Something I will mention is that I have no problem with sponsored posts at all (I mean, I watch/read hours of blogging content weekly and don’t pay anything for it…. so you guys have to make money) but some creators post a lot of sponsored content….. to the point where I wonder if they do non sponsored content anymore…

  366. Brenda K says:

    Appreciate the transparency as always. Probably one of the most real bloggers I follow.

    Although it would be funny if you randomly were “sponsored” by lizard food haha Maybe that’ll be a joke for Paul

    Subscribed :)

  367. Joline klassen says:

    You are w a hell of a woman and so enjoyable to follow! Keep doing you boss babe! Ps. You & Richard are #goals xo

  368. Mary White says:

    You’re so real Sivan, that’s why you’re my favorite blogger!! You’re so genuine with everything and everyone can see that. I always look forward to reading your blog posts and seeing your ig posts! You seriously make my day! Thanks for being you❤️

  369. I never understood why people get mad at their favorite bloggers for doing Ads. Like I want the people I like to continue blogging and sharing so if that’s how they make their money then everyone should understand that. Nothing in life is free.

  370. Holley Toppa says:

    I feel like not many bloggers like to go into detail about all the nitty gritty stuff of blogging (idk just what I’ve found). & This is your job so its soooo refreshing to get the inside scoop and def makes everything you do more personable. Your blog is everything!!! No regrets of subscribing ever :))

  371. Christina says:

    Hi Sivan!

    I’ve been following you for about 3 months & no bullshit, you have changed my life. You continue to stay true to your style & your addition to chai, donuts, and rosé. I’ve been thinking of starting mine own blog for a long time, but you have inspired me to actually get started. This post is really helpful because I would hope to one day be posting sponsored ads and getting paid for it! It’s a win win right?! Thank you for taking the time to help out and to really get to know your audience!

    xoxo, Christina

  372. Ashley says:

    This post is actually really insightful and sheds light on your thought process of being selective and giving your readers authentic content! Your readers totally value that. I think some bloggers make be freaking out about this insta update #flattummytea anyone?!

    I did read this before I saw to comment for the giveaway so – went back and subscribed!

  373. Thank you for sharing, for your honesty!
    I have been blogging for a while but I do work a 9-5 and it’s tough to have consistent content. So I totally understand where you’re coming from. I follow a bunch of bloggers and honestly you are one of my favorites because of how real, down to earth you are. You are someone I can relate too and I’m sure others feel the same! xx

  374. Isabella says:

    Thanks for sharing not only great products with us through sponsorships, but having fun and making a genuine connection with all of us. At the end of the day your posts are what I most look forward to reading, and your transparency allows us to trust you and know these are products we can count on! Keep it up.


  375. Hana says:

    Thank you so much for this blog post. I am guilty of never “likings” sponsored posts, but I never thought about it from the perspective of the blogger. You better believe going forward I won’t be stingy with hiring that button for any post that I like, regardless of sponsored or not. Thanks for all your content Sivan!

  376. Hana says:

    Oh, and I’m subscribed!!

  377. i’ve always been so curious about how ads work in the blogger life, so thank you for explaining! i love how real you are and glad you share your sassy-ness with us! thank you for all your inspo with beauty to being in the kitchen! you’re the best!

  378. Jaime Page says:


  379. Natalie says:

    Subscribed! Love this post along with all your other posts! You’re so real and different than most people and that’s why I always keep up with you and tell other people about you every chance I get! I read every single post you put out and enjoy reading all of them. I can tell you put serious effort into your work and care about others and want to give them the most useful information possible- such a good trait. I look forward to trying all the products you talk about that I have been dying to try!! Thank you for being you and being such a positive light and influencing people to be themselves and do what makes them happy.

  380. Georgii says:

    Sivan! I’ve been following your Instagram for a while now and absolutely love being updated on what you’re up to! You are so interesting and love your honesty with everything you talk about!
    All the best to you and Paul xoxo

  381. Jillian says:

    The reason I love following you is because of how transparent and authentic you are! I follow many bloggers on IG but you’re the only blogger I’m subscribed to because your content is such a breath of fresh air. I love how you keep it real and aren’t afraid to show all the different sides that make up who you are. It’s nice to see some silly and sass every now and then! It also doesn’t hurt that I’m obsessed with your style and am in love with Miraval too :) Thank you for being you!


  382. What an eloquently written article to help us learn a little more about the “behind the scenes” of your blog! Thank you for being so transparent and really taking pride in the brands/products you endorse! As a follower, you have turned me to so many beauty brands that give flavor to my everyday routines.


