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This might seem confusing to you. It’s well over 2 months since my wedding in Greece, I’ve done all my travel diaries on the islands, and I’ve probably exhausted you on Instagram of all my bikini pics from the honeymoon; however, there’s a few really important things to document. 1) This incredible day in Naxos town with our guests, 2) our sunset sail to the island Paros, 3) our “rehearsal” white party, and 4) duh, the wedding! This week one of my favorite wedding publications, Wedded Wonderland, is going to feature my wedding (tomorrow, actually), and in honor of that I’m going to feature everything I just listed on the blog this week as well. On Friday I will post some of my absolute favorite images from the wedding, but until then follow along as I take you through the unforgettable events we hosted for our guests in Greece.
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sivan ayla kali romper

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Everything about this day makes me happy. A private bus tour of the island (I hate organized trips but I love a group activity with all my friends and family!), being surrounded by my favorite people on earth, some sweet moments with my husband (then-fiance), delicious food, beautiful scenery, perfect weather, and tons and tons of laughs. I have 100’s of photos from this day and honestly, each one holds something special. All I see are smiles, kisses, jokes, shock, fear (the bus was pretty scary weaving through those windy roads), and I guess I owe a massive, huge, enormous THANK YOU to my incredible photo for capturing it all. I never felt the need even once to bust out my iphone to shoot a selfie or ask for a group shot. The importance of having someone who understands our crazy and twisted dynamic as a group is something I cannot put into words

Adonis, you absolutely killed it with these photos. I am forever grateful to have found you, to have worked with you, and to call you a friend.

It is hard for me to even write a blog post about this day, as I’m so truly touched and overwhelmed by the happiness I see in each photo. My heart aches to go back to this day (and Greece in general!). This was such a special time in my life and it honestly melts me inside to see all these faces I love across the world celebrating with us. Greece will forever hold a little piece of me and I cannot wait to go back again.

Hat Attack white har Free People Kali Romper Red sivan ayla Sivan Ayla free people sivan and paul richards naxos reviews
All photographs by Adonis Kekidakis

I’m wearing: Free People Kali Romper // Schutz Erlina sandals // Ray Ban aviators // Hat Attack Panama Hat // Jewelry from Mykonos

3 Responses to A DAY IN NAXOS

  1. Oh my goodness, I just discovered your blog and am going to have to go way back to the beginning! Your posts are beautifully written and your photography is astounding. Excellent job, you’re really an inspiration to a new blogger like me.

  2. Sarah says:

    Hey Sivan, I’m getting married in Naxos this summer and was a bit worried as I’ve never been but coming across your blog hass definitely calmed my nerves! I was thinking about a group activity like this (might make a change to lazing about on the beach!) and wanted to know which company you used and if it was half a day or full day tour? It looks like a lot of fun. My wedding reception will be at Banana too…your pics look incredible! x

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