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A gift for cheese lovers

Do you love cheese? I do. So much. In fact, I love cheese so much that I felt the need to share with my fellow cheese lovers that there is a perfect gift for our kind. Cheese Paper. A simple concept, cheese paper ($9) is designed to preserve the freshness of your cheeses while refrigerated. If you are like me, you probably waste a good chunk of cheese by cutting the ends off when they get a little crusty or discolored. However, if you use this paper there will be no more cheese wasting which means more cheese to eat! … Read More

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Love your office

With a current remodel going on at my work, it made me think of how I’d like my own office to look. After all, it is the space where all my creative thoughts are executed. A “happy color” is crucial in any space you spend most of your day and I have picked a soothing blue tone. With a splash of animal print (a must in most of my rooms) somewhere in the office and an array of black & white photos, these offices are so beautiful I’d never want to stop working! Tweet

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Pinnacle cocktails

A good friend of mine has been raving about how there is finally a delicious vodka that tastes even better when mixed. After reading every recipe on their website I found myself not only drooling, but dying to taste one myself. There are nine different flavors of vodka, but two that stand out to me are the Whipped and Gummy ones. Here are two recipes for cocktails that taste too good to be alcoholic. Yummy Gummy cocktail: 1 oz. Pinnacle Gummy 1⁄2 oz. Triple Sec  2 oz. lemonade Shake with ice and strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with … Read More

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