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I strive to not judge–in life & online–but it happens. I think if you’re human and have an Instagram account it is inevitable. We are fed so much content that we are bound to stumble across something that doesn’t quite seem right. I go through phases where I’m super engaged on social media (on other’s accounts) and pay really close attention to their content, Like, comment, etc. Then, other times I find myself scrolling so fast to “catch up” since I last checked, that by the time I set the phone down I realize I didn’t actually see anything. Since I’m taking the time to blog about this, I obviously spent time thinking about it. Here’s what I’m thinking.

Social media has the power to influence anyone. It’s pretty crazy, actually. I find so much inspiration through social media–recipes, home decor ideas, travel destinations, new brands to try, sometimes an outfit–but other times, I feel the content is extremely uninspired. I’m not just referring to a photo that was too simple or lacking that “wow” factor. I’m talking the posts that are just overdone. Too common / too generic / too cliche / too basic. Those posts.

Now, remember when I said I try not to judge? Well, sometimes I do [judge], and here I am confessing. I know many of my readers have blogs themselves, so I figured someone out there might benefit from reading this. By all means, post what floats your boat, but I feel you should hear me out if you’re trying to grow. Because organic growth comes when you’re putting out authentic, REAL content.

Before you scroll down and read my list of pet peeves, please take it with a grain of salt. Be acquainted with my sense of humor / personality before taking offense. View it as constructive criticism. My opinion. Because that’s all it is…my view.

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-Unrealistic images. You know them very well. The flowers inside the purse. Are all your purse belonging now soaking wet? Are the flowers now dead? Why are they in your purse? The table of 40 plates of food for 1 person. Do you have a crew of 20 people hiding somewhere? If not, I find it incredibly wasteful to order that much food for a photo. The coffee. I don’t know about you, but after more than one cup I’m jittery AF. How are you drinking this much coffee (in bed, at cute cafe’s, with macarons, etc.)???

-Loop giveaways. I know there are mixed opinions about these, but I personally don’t like them. I realize it’s a great way to get another / different set of eyes on your content, but I think it’s such a saturated concept that people are now just in it for the goods. I would prefer to grow slower than to flood my feed with a loop giveaway. Not sure about you guys, but I’ve actually unfollowed some accounts after continuously seeing loop giveaways from them in my feed. It’s annoying, plain & simple.

-Robotic comments. So I’m not talking about actual robots, but basically those comments like “great one” or “major love” on every single photo in hopes for you to do the same on theirs. Why? Trying to outsmart the algorithm is silly IMO. Focus on you. Do what makes sense for the people that are already following and invested in you. Turn to them to help you spread the word and grow. I do believe in supporting other bloggers in your community 100%, but I’d prefer genuine comments than something that is essentially self-serving and thoughtless.

-Selfie videos. Kinda vain, kinda sexual, kinda too much Kylie Jenner. There is a certain level of narcissism in social media as is, but this is taking it to the next level. I guess because I target women this doesn’t make sense for me, but in general I don’t enjoy watching those (as a woman) either.

-Repetitive content. This is my biggest struggle. Because how many times can I show you guys my donuts, rosé, dogs, house, etc.?! When I don’t post on IG it’s because I’m struggling to share something interesting. I don’t like filler [content], I see right through it. On my account and on others. It’s uninspiring to me. But to be honest, I don’t do something interesting / post-worthy every damn day, so what to post on those in between days???? Seriously, what should I post?

-The creeps. Since my Instagram account was verified, I’ve started dealing with something very aggravating. Anytime I do a Live session I have 100’s (sometimes 1000’s) of creepy dudes commenting inappropriate, abusive shit. Things that don’t even make sense like “open” (open what??) “boobs boobs boobs boobs boobs boobs boobs” (umm, I have no boobs) “fuck you” (fuck you, too) “ugly” (K) etc. etc. etc. I used to have the most productive Live sessions answering relevant questions and interacting with my audience. It’s really unfortunate that these trolly men feel the need to comment such desperate, gross comments on a fucking makeup tutorial.

Ok, rant over. I don’t typically like to be a negative Nancy on the blog but I feel like lately I’ve had this conversation (when I didn’t even bring it up) so many times that I felt maybe others were feeling the same way. And don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely guilty of some of these, no doubt. But, here I am putting it out there that I’m trying really hard to not succumb to the ordinary and bring you something extraordinary. At least on those more interesting days ;)

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  1. Shanna Lynn Davis says:

    Totally agree with you on these girl! Especially the loop giveaway, hate them. And the Kylie Jenner-ish selfie videos while playing music and lip syncing or whatever the fuck they’re doing LOL!!
    And finally….
    THE CREEP ONE — hilarious!! Killing me – open what?? Haha you know I see all these and spam them when I’m watching your lives and will continue to do so!! Sooooo annoying and disgusting!


