One Of A Kind

frontPhew! I’m back from Coachella and absolutely EXHAUSTED! Of course, as we all know, Coachella has evolved into more of a runway show than music concert, and everyone is expected to walk the walk. I personally found comfort and practicality more of a priority than style, but I dabbled in some fun mesh, fringe, and rips. This particular dress was one of my favorites because it not only allowed for easy movement, it has a unique story behind it. Pima Doll dresses are all made of scraps that are taken and handmade into a garment. A clan of women in Peru are currently creating these beautiful dresses and each one is slightly different than the next. When I first laid eyed on this body-hugging piece I knew I hit the jackpot, but was even more drawn to it after finding out that I would essentially be wearing a dress that no one else in the world has. Take a look.

details booty pima-doll blackgoldI’m wearing: Pima Doll dress // L Space bathing suit // Rag & Bone booties // Natalie B ring // Lulu Dharma wrap bracelets // Kelly Hughes necklace // Urban Outfitters hat // Ray Ban aviators

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Coachella Packing List (+ why)

coachella packing list1. Chapstick: As if I didn’t already have a crazy chapstick addiction, the desert winds definitely do not help my situation. A full tin of this stuff is a necessity for this weekend.

2. Hat: It is H-O-T during Coachella. Some people think the hat traps heat on your head but I am convinced otherwise. Of course opt for something light and breathable.

3. Frends: Why would I bring headphones to a music festival you ask? Well, for one, there is the drive there and home. But I have a tendency to fall asleep throughout the day and will need some noise cancelling Frends to help me out.

4. Fanny Pack: Sure, they are 80′s…but I seriously do not want to carry my stuff around. Instead, I’ll let my waist do the heavy lifting.

5. A practical outfit: It’s hot. Period. I don’t know about you, but I cannot prance around all day in something that is going to stick to my body uncomfortably. I need something conducive for peeing outside (well, in a portapotty), for the heat, and for laying on the ground (seriously).

6. Water: Hydration is everything at Coachella. It sounds awesome to be drinking (alcohol) all day but really it’s not. It just isn’t.

7. Sunscreen: SPF is another essential item that you must not forget.

8. Boots: It’s dirty and dusty out there. I found myself barefoot last time just to avoid the dirt getting in between my toes. So no, sandals are not an option for me this year.

9. Blanket: This one should be a give-in. You need somewhere to sit in between shows (or during) and the grass can get itchy, dirty, and grimy after three days.

10. Coachella App: If you aren’t aware, there is absolutely no cell service at the festival, so the app should be downloaded to help you map out your stage appearances ahead of time. It is supposed to notify you where to be and when…let’s hope it still functions without service!!

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4 Majors

major10003410_10151922958236296_750442072_nWith Coachella right around the corner, MUSE took a field trip to Bollare’s pre-Coach bash (#BOLLAREFEST), where we sipped on some sweet Blueprint cocktails, had our hair chalked, and obviously enjoyed the photobooth.

1966784_10151911727901296_1290262488_nSo much I love about this pic. My new obsession are these Frends headphones that cancel out the noise in my house, making work now feasible round the clock (yay!…not even being sarcastic), AND look ridiculously cute on. My new BREAKFAST Beyonce shirt gifted by Columbia (thank you!), and of course, a fancy latte prepared by yours truly.

a8b25426a3882a37700b06cbb8c53ba0In wedding news, my venue has finally been booked and the DATE IS SET! After so much back and forth we have finally been able to put this giant debate to rest and I will be getting married in June 2015!

photo(3)All is restored in the universe. My mom has moved back to Cali and she is here to stay! Why did I post a picture of Lyla hiding behind the pillow? It’s cute, that’s why!

Happy Weekend everyone!! xx

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Pesto Pea Pasta

e213cd98ef9a2a13f2aae9d78652a5f0The only time I get a request to cook pasta is when Paul has a big exam and needs a hearty meal the night before, or when my sisters are coming over (because they are the pickiest eaters in America). We grew up on pesto pasta but since I pretty much refuse to eat pasta unless I absolutely die for it, we usually just skip it. In this case, I found an insanely yummy sounding recipe (this one) that I just couldn’t resist. It has everything I love in a pasta: non-cream base, vegetables, and lemon. Simple, easy. Trying a new recipe usually takes longer than normal cooking time, but once you have everything prepared for this one it is very quick. Try it out and let me know what you think!

veggiesThe beginning stages should look like this. And yes, wine should be consumed!

zestThis amount of zest is perfection.

What you need…if you shop at TJ’s these quantities will make the most sense:

  • A bag of orecchiette
  • 120g green beans, trimmed and shredded (TJ: 3/4 of a carton)
  • 100g snow peas (mange tout), trimmed (TJ: half the bag)
  • 100g sugar snap peas, trimmed (TJ: half the bag)
  • 300g asparagus, trimmed and chopped (TJ: the whole carton)
  • ⅓ cup (90g) store-bought pesto, plus extra, to serve (3/4 of the jar in the pasta)
  • 2 tablespoons finely shredded lemon zest
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • sea salt and cracked black pepper
  • 2 cups mint leaves
  • finely grated pecorino (or parmesan), to serve

What to do:

  1. Chop, trim, and shred all your veggies while the water in the pot comes to a boil.
  2. Cook your pasta for about 8-10 minutes. Should be al dente (meaning: a little hard).
  3. Add the veggies to the water for another 1-2 minutes.
  4. Drain and return pasta and veggies to the pot.
  5. Add the pesto, lemon juice, zest, oil, salt + pepper and toss.
  6. Add mint to each plate as garnish. Top off with fresh cheese.