  383. Becky says:

    I just subscribed! Interesting seeing you post “ads” versus some other bloggers – I totally agree some seem so scripted and disingenuous. I’ve only followed you recently but love your posts and I think it was actually a sponsee we post that prompted me to follow you!

  384. Kaie Vaiksaar says:

    I love your Instagram stories, glad to be a proud subscriber from now on :)

  385. Tabetha Foose says:

    Thank you for this post! Although, I feel you have always been so open and explained when you liked something or didn’t, this post really reminds us of who you are and your brand. Your followers continue to thank you for keeping it real!

  386. Leah says:

    Grateful you use your platform to help, && that you’re always keepin’ it real. ❤️ (subscribed)

  387. Veronica G says:

    I love that you only link up and do sponsored posts with brands/products you actually use and believe in! Refreshing seeing someone so genuine and real!

  388. Nina says:

    I love your posts and you and you husband crack me up! Keep the real ness, it’s so hard to find in this world so full of fakes !

  389. Angie G. says:

    Wow thank you for sharing! I am obsessed with all of your posts and videos and this post right here confirms why I love your content so much! You know how to keep it real and I appreciate that you are letting us (your fans) know.

    You have responded to a few of my comments I’ve made on your IG stories and I just want to say thank you for taking some time out of your busy schedule to answer me – it means a lot! :) Keep up all the awesome things you are doing!

    P.S. I am subscribed by the way :)

  390. Nickita Klingerman says:

    Hi! I just wanted to let you know how much your style, design, suggestions and life adventures inspire me. Thank you so much!!! I look forward to your posts daily ❤️

  391. Shaika Aceves says:

    Hi Sivan! Thank you for being so transparent and brining a little light into our busy lives. As a nurse sometimes I only have a very small window to catch up on social media and you are always at the top of my list! You inspire me, make LOL and just put me in a good mood. Keep doing you! Much love
    Nurse Shaika <3

  392. Reanna says:

    Love all your videos. Love all your blogs. Love your style. Love your recipes. Love your wellness tips. Love your lipstick choices (stila!!!!) AND love your attitude! You tell it how it is, thanks for being so real with us!

  393. Jenna Smith says:

    Number one blogger right here’ You are going to go so far, keep going, keep pushing, you got this.

    Much love,

  394. Sally says:

    Forever obsessing over your style Sivan! Thanks for being so real girl XO already subscribed so keep sharing the posts!! Your travel photos give me life.

  395. Cynthia says:

    This is why you have the followers that you do! You are so true to yourself and transparent! ❤️

  396. Cait says:

    Thanks for sharing! You’re the realest ✨ always so candid and a breath of fresh air!

  397. Thank you for writing this!! As a newbie blogger I’ve found a ton of random companies reaching out to me to try their products and at first you are excited cause who doesn’t like free stuff but then I felt it looked wrong on my Insta/blog to be promoting something I wouldn’t normally buy myself. I love how your blog posts are written like you are talking to a girlfriend and definitely look up to you/aspire to be like you one day! Keep doing you!

  398. Thank you for writing this!! As a newbie blogger I’ve found a ton of random companies reaching out to me to try their products and at first you are excited cause who doesn’t like free stuff but then I felt it looked wrong on my Insta/blog to be promoting something I wouldn’t normally buy myself. I love how your blog posts are written like you are talking to a girlfriend and definitely look up to you/aspire to be like you one day! Keep doing you! P.s. Definitely subscribed!

  399. Alexis Sanchez says:

    Sivan!! I admire you in so many ways first being your style is incredible and you’ve shown me so many new clothing lines and skincare/makeup products I never knew before! I enjoy watching your instagram stories and your live stream as well. All my friends follow you and it makes me happy knowing they love you just as much. Btw thank you for showing me too faced “cool girl” matte lipstick!! I wear it all the time and so does my mom! Keep doing what you love xx

  400. Snezhana says:

    Sivan, I loved this post. You being genuine and absolutely honest about it, is so on point. You inspire me in so many ways, especially the way you are open with your followers. Thank you!

  401. Wendy says:

    Sivan, I just wanted to say that I love your simplicity. I enjoy watching you Instagram stories. Keep them coming.


  402. Thank you so much for this informative post! I’m a new blogger & this helps me out a lot!

  403. Callie says:

    Hi Gorgeous. I love the cooking recipes and demos you’ve been posting on your Instagram stories. Subscribing to your blog to read more!

  404. Diana says:

    Sivan! First of all, I follow many bloggers on IG & quickly unfollow them because it just doesn’t seem genuine, (no shade). However, I LOVE seeing your posts & IG stories because it does seem real. Just like you mentioned in your post- you’re an everyday girl like most of us, which reminds us you’re a real person. So thank you for being you & sharing your lifestyle with us! You inspire many of us everyday. xoxo!

