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I kind of forgot how great face masks are and this year I’ve been extra into them. I’ve had the opportunity to try many different types and brands and so far I’m finding that sheet masks are the easiest since it’s basically just apply, sit, remove, done. Once I have to start wiping it off with a wash cloth I get a little lazy. HOWEVER, those tend to really leave my skin very soft. Since it can be overwhelming with all the options now, I’ve rounded up my faves that I use for different purposes.


-L’Oreal Pure Clay Mask: Charcoal is all the rage right now and this one sucks your face, letting you know that shit is happening. If you’re looking for a deep clean (think: removes blackheads, neutralizes skin tone, & tightening) this is the mask you want to try.

-Lancome Génifique Youth Activation Mask: This one is pretty pricey, but honestly it’s my absolutely FAVE! I talked about it in this video if you want to know exactly how it feels to have this on your face. I think the visible (immediate) results of this mask is what makes it so valuable (& expensive). It’s like having collagen injected in all your hollow spaces–your face will look youthful & resilient.

-Karuna Hydration Face Mask: Not gonna lie, I busted this one out while hungover because my face needed something. Being dehydrated affects my skin so much and so restoring that moisture kind of kick starts my skin’s appearance. This mask is very wet, so once you’re done with it make sure you rub in all that extra goodness. Don’t forget your neck!

-Erno Laszlo Marble Sheet Mask: This sheet mask is for radiance boosting, so you’ll see a brighter face after only 10-ish minutes. I love to put this one in the fridge for 5 minutes before applying for an extra cooling effect.

-Bliss Mask a-‘peel': Paul’s favorite :) This mask is really fun. Everything from mixing it up like cup-o-noodles (or yogurt, as my dad called it), to peeling it off in the end is just so good. They have different versions of this mask but I like the green one since it fights acne. I’m pretty lucky with my mostly clear complexion, but I think taking those prevention steps is key.


7 Responses to 5 FAVORITE FACE MASKS

  1. Sharon says:

    I am a total mask junkie but I actually haven’t tried any of these yet. I have been eyeing the Lancome mask for a while now, I have heard great things. I need to finish a couple more masks I need to use up around here and then I think I’ll pull the trigger and buy it since you say you really love it. I always get nervous spending that much on a product but anything is worth a try for my skin, I just want to stay young forever (ha!).

  2. Taylor says:

    Okay, I’m not going to lie I’ve actually been loving the L’Oreal one! It’s definitely a deep clean and you notice a difference right away which I love!

  3. Courtney says:

    Yassss thanks for sharing Sivan!

    I always enjoy seeing your IG stories when you’re trying out face masks. I have recently been loving doing one every Sunday, feel like it just wakes my face up for the week. I look forward to trying these ones, I really like the look of the clay one and the Erno.


  4. Leslie Dow says:

    Hi Sivan,

    This question is somewhat related to face masks, but where did you buy your white bathrobe that you get ready in at home? I am looking to buy my cousin and I matching robes as we had too much fun getting ready in bathrobes in our hotel while in Croatia this summer – #robelife !

    Thank you :)

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