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Gifts for her….and him

One of the perks Paul gets by living with me is my cooking. While I am a firm believer of making all decisions that pertain to our home together, since I am the one doing most of the cooking I like to pick out the kitchen accessories. That is why I totally approve of these home-good related items. I know that most women prefer a personal gift, but for anyone like me who enjoys splurging on items for my home, the following gifts are more than welcomed. And since these fancy gadgets will contribute to my cooking, all men should be happy to purchase anything off this list.


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Happy spaces

One valuable lesson to be learned from home decor magazines is the importance of making any space you frequent beautiful and happy. And yes, there are “happy colors.” As Jonathan Adler would preach, “Ignorance and fear are no reason to live in a bland box,” and he is 100% correct. I lived in that boring box for a while myself. However, I was just too indecisive to pick a color palette and only slightly afraid to experiment and live in a colorful disaster. And so, I plunged head first into the formula specially created for people somewhat like me: 95% chic + 5% happy = The decorative nirvana called happy chic.

My point is, if you have any sort of control over the interiors of your home, work environment, or any other place you find yourself often, make the effort to transform it into an aesthetic heaven. I am fortunate enough to work with a group of people who not only pride themselves on the hard work done daily, but the appearance and ambiance our space exudes to our clients. Currently undergoing a remodel, we have been spending quality time researching the vibe and hues we would like to spend 8+ hours in each day. Gathering inspiration is so much fun but it is the decision making that kills. To be economical, we are sticking with small changes that complement our current look; each alteration will add drama and style in a subtle way. Having a hard time understanding? Here is a montage of what I am talking about for all you non-visual people ;)

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Jewelry Tree

Last time I made a jewelry tree is was just that. It stands planted in the base in all its white glory holding all my favorite jewelry. But since it is the holiday time, this tree can double as a way to finally have use for unwanted jewelry and it is beautifully festive. If you are one that doesn’t like to part with things (I’m not calling you a hoarder but I do believe it to be unhealthy to hold on to everything), then hit the dollar stores, Forever 21, swap meets, or any other cheap places to buy fake costume jewelry. This project is really foolproof, as anything you do will look spectacular. Just keep in mind that balance is everything. Feel free to pile the jewels as thick as you want, but make sure it looks even all around. Take a look:

Use a cone shaped mold from the craft store, and using a glue gun, begin gluing anything to your mold

Intermix strands of pearls with brooches and individual pieces

Charms add a personal touch


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Fancy Pants

As the weather gets colder, I tend to get sick of wearing blue jeans everyday. So instead I am on the hunt for some interesting pants. Realistically, some of these are a little out there for my taste, but I am not opposed to trying anything once. As for the little glitter shorts…those are just sweet.

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