    P.S. Officially subscribed to your blog! :)

  405. Snezhana says:

    P.S. I’m subscribed ❤️

  406. Snezhana says:

    P.S. I’m subscribed ❤️️

  407. Bianca Stoica says:

    Yessss Sivan loved this post!! Excited for the giveaway!!! You’re the best!

  408. Alli says:

    In the eyes of a 22 year old nursing student, you are everything! I’m so thankful that just by keeping up with your posts and blogs I’m still “in the loop” with all the new health/beauty/fashion trends. Your recommendations and reviews are always on point. You literally make my life easy, so thank you!
    Xoxo, alli.

  409. Tina Ojeda says:

    Just subscribed! I love your style and makeup tutorials, I keep telling all my friends to follow you!!!

  410. Mary Blanchard says:


    I love your blog because you are always so real with your readers. I love your “quality over quantity” stance on sponsored posts! Your posts have introduced me to so many new products I love trying. I am now subscribed to your blog!


  411. Jen Santana says:

    I love how genuine you always are. You remind me of my girl friends! That’s why I follow your posts. I honestly trust anything you suggest, whether it’s sponsored or not. You’re gorgeous and anything you use has to be great!

  412. Valerie says:

    Thank you for explaining this!!! I have been so curious how the sponsored posts work, and it’s absolutely accurate to say that readers can tell the difference between a legit sponsored post and just an ad that bloggers or celebs post. I appreciate this type of transparency, and I love your blog! Valley girls gotta stick together! :)

  413. Haley Gregor says:

    Sivan, I’m not going to name drop or in this case date drop how long I’ve been following, let me just say thanks for being real as shit about everything you do/say. Bloggers tend to be more and more fake these days so I appreciate the honest opinions and realness.

  414. Zoe Fedderly says:

    First of all, LOVE following your Instagram account and I’m so excited to start reading all of your blog posts!
    I love that you wrote a little about how subscribed Instagram’s work! I have always loved following various fashion bloggers, especially yours, and have always been curious about how the process works and how they’re able to receive all this amazing product! But I definitely love being able to see all of your posts and discovering all the amazing brands that you’re able to show off!
    Side note, really appreciate your humor. Always laughing watching your Instagram stories!
    (also, just subscribed to your blog– extremely excited to keep reading!)

  415. Maggie says:

    Hi Sivan!

  416. Jennifer says:

    I’ve really enjoyed following you on IG. Seeing you in your everyday life with your husband and dogs is funny and adorable! I started following you a year ago when I was planning my trip
    to Italy and specifically the Amafi coast ❤️

  417. Alexa says:

    I am going to be completely honest, this is my first subscription to any sort of blog EVER (I know right!). The reason for this is because I am quite selective; I truly think things through before making any decision. I have been following you on IG for a couple of months now and from the start I can tell you are FOR REAL. When it comes to bloggers, I understand it is your job to sponsor products as bills need to get paid, just like any other job. But you are true to your principles. You portray the everyday girl perfectly and have the same interests as I do when it comes to effortless makeup and style, quality skincare regimen, and yummy yet simplistic eats. This is why I look forward to what you have to say as I value your honest opinion and therefore I truly feel like I can trust you.

    Thank you Sivan for your genuine love to your followers!
    -Cheers from your new subscriber and continued follower :)

  418. Amanda Jacques says:

    Sivan, you’re literally my favorite blogger ever! My sister introduced me to you and I instantly loved you because of how real you are with everything. Anytime you introduce new products I have to get my hands on them…. or at least love them from a far lol. So I’m glad you’re able to work with all these brands and are able to share all your tips & tricks. You literally inspire me and make me want to start blogging! Thank you for being so genuine and making your posts/insta stories/lives so entertaining :)

  419. Carmen Garcia says:

    Beautiful! Your hair looks soooo shiny #goals

  420. YaelHassid says:

    Hi Sivan I just wanted to say that I’m so obsessed with your posts and I you’re so special .keep on doing what you do love you a lot ❤️

  421. Kasey Leahy says:

    Hey Sivan!!

    As a big fan of yours, I like to think of myself as a walking living advertisement for you hahah because i’m proud to say, you’re my favorite blogger when the question comes up at sunday brunch with the girls!! I actually sent you an Instagram direst message TODAY, telling you how much I appreciate how straight up and genuine you are about your posts so I feel pretty connected to this which is really cool as a fan!!! ( Believe me when I say, I was starstruck and almost died when I got out of crappy class to find a message of thank you back from you:) )

    However, maybe it’s my trust issues but I sometimes question bloggers if they are just trying to sell me products or if they actually believe in that product. As a working college student, I have to be very wise where I spend my extra cash (which is sooo hard when Sephora/ Home Goods is so close to me) so when it comes time to get beauty products- I always look to products you’ve supported because I never have questioned you because I found that every product you’ve shared always has quality. I think this is because I feel like I can really relate to you and I believe we have similar straight up personalities – which can sometimes get us into problem haha but I’m sure a lot of your fans and audience feel they can relate because you’re just so cool! I’ve been following you for over a year now and with your quick wit and sass, I found it refreshing to see a blogger that is authentic and real and not reading off a script!

