I seriously cannot believe it has 1) been one whole year since purchasing our home, 2) taken me this long to show my house fully, 3) taken me this long to get a video made!

#3 being the key element here, I have been going CRAZY creating tons of content for you guys so each week expect to see a new video up on my channel. What’s going to be on there? Well, everything. Beauty tutorial (hair, make-up, skincare, etc.), cocktail recipes, easy food recipes, crafting, DIY projects, and lastly, a his + her segment on all things regarding our (my husband and I) relationship.

I’m having a blast filming all these videos and I hope you’ll subscribe to my channel and follow along! Please share your thoughts, as that’s the only way I really know if you’re liking what I’m creating for you. If you have any requests, please leave them in the comments below.

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  1. sasha says:

    nice video but your commentary is scripted and you can tell you’re reading from something :-/ just being honest

  2. Claudia says:

    Your home is absolutely beautiful! I loved the video and your commentary was very natural and professional! Can’t wait to see more! :)

    • Sivan Ayla says:

      Thank you!! Video is a new platform for me so it’s going to take a few tries before I fully feel comfortable ;) I’ll be posting a new video each week (Thursdays at noon!) so stay tuned. xo

  3. tanya says:

    I love your home, blog, insta, style, errrrythang lol! But since this was a home tour video I will say I love your interior design skills and have been following since you first purchased your home and it is coming along very nice!

  4. Sasha R says:

    Love this! I’ve been following your blog/insta/snaps for about a year now and am so inspired by your style. I’m so excited that you are sharing more with your readers and I’m excited to follow along on YouTube now too.
    I love everything in your house but I’ve actually been looking for pillow/pillow covers like the ones in you bedroom? Would you mind sharing where you found them?

    Ps I’m not the same Sasha in the first comment lol!
    Thanks :)

    • Sivan Ayla says:

      Thanks Sasha! I’m excited to start doing more videos (will be posting 1 per week each Thursday at noon!) too.

      The pillows in my bedroom are from the Rosebowl Flea Market, but I know they sell them on Etsy as well. Just search for “mudcloth pillows.” Hope that helps!!

      And LOL!!…I figured ;)


  5. Omg! I’m in love with your house!!! #housegoals haha

    Where are those bar chairs from?? Amazing


  6. Sarah says:

    Beautiful! Love the style. Request to post one about your bedroom! Where are the throw pillows on your bed from?

    • Sivan Ayla says:

      Thank you!! I actually have a room tour filmed of the room so I’ll get that posted soon :)

      Pillows are from the Rosebowl flea market and Home Goods.


  7. Somewhereinthevalley says:

    Love the Bertoia counter stools and the mixing/matching of metallics. You actually did REALLY well considering you’ve only been there for a year. We are coming up on 1 year in our new home in November and the space is half Hollywood Regency which was my old pre-hubby over the top glam girly style and global/mid century. Needless to say it’s driving me nuts- but we purchased our home and did a complete remodel so we couldn’t furnish all at once since we spent so much between the remodel and down payment- BLEH. Is your dining table custom? I dig the pairing of ghost chairs and a rustic table it’s eclectic and fresh. Kol ha kavod.

    • Sivan Ayla says:

      Congrats to you guys!! It took me a solid 6 months of non-stop buying and returning items until I was finally happy with the progress. It’s not quite done yet but getting close :)

      My dining table was a Rosebowl Flea Market find, actually. I got really lucky with that one!


  8. Christa says:

    Where is the black chair in the sitting area off the kitchen from? The one with the metal legs?

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  10. Kelly says:

    Love that your doing the videos and sharing all aspects of your life, I love the mix of content. Love all your social outlets, it means a lot that you are so down to earth and real. You were right in your blog post that it def shows through when you are genuine. You are also the most relatable blog I follow, saying you shop at homegoods and how everything isn’t designer and love that you actually share where you get stuff and how to create a fun, beautiful life! But I have to know where is that dress from? need for my bach???

  11. Justine Sini says:

    Love this. Where’s the dress from ? Thanks !

  12. streaming says:

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  13. Rosna says:

    Your home is very beautiful. It’s my dream to make my home beautiful as well.

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