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I know I typically give more straightforward advice in this series of posts, but today I felt like sharing something a little different. For starters, let’s talk about the title ‘blogger.’ It’s easy to dub yourself (or someone else) a blogger since that’s the original name we gave girls with a website who wore cute clothes, but today it is so much more than that. Or maybe so much less? Hear me out.

Blogging has been around for a long time. Does anyone remember LiveJournal? No? Then you’re younger than me ;) If yes, then you know that was how we “blogged” back in 2001. I participated in just about any platform that allowed me to [publicly] express / write my thoughts with accompanying pictures. It stemmed from my desire to work at a magazine; I love(d) the entire concept of putting together an editorial story–the outfits, the pictures, the mood, the article. Blogging, whether on LiveJournal, MySpace, Blogger, or much later down the line, on WordPress, has always been my life. It replaced my need to work at a magazine.

Despite not blogging professionally until the last couple years, I’ve always maintained a passion for creating content. Something that was entirely mine. I always wanted creative freedom but didn’t know how to possess it. Now that I have it, my goal is to elevate my content to provide you value while maintaining my authenticity. That is my job as a blogger.

I take pride in my content. I spend hours making lists, purchasing supplies, shooting, editing, writing, and then reading and re-reading my posts to make sure they make sense, have a point, provide value, etc. Lately my posts are taking upwards of 4 hours to complete, as nothing can go “live” until it has a purpose. I struggle with writers block, lack of creative juice, and sometimes debilitating period cramps or headaches that have me like “fuck it!” But I have to have the discipline to get through it all, and when I do, it is very gratifying.

What’s even more rewarding is when I post something (via this website, YouTube, or my Instagram) and you guys are receptive to it. Reading all your comments seriously makes my day. And it truly does validate what I’m doing with my life. My blog is my livelihood, for real.

Earlier I mentioned that now blogging can mean a lot or a little. Things have changed substantially since 2008/9 when those iconic bloggers first surfaced. Now, a lot of Influencers (the new term) don’t even own a domain name let alone a website / blog to publish articles on. There is nothing wrong with that, but to me those are not bloggers. I think anyone who blogs has a little magazine editor in them and that’s my point–I blog because I wanted an undefined creative career and blogging has given that to me. I spent years blogging and not really knowing where I fit, but now I feel more confident than ever in my content, in my blog.

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17 Responses to WHY I BLOG

  1. Courtney says:

    LOVE this post! I think its so important and special for every blogger to find their purpose. Blogging is such a great way to connect with like minded people and its so nice to see a community grow and see people benefiting from what you are putting out into the world. Keep it up, love following!

  2. Halleigh says:

    Yasssss to all of this ! Those debilitating period cramps ? I have a secret weapon for those and I totally need to send you some – LIFE changing – I call it Advil on crack – but it’s completely all natural !!! Takes the pain away in seconds !

  3. So I’ve been following you on Insta for a few months & finally am just now subscribing to your blog! You inspire me everyday! I just love the sass & style. I hope to have a successful blog one day as well! This was motivating, so thank you!!!

  4. These photos O-M-G I am dying!!! I feel like your content is only getting more amazing as time goes on. Keep it up girl, I aspire to be like you!

  5. I sincerely appreciate you posting this it clears so much for people,and new bloggers ♥️Love you so much

  6. Cara Smith says:

    I am so appreciative of everything you share about you and your blog! It has really inspired me in so many ways! Thank you for all the info and for always making it relatable. There are so many blogs out there that seem so cookie cutter-ish and its refreshing to read your genuine posts!

  7. I couldn’t agree more, Sivan! Like you, I felt like I had to create something and I started very early on trying to blog with Blogger and doing Livejournal. I even created a website in middle school! I only just now faced my fear and decided that I needed to give blogging a try again and it has been so fulfilling. It has been exactly what I’ve been missing!

    Lucky to have women like you and other amazing ladies to look up to! You’re doing an amazing job and you’ve stayed true to yourself from the beginning.


  8. Yes!! Couldn’t agree more with you. I also started my blog solely because I needed a creative outlet and enjoy the process of putting together outfits, taking photos, and having them come to life when I write a new post. I think another great aspect of blogging is getting to connect with like-minded people who have this common love of creating content.

  9. Sivan Ayla says:

    100% agreed. Love that I’m not alone on this :)

  10. Emily says:

    Woah, I felt like I was reading about myself just then, & yessss to live journal. I feel like I’ve been blogging for half my life! Always had that creative bone…I love creating content, writing, creating graphics, editing, playing with the layout of my blog. It’s fun and makes me feel so fulfilled + happy. Blogging is still a hobby for me, but would love to one day be able to do it full time, that is the goal :). Love your Blog and Instagram, keep it up Sivan. ♡

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