    But in all seriousness, I just want to thank you for taking the time to write a whole blog about it and explain. As your fan, I believe you when you say you don’t sponsor anything that you don’t genuinely believe in. Most importantly, thank you for sharing your life, cute videos of Lyla and Olive <3 and of course, your banter with Paul/ Richard…

    But, i'm already subscribed to every social media platform of yours haha I know you're a busy bee but I really hope you get a chance to read this!! Again, keep up the great job and keep inspiring !!!! & have a great labor day weekend lady!

    Much love from Chicago! XO, Kasey Leahy :)

  422. Grace says:


    Your blog and social media are both so honest and raw in the best way! I enjoyed reading the post (as always), but thanks for always keeping it real and dishing out amazing content!

    Much love,
    Grace xo

  423. Meredith Brunet-Lecomte says:

    Subscribed!! Alway so excited to see what you post and when you have your lives or basically anything you do! You are by far my favorite blogger. Love seeing your progress through the years!! Thank you for being an inspiration. Love everything you do and how honest, grounded and genuine you are!!
    Thanks Sivan ♡♡♡

  424. Christie says:

    Subscribed !! Just moved to LA from NYC and you’re 100% my favorite LA blogger… such a rockstar, so beautiful, so real, and so funny! So looking forward to seeing more xo

  425. Kerry says:

    I just subscribed! I’ve been following your blog for a while and I always look forward to reading your blogs and liking your instagrams. I love how genuine and honest you are and it’s one of the many reasons why you’re my favorite blogger. I absolutely love following your recipes on insta stories too! Somehow I just subscribed today but I’m so happy that I did. You are amazing!

  426. Karely says:

    I saw you the first time on IG and I immediately loved your style, then I became obsessed with your instastories, they are like reality tv for me… lol! So if I can win a little piece of whatever makes you look so effortlessly good, I am down!
    Ps. More cooking lives please!

  427. Lizz says:

    Hi Love,
    I’ve been following you for a few months now and really enjoy your input on fashion and make up. I’m actually trying the BB self tanner tomorrow to try and be a bronzed babe on the beach for my bday from your reccomendation! (wow quite the alliteration there whoops) So thank you for all your input and reccommendations it’s really obvious that what you recommend is truely something you’ve tried and loved and don’t just plug for cash!
    Thanks so much for your blog!

  428. Genevieve Bourret says:

    Hello Sivan! I’ve been following you for a couple of months now, and I can say you are the most genuine/entertaining blogger I follow! Love your instagram stories as well :) keep up the good work!

  429. Danielle Luchetta says:

    You’re the best! Thank you for always providing such great content. I truly enjoy reading your posts and always look forward it. Can’t wait for you to go to Italy and blog about your trip! Xoxo

  430. Amaris Borel says:

    I just love everything about your blog! As an aspiring blogger, I’ve searched around & have been disappointed by many blogs. I felt disconnected from their lives and the content seemed extravagantly over the top.. What I love about you, is that you stay true to who you are and write about what is relevant to your life in such a transparent way that makes us girls seem like we’re all having a chat! So glad I came across your blog!✨

  431. Andrea Escobar says:

    Sivan, I am not blogger but desire to be one in the future. Thank you for being my true inspiration and motivation everyday. I admire all your qualities but you of many bloggers out there are the most genuine and Im sure you know that! Im from the San Fernando Valley and the thought of you being an extremely successful valley girl that is passionate of what she does makes me get back up every time I want to give up at school, work and working hard in general. I always hope to find you somewhere in the valley to feel your genuine amazing energy! I just subscribed to your blog: ) thank you for being a positive reminder in my life and others! And thank you for all your giveaways and for the all the hard work you have and are doing for them: )

  432. Brit says:

    It’s so crazy you are still the same girl I remember from middle school just grown up. I believe that what you are doing is pretty amazing and you are so blessed! I love reading and following your posts!

    Much love,

  433. Sivan!
    I feel like you’re one of my close girlfriends bc we share so many of the same interests. I love following you on social media and love that I can count on your recommendations on anything from food to skincare and beyond. You have such good taste and I know 100% what you post, sponsored or not is always amazing.

