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Tchachkis, Trinkets, Stuff……JUNK!

I guess STUFF can be charming. And lots of it. But honestly, I am such a neat freak that clutter scares me. I am the person who secretly throws away full-on THINGS when you’re not looking. So just a warning: if you like to keep absolutely everything do not ask me to help you clean. I am ruthless and like to get THINGS done (& gone)! With that said, I just wanted to share a few pics I came across of STUFF that actually looks cute. If you are looking around your place and think that it is the good STUFF, you might want to think again if you are seeing any of the following: empty water bottles, gum wrappers, greeting cards with the ENVELOPE (cards alone are OK), boxes that are half full of anything (that should be consolidated into an appropriately sized ziplock), old pens, bobby pins, receipts from 1999, etc. You get the point, right?

All of the above are considered a DON’T, but here are the DO’S:

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Natural Instincts

When Z Gallerie released their fall black and white collection back in September I was a little creeped out by all the antlers and furs. Don’t ask. I was clearly out of my mind to ever question it. BUT, now I can appreciate the fauxidermy since I’ve become obsessed with the look and it is all fake :)

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