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Mood Macaroons

To me macaroons are the flour-less pastries eaten during Passover. BUT, macaroons have become the hippest, chicest pastry used for more than just eating. When a pastry is used for colorwheels and paint chips, they have officially become fabulous. There are unlimited color options for these little mouth-watering darlings and I am officially obsessed. If you need a last minute gift throw some random colored roons into a paper box, tie a bow around it and Voila! Read & drool!

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Free girls

Make any season look good with your favorite hobby and accessory. Round glasses and a surfboard, lace bustier in the flower mart, a sundress in the rain (with your favorite paper umbrella, of course), a worn leather jacket while riding a beach cruiser, a red tambourine and maxi skirt….the list goes on. The point is, be FREE to dress and do what you LOVE!

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Big Wheels

I want a drink cart so badly but can’t seem to find one that I MUST have. Without trying to be too modern, I would LOVE to own a Lucite one. However, I know the second it arrives I know I’ll be wondering about the wooden options. I guess I just need to obsess a little longer about cart options before committing. In the meantime, enjoy…..cheers!

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DIY Heaven

It is officially spring! I know I am a little late but I get so excited knowing that great weather is just a few short weeks away. Although this weekend is unusually gloomy (Happy St. Patrick’s Day BTW!!), I put this pajama weather to use and went through all my planned DIY projects. I have so many to share I hope you are ready to be overloaded with ideas. Typically when the sunny California weather is here I try to find as many reasons to have parties, entertain, or just beautify things. I have compiled some pretty amazing projects over the winter that have been stored, patiently waiting to be brought to life! Take look and steal….share your favorite projects with me, as I am ALWAYS on the hunt for creative ways to keep life pretty.

I know this last one isn’t really DIY, but how sweet is this? Such a simple gesture that not only looks beautiful, but is romantic and thoughtful…even if you are just hanging out with your best girlfriends :)


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Happy Color of the Day

Yellow is fresh squeezed lemonade, lemon cake, sunshine, blonde hair, citrus, happiness. While the color actually has the ability to induce a positive energy with a splash of its hue in a room, the clean pop of color is chic and versatile. If you are too scared to go for lemon tart yellow, start with a more muted version in tonal mustard. It can be mixed with basically ANYTHING, believe it or not, such as black, white, grey, pink, blue, red, etc.

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