    P.S subscriber to your YouTube channel and blog :)

  434. Cecelia McElearney says:

    Thank you for being so honest! Glad to be apart of your community. #subscribed

  435. CHEYENNE COYLE says:

    Thanks for standing up for the Valley & us Valley Girls!! Appreciating all your tips and you sharing it with us!

    Xoxo Cheyenne

  436. Devon says:

    Thank you for sharing, I love seeing all of the new products you have!

  437. Michele steele says:

    Queen Sivan …before following you I honestly felt lost…your authentcity is on point & you’re goals…I love your product views & how you always keep it real…without you I would still be lost with my skincare but you’ve opened my eyes to soo many new products & have expanded my knowledge ..with you my beauty routine is a 1000 percent better don’t ever change my girl! Lots of love ❤️

  438. Devon says:

    Thank you for sharing, I always look forward to seeing your new products!


  439. Vivian says:

    Hi Sivan! Love everything that you post babe. You keep it real, no bullsh*t. Things you share with me (and your fans) seem so genuine, like I’m your friend living along your fab life. LOL I recently started watching your workout YouTube vids, so inspiring and useful — Keep up the great work. Love ya!
    And duh I subscribed :D

  440. This was such an awesome post. You are always thinking of something new and creative to post about. Keeping an eye out for the next one!!

  441. Celeste says:

    Sharing this with your following just solidifies how authentic you truly are! I’m a huge fan of reading blogs and I have to say that your sincerity and openness to your following makes bloggers who aren’t that way stick out like a sore thumb. You are a no bullsh*t girl & for that I’ll always be a follower of your work!

  442. Mireia Mas says:

    It’s like when we go to your bog and read your post to be able to take part on your giveaway but we would also check it if there was no giveaway (I think it’s a good comparison, am I crazy?) btw congrats for your colab with too faced! I also love the brand since many years ago and I was sooooo happy to see you working with them! Hope you have an extra nice day and good luck to all the followers!!!

  443. Skadi says:

    Already subscribed to your social media accounts, and now also your blog. Love your work, so keep going! x

  444. Sophie Newman says:

    LOVE!!!! <3 My favourite blogger always! Best content and most importantly the realest content. True to herself and true to us!! That good, I gotta subscribe all 4 of my emails! Keep being the best…. XXXX

    The only blogger I check daily to see if there's new posts/insta stories the lotxx

  445. Christen Fegeley says:

    Hi Sivan! I know everyone has said this over and over but it’s so true – unlike most bloggers, your transparency and realness is a breath of fresh air in this world. My sister asked me the other day who are my fashion icons right now/people I look to for outfit ideas and I mentioned your right away. On top of that I always get a laugh out of your picture captions :) Thanks for sharing your life with us every day!

  446. Jess says:

    Love your blog and everything you share with the world! I am already subscribed! You’re the best:)

  447. Sarit says:

    Hi sivan,

    Thanks for being honest on this part of your job. As a follower of many bloggers, you may not trust or scroll down the post when you read the word #ad as we didnt know how that function. Me personally thought it was whatever product they accepted to work with. Now that you told me that you try the products before partnering with the brands says a lot.
    Again thanks so much for claryfing that. I love your blog and have followed you from long time.
    All the best xx

  448. Jess says:

    Thank you for all that you do!! I love being able to see everything you share and how you are so transparent with us!

    I am subscribed already:)

  449. mora says:

    thank you for shering!

  450. Emily says:

    I LOVE watching your stories and hearing your opinion on products that you’re using or products you’re sent. It’s apparent that you’re genuine in your reviews and as a viewer that’s so appreciated.

  451. Stefanie says:

    I couldn’t agree more Sivan! You are so real and genuine with all of us and I appreciate that so much about you! I can relate to you on so many levels from your IG posts, to your blog, to your insta stories and lives! This is one of the many reasons why I love love love you and your blog! Keep doing you!

  452. Anna says:

    Hiii, you became my favourite blogger right away when I saw u on instagram. I love your honesty among your favourite products and I really appreciate how you stay true to them all the way. The helpful tips you share are amazing, would love to try some of your “goodies” back here in Norway :)

  453. Anna says:

    Forgot to punch the subscribe button, hihi :)

  454. Amaris Borel says:

    Accidentally came across your blog & subscribed & I’ve been hooked ever since! In love with your blog & how you write things that are real & revelant for you!
    Amaris x

  455. Krishna says:

    I’ve been following you for a while now and am obsessed with your blog posts. Particularly about interiors and design elements! Thanks for always being so down to earth and open! Subscribing to my first blog ever! Keep it up baby doll..with a glass of Rose in hand ofcourse! XOXO

  456. Maria says:

    Hi Sivan, thank you for your honesty! I think you are the only person to actually address this on social media and I think most people just hope that the word #ad goes unnoticed in their posts. In saying that, I 100% believe that you completely believe in the products that you endorse and you are not just advertising them for the money. It’s refreshing to finally trust the products that are being advertised and that’s down to the trust that I and your followers have in you! Look forward to more posts…..oh and I have subscribed! ❤️ Not sure if this is an international giveaway but I still wanted to comment.

