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Ever wonder what the inside of a blogger’s office looks like? Well, this is definitely NOT an accurate portrayal of that. Yes, I am a blogger, and yes, this is my office, but I hate to be the one to point out that I pretty much emptied the shit out of this room before we took these photos. Sorry if I just burst your bubble, but I just couldn’t take photos of my office with piles of lists, notebooks, boxes, samples, etc. laying everywhere.

It’s the sad truth but I just cannot pretend like my office looks this clean all the time. Pretty much the only time it looks like this (aside from photoshoots) is when I’m out of town and the office is essentially “closed.” Otherwise, 2 drinks (minimum) will be found on my desk, chapstick near my keyboard, 25 pens with the caps off, invoices, notes, bills, unopened mail, ugh!! However, I never leave my office a disaster at the end of my work day. There is nothing less appealing than sitting down to a sloppy desk the next day, so I make it my mission to clean up. When I’m in the middle of a project I’ll leave the essentials out but cups can go into the sink, scraps of paper tossed out, you get it.

So what IS an accurate portrayal of my office? Well, for starters, my dogs are always at my side. Sometimes under the desk, too (see Snap for proof). My shoe bookcase and gallery wall pretty much look that way always, and I do typically have some nice flowers on my desk to keep me “inspired” (aka, a good prop for taking pics). I also love having candles burning in any room I’m in for an extended amount of time. In other words, it’s ok to have a messy work space, in fact, if it’s too clean you might not actually be working. Kidding. But for me, when my office is the messiest it’s because I’m bombarded with work, and even though the mess sometimes gives me anxiety, I am thankful to be busy enough to have that mess. Always find the silver lining, right?

To see more details, scroll down to the video.

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10 Responses to VIDEO: OFFICE TOUR

  1. Shanna says:

    We are total twins, I have this same Chanel book, purchased from a used book store in the T.O. mall and I just HAD TO HAVE IT! I love how we have the same appreciation for this classic stuff!

    And as I’ve already told you, this post could not have come at a more perfect time, because I just got done painting my furniture white in my office/closet room to give it a more modern look and I am going to be hanging pictures soon! So all these tips definitely help, especially the ones about how you say you had to clear your clutter first – LOL! Because I always love to have my spaces looking MAGAZINE PERFECT too but it’s just not reality! So hearing this from you helped me not stress last night when I had to leave out some of my papers, ugly file folders, etc!

    • Sivan Ayla says:

      So fun!!! I love redoing any space really. Keeping the office clean is probably the biggest challenge for me but I cut myself serious slack on that since that’ where all the work gets done :)

  2. Jenni says:

    Where is your desk chair from?!

  3. Danielle says:

    Where is the desk from?

  4. christina says:

    Yes I would love to know where the desk is from as well! Love the white and wood.

  5. Emma says:

    LOVE the frames and pictures!! I’m thinking about redoing my room and this is the look I’m going for. Where did you get the frames (with the pictures) and the rug?

  6. Jennifer says:

    This is so beautiful I love it!

    Could you do a closet post or video? I also live with a guy and I would love some inspo on organizational tips :)

    • Sivan Ayla says:

      Thank you!! My closet is very tiny for 2 people so I don’t really show it since it’s a dark scary space lol. However, organization tips are a great post idea!


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