  2. Cara says:

    I can totally agree with you on all of these. Especially the “filler” content. When people post about stuff that they did for like a month straight, like yes I enjoyed seeing your vacay trip photos but you’ve been home for a month now I don’t need you to keep posting the same photo every other day (or maybe that’s just me??). Don’t get me wrong, I am all for the occasional throwback Thursday but a photo of your dinner that your had a month ago does not need to be re-posted 12 times!

    I have really been trying to follow my dream of blogging which directly relates to keeping up on social platforms but I refuse to share the same photo over an over just to keep my name out their which is probably why I have not been motivated to post and/or write content. But I can say I have thoroughly enjoyed your content solely based on the fact that your always come across as genuine. I hope I can achieve that one day as well.

    Best! – Cara

    • Sivan Ayla says:

      100% agree. I fully understand the post-vacation struggle. You come off a great vacation, where content flows so easily, and then you’re home and suddenly nothing seems interesting. BUT, I’d rather take a little hiatus than annoy everyone with my repetitive posts. Hence, my periodic breaks.

      Thank you for the sweet comment :)

  3. Ashley Guyatt says:

    Ahhh couldn’t agree with this post more! They’re all so true, but especially hate robotic comments! Great post xx

  4. Girl – I totally hear you! I think the toughest thing about gaining followers and building your brand online is not only content itself (this is the hardest for me since I commute 3 hours a day and have a full time 9-5 job and blog on the side), but the fact that since there is so much other content out there already, it’s hard not to look at it and be like wow – they do this so well, and question what you’re putting out there.

    Once you start getting the feedback you’re getting (cue 100K, okayyy) it starts to feel more natural and it’s verified for you (not only on Insta, but like, in life) that what you’re doing is resonating and your content is clicking.

    I’m not surprised about the idiots commenting during Insta lives, it’s hilarious because that’s clearly what they are lacking – a damn life of their own. Don’t let haters stop ya, I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your content across channels as another fellow blogger learning and adjusting as I go on myself – so keep it up !

    Kylie from

  5. Laura says:

    I totally agree with you!! I work in social media and I cannot stress how angry bots make me, or just very generic comments. I love connecting with others and if someone sees content that resonates with them, why not connect? You never know what kind of relationship you could be missing out on, or the joy that your genuine thoughts and feelings can bring someone.

    And I 500% agree on the creeps! I watch your live Insta vids and girl, major kudos to you for keeping your cool as those comments roll in.

    Great post! xx

    • Sivan Ayla says:

      Ughhh tell me about it. It takes everything in me to not cuss them all out. However, I’m sure you’ve seen a “f**k you” slip out of my mouth lol.

  6. Sierra says:

    Freaking love this post (even though I’m probably guilty of something above unintentionally). These are great things to consider when posting next for upcoming bloggers. Love your style and voice! Also ygg on the tattoo, have some of my own!

  7. Lilly says:

    Yes yes and yes!! I feel like you’ve pretty much read my mind. Especially with the loop giveaway, gosh can they stop!! Striving for organic growth here even if it takes a little longer. Same is boring!

  8. Olivia Flynn says:

    Before this post you had been becoming my new favorite blogger..and after it your 100% my favorite. You got it right on the money. All social media needs more ” realnes”..I don’t have a blog so I’m just a girl who is looking for inspiration and cool shit to buy!

  9. Laura says:

    Honestly, Sivan, this is why you’re my favourite blogger (I’ve been following since you had about 12k followers!). I like your authenticity and simple lack of BS. Just make sure you never do a loop giveaway now lol.

  10. Lydia says:

    Haha, so true. As a blogger and instagramer, content is my biggest struggle. I also work full time so this is a part time gig, but i would love to make it full time one day. I am just so scared to transition because of so many unknown factors…we shall see =)

    Lydia |

  11. Shelby says:

    Lol I loveee this! I seriously am over all these ‘perfect’ Instaphotos. Like they’re toooo perfect now. I can’t relate at all to some of my favourite bloggers anymore. Also I definitely unfollow people who do loop giveaways.. I can understand a couple but there are so many!
    The Fernweh Wolf / Travel & Lifestyle Blog

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