  457. Haleigh says:

    This is why I legit wanna try every product you talk about- I trust you’re review and I know it’s an honest representation of your opinion!

  458. Kristin Pappas says:

    Hi Sivan! I started following you on Instagram/subscribed to your blog months ago because you are so REAL! You’re my favorite blogger and I literally go to your page (IG and blog site) for everything! Makeup, hair, outfit ideas, face/hair products, etc. I love the content you post and trust your opinion 100%. You’re the best! Xo.

  459. Skylar Arias says:


    So to be totally honest you were the first and one of the few bloggers that I follow and actually keep up with religiously. All your posts about the little things in your life has made me and in sure everyone else feel like we know you. Because of that, I feel like when you recommend a new product I know it’s something good and the your intentions are coming from the right place!
    On a side note you’ve inspired me to try to start my own blog! I’m still working on what I want it to contain but I’ve actually gone back and read all your posts from years ago. You are truly and example of how if you work hard enough for something success will follow.
    Keep doing what you’re doing! Would love to win this giveaway!
    P.s I’ve been subscribed to your channel for awhile now!

    Skylar Arias

  460. Erin Miller says:

    Thanks for being real and not just about the sponsorships. I have found some great products through you and have ended up loving them! Keep being you! :)

  461. Amber Ludeking says:

    Hey Sivan! I just appreciate the fact that you took the time to explain the process about how the sponsored posts worked. I also love your style and it makes me want to buy everything you own! Haha

  462. Lauren Mills says:

    Hi Sivan,

    I commented yesterday, but I think it was erased!

    I love following you on social media! Your opinions on beauty products, style, food, travel, etc. are what I look forward to reading everyday! I love that you are yourself, and that you are positive and real. I look forward to reading more of your posts, and finding out which wine glasses I should try next! I would love to be entered into your giveaway! (I’m subscribed!)

    Thank you! :)

  463. María F. Lockwood says:

    Hi Sivan,

    Thank you sooo much for interacting with us followers. I love to see you cooking, doing your make up and hair, chillin’ with Paul, playing with your fur babies, your trips! It is always so fun. Thanks for being you, for being genuine and keeping it real always. Love your blog.

    P.S. I’m already subscribed.

  464. Roxana says:

    Great to see this and understand a bit more about how this works. I’m glad you aren’t like a lot of other IG personalities who post sponsored ads for whatever they can get their hands on, seems a bit unusual to be to be honest.

  465. kaiti says:

    Love how real you are, you are one out of 2 bloggers I really look forward to seeing posts, instastories, etc. xo

  466. Zahira says:

    Girl you are brilliant! I follow a handful of bloggers but usually aren’t interested in their IG stories (I find them a bit annoying at times) but absolutely love you. Wish you all the best xo

  467. Amanda says:

    Thank you for keeping it real! Your recommendations are awsome. Already suscribed!

  468. Joanne Mayah says:

    SIVAN! Love that you did a post about this! I’m actually unfollowing a lot of people on IG, as I feel #ad #sponsored is becoming quite obnoxious and that’s not why I follow someone. I love that you actually use the stuff you sponsor and keep it real and engaging!

    P.S. subscribed!

  469. I looooove love your blog! I just love how genuine you are. <3

  470. Rosna says:

    I love your body. I was skinny before but now I have gained belly fat. It’s hard now I know. But your figure is perfect.
    P.s I subscribed to your blog too. ❤️❤️❤️

  471. Carmen says:

    Thank you for always being honest and genuine. I always feel like I can trust the products that you recommend. I also love your IG makeup and cooking lives! Subscribed to your blog as well now!

  472. Caitlin says:

    Recently discovered your IG page this year & look forward to your stories/videos/posts. You’re an inspiration! Love your realness & of course your style.
    -Cait, xo

  473. Danielle says:

    Thank you for always being real! Love it when you cook on your stories, your food always looks amazing! And I love learning about new brands/products, so keep those sponsored posts coming! xoxo

  474. Jaimee Jo says:

    You are my favorite!! Subscribed ✨

  475. Jessica linton says:


    Your blog is a breath of fresh air- I love that you keep your content fresh and interesting and that you are transparent with your followers (even though I know you don’t like to call us that:0).
    Keep doing what your doing, I love it!

    Jessica Linton

  476. Carolyn says:

    I discovered your blog and instagram last year when you posted blogs about Italy. I was totally obsessed with your style and traveling that 4 months later I booked a trip to Italy and made sure I visited Positano and Capri. Thank you for sharing your life with us and giving us the best advice on traveling, beauty, style and health. PS I love your cooking lives on instagram!

  477. Marisa says:

    Sivan thanks for being so honest, real and transparent! Im following all your posts and you are such a inspiration for a lot of women. You are a strong self made woman who believe in herself and that is very important. I have encouraged many friends here in Spain to follow you because you are a real example of a good blogger and business woman! Keep doing it so well. Greetings from Spain!

  478. Damara says:

    Sivan! Thank you for your blog posts! (Also for being so hip) I started a faith based blog a few moths back, it’s not totally developed yet because I’m super busy, but you’ve definitely been an inspiration for encouragement to start from scratch. I love your fashion, cooking and transparency I feel like you’re a virtual friend of mine. Anyway I’ve subscribed to your channel! (Super stoked you use WordPress too! Lol)

  479. Brenna says:

    Hi Sivan! I recently found your blog and I’m absolutely obsessed with it. I love how open you are about your everyday life and blog about a realistic lifestyle. You are such a great role model and very inspirational. Thank you for sharing your life and I definitely subscribed!

  480. Ashley Likes says:

    I love love love all your posts, blogs, videos, etc. From fashion to beauty and workouts & travel, yours is the only blog I’m subscribed to! I love it!

  481. Katy says:

    So appreciate all of your transparency, Sivan. Came across your Instagram a couple years ago and have been hooked ever since. Your content is perfection. Keep doing what you’re doing!


  482. Lindsay says:

    Loved the blog post! I’m so interested to see how the new sponsored posts will look. How did you start out working with brands? Did you ever reach out to companies?

  483. Erika B says:

    I love your posts! They never seem sponsor-oriented, but instead a glimpse of what you truly enjoy. You can definitely tell that you take your time to select great brands to promote. I too am all about getting that glowy vibe from oils and sprays like you showcase, and am now an avid user of the Herbivore Rose Spray. Thanks for the inspiration!

  484. Lindsay E says:

    Hello! I am subscribed! I posted yesterday but it didn’t go through. You are my first blogger I have ever subscribed too!! New to this haha . I follow you on IG and love all the tips and fashion. I am a mom of two and forget to take care of myself and you I inspire me! Thanks for your transparency!!

  485. Valentina says:

    Sivan! Not sure why I wasn’t subscribed until now but glad that I finally am!! Your authenticity and open personality is why I keep up with your posts on Instagram so this blog posts makes me happy!! You inspired me to purchase the Too Faced Natural Matte palette as I always see you applying it in your lives or on your youtube videos! Keep doing you girlfriend cause it looks great on you!!

    xoxo Valentina

  486. Randi Kraemer says:

    As someone who works in advertising (I’m a Producer at a global agency helping to create ads on all platforms including social) I LOVE everything about this article. It’s so great that you are always so honest with your followers and even go out of your way to educate them on something they may not know much about. This article even taught me about Insta’s new “partnership” unit which I hadn’t heard about yet and I got to share it with colleagues to spread the Insta knowledge (and look like a media rock star).

    Your transparency and honest (and ability to make us all feel like your real friend) is what really makes you such a great influencer! I know what it’s like to work with brands and clearly you have the talent and intuition when creating content. They type of work I do is so overly structured sometimes so I secretly wish I had the opportunity to work with someone like you to just get out there to do what you do.

    Because I know a lot about influencer advertising it’s sometimes not always enjoyable for me to follow an influencer because I know when it isn’t honest and looks too forced. But I really look forward to your content each day because I know its always really genuine, many times funny/entertaining, and a nice break from the every day grind I’m experiencing here in busy NYC. I also personally really love and identify with your “brand” and as a result I’ve learned/discovered about a lot of brands/products that I now love. I know how much work it must be for you to always be creating natural and interesting content and it also can’t be easy to document so much of your personal life each and every day (I imagine like any normal person you sometimes just want to put your phone/camera down and relax or live your day in the moment) – so thank you!

    P.S I subscribed to your blog and am crossing my fingers that out of the million messages you received you see this one

  487. Vanessa says:

    Your blog is always so fun and fresh, love it girl!! Ps I am subscribed!

  488. Sivan,

    I can’t think of the right place to begin to share with you a piece of all the craziness that’s been going on in my head (I think you can relate based on your stress-level-100-when-you’d-rather-be-at-the-beach post this morning haha) Right there w ya, literally. I love being at the beach. So much that I’ve decided to start blogging about a beach lifestyle. And long story short, I don’t think that I would have started working towards my dream and setting goals if it weren’t for you. On top of you already being my biggest inspiration ever, I also live in OC, where you will be hosting at The Shop, Laguna Beach, tonight! So last night, as I’m listening to your story about the contest rules, (this is the first contest I’ve entered- ever. I’ll share why I decided to enter this time.), in the next story that you posted, you were talking about hosting an event 30 minutes from my house on my day off from work. It couldn’t be more perfect. And as to why I decided to enter this contest- entering give away contests was never my thing. But, if this was a chance to tell you how big of an inspiration to me you are and potentially meet you all in the same day… I couldn’t pass that up! Also, I feel that you are so transparent with your readers that 1. I don’t feel like I’m being scammed and 2. I know that you actually pay attention to your readers and read their comments/ emails and cater to their needs. So here I am, wanting to tell you that you’re my biggest inspiration ever, keep working hard towards all of your goals and I really hope to meet you tonight!



  489. Ashley says:

    Seriously, my fav blogger ever! Love that you are so real!

    Ps. Subscribed!

  490. Tiona says:

    I just recently found your blog via your Insta but I feel like I’ve already read through every post! Thank you so much for being so real and keeping everything you post so genuine – I think the first post of yours I saw was a makeup tutorial video and I was so stoked to have found someone not using (very much) foundation and wanting to keep their skin as natural/dewy as possible. I felt an instant connection with you, haha!

    Oh and subscribed!

  491. Hi!

    I always find myself looking at your Instagram, it’s amazing! Keep up the good work! You are informative (in a “real” sense, which is hard to find) and inspiring and it keeps me coming back for more :) Keep doing you, you’re killing it!

    P.S. I have subscribed to keep in tune with the awesomeness you post!

    Caitlin Jensen

  492. Hayden Claire says:

    You are such an inspiration and inspire me to create my own blogs! You have always been so real with everything you do. I have never doubted your advice or opinions on skin care and makeup! I think its great that you have written a blog to explain ad’s and sponsorship. Thank you for always showing your true personality with your fans, I will continue to always trust your brand! keep being you!!

  493. Marina Kinninger says:

    Hi Sivan! Thanks for being forward and honest when it comes to sponsored posts. I think all of your followers, including myself, appreciate the fact that you are selective when choosing what brands you choose to work with. It is absolutely reflected in your blog and Instagram. I LOVE every single one of your posts, sponsored or not. Thanks for keeping it real!!

  494. Emily Love says:

    I first started following you because of your transparency – I think your Instagram stories are a testament to that! I’ve gotten to a point where it seems like a lot of bloggers seem to be posting the same unauthentic and uninspired things and I’m unfollowing out of frustration knowing their real lives aren’t reflected on social media, which is definitely not the case with you. Thank you for keeping it real (and making me feel better about not washing my hair when I don’t workout).
    PS- i’m already subscribed

  495. Charlotte says:

    I’m subscribed and read all your posts Sivan! (Thanks for getting me through my boring engineering summer coop lol) I bought the round RayBan sunnies with you as inspiration and have gotten soo many compliments! I take so many of your beauty recommendations too and love your blogging/insta style and vibes! Cheers :)

  496. Ilke Guercan says:

    Hi Sivan, I subscribed because i like your transparency and somehow i believe what you say and suggest and because I want to win the giveaway!
    much love & success

  497. Time and time again you impress me Sivan! I look up to the way you put everything out on the table and are so transparent with your readers. Just like in this post! I finally understand #ads

    PS subscribed xx

  498. Kristen says:

    Thank you for being so real!! I see so many bloggers promote products just for the money but your posts always seem genuine! I love your style and blog! P.s I’m subscribed! Xoxo

  499. Kristin says:

    I love all your posts, and all your insta stories. I especially love when Richard commentates on opening the blogger mail! In my head we are best friends! I totally appreciate how you always respond to my questions and how sweet and generous you are!!! Let’s do another TA class again soon! :)

  500. Sami Leonis says:

    p.s. I subscribed of course :)

  501. Totally forgot to mention that I’ve subscribed :)

  502. Bailey Hall says:

    I also subscribed :)

  503. Kaylene Glasgo says:

    I subscribed :)

  504. Hannah says:

    Oh and I subscribed btw!

  505. Ashley Sanchez says:

    I subscribed (:

  506. Lexi L. says:

    I subscribed!

  507. Cayci says:

    Also I subscribed!!

  508. Monica Flores says:

    Oh yes, & of course I subscribed! ;)

  509. María F. Lockwood says:

    I’m already subscribed!

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