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Etiquette 101: On living together

etiquetteThe first and only guy I’ve ever lived with (aside from my Dad) is Paul. I’m gonna go out on a limb here when I say he is extremely easy to live with, which I think is probably rare in men. He’s not a total slob, he let’s me decorate our home in my taste (finally), and just understands my daily routine and let’s me be. Although I am pretty OCD about having our home in tip-top shape (you never know who might just drop by), I also have my weird vices that we have had to come to terms with. Overall, I think just following some basic home etiquette will make living together a much smoother transition than most people thing it is. Today Paul is guest contributing to help out any guy who is facing some trouble, and of course I will cover my ladies:

As a girl living with her man:

  • Don’t get caught up on the normal guy stuff. They are naturally less neat so dripping water all over the floor after a shower seems like a no brainer to them while to us it is sloppy and infuriating. Just learn to get over it.
  • If you are in charge of the grocery shopping, always stock up on his favorite snacks and drinks.
  • Limit the amount of pink in the house. I am obviously in charge of decor here, but I have developed a whole new appreciation for gender-neutral decorating that now suits both of our styles.
  • Make the bed together in the morning. It is proven that making your bed sets the tone for a productive day, so why not share the wealth and have a nice clean room.
  • Paul usually makes us breakfast and I make dinner. In exchange, whoever cooks doesn’t have to clean. We find this arrangement very fair and effective.
  • Allow him time to sit and do nothing. Paul needs his fix of Fantasy sports everyday and it usually entails eating pretzels (which end up in the couch, on the floor, etc.) and listening to music. I take this time to blog, paint my nails, catch an episode of Kardashians, etc. Not every living moment needs to be spent together.
  • Do find an activity outside of the house that you can share. We go to yoga together twice a week, take the dogs on hikes, and of course indulge in a good meal a few times a month.
  • And just because I don’t want to sound like I have it all figured out, I will share my vices that drive Paul nuts: throwing the dirty towels in a pile outside the bathroom (that the dogs love to lay on), leaving my lunch dishes in the sink until dinner (when it is his turn to wash the dishes), never finishing a full can of anything (and putting it in the refrigerator), constantly making piles to take to the Goodwill, and lastly, falling asleep before turning off my bedside lamp.

As a guy living with his girl:

  • Put the toilet seat down. There is nothing worse than a girl accidentally sitting down in the dark with it up…
  • We will never be as clean as they are, so try to be respectful and at least clean up after yourself (ie: put the dish in the sink, make the bed look somewhat presentable, throw the dirty clothes into the hamper, etc.).
  • Take the trash out. It’s just one of those things that girls never want to deal with and appreciate more than they let on (especially when you do it without being asked) AND put a bag in after.
  • Bring home things they love occasionally. Sivan loves fresh flowers so when I make the occasional store run I’ll bring her some roses. Other times I just bring her sprinkle donuts and it gets the same effect.
  • Let them do their thing. I used to panic that our place was too girly, but anyone that comes over is always very impressed with how our place looks.
  • Don’t make too many annoying comments about their TV choices. Sivan likes to watch bad TV (and knows it) but it is her way of decompressing.
  • My vices that drive her nuts: Leaving empty water bottles everywhere, not wiping down the counters after doing the dishes, leaving clean laundry in the dryer for days, taking off my shoes at the front door (and leaving them there), and lastly, my closet. I have a system that she doesn’t understand and thankfully we don’t share a closet, but I do find her in there regularly attempting to clean it (aka ruining the system).
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What I Want (for Spring Break)

spring break1) Mara Hoffman bikini // 2) Hudson Bleecker shoe bag // 3) Wildfox heart sunnies // 4) James Read face tanner // 5) Essie Cocktails + Coconuts // 6) Nude Collection shadows // 7) Rebecca Minkoff sunnies pouch // 8) Coconut oil // 9) X-Ray Passport case // 10) Nine West sandals // 11) Mara Hoffman bikini cover-up // 12) Sensi Studio panama hat // 13) Gap flip flops // 14) La Mer sunscreen // 15) Tons of Vogue // 16) Samudra pouch

Let’s face it: I, and anyone else aged 26 or higher, probably has not even acknowledged spring break for a good chunk of time. However, in my household (and family) we still have [law] school-goers and spring break is a definite thing that we participate in. After all, who doesn’t like a little getaway or staycation to relieve all your stress from midterms and finals?! With that in mind, I have compiled my go-to items I want/need for a little Palms Springs action that I intend to plan very soon. With my sisters on spring break and my fiance celebrating his very last spring break, our family is looking for some fun in the sun. I’m just looking for a reason to buy another bikini (kidding, kidding!)….

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Modern Fem Office Space

sivanayla-office-spaceLet’s be honest: I have spent hours upon hours trying to decide how to set up my home office. My desk, which is actually an inherited dining table, is pretty huge and has always posed an obstacle in this never-ending story of me moving the office furniture. It just never quite worked anywhere, until I bought this super basic Ikea shelf (seen above my desk). I sprayed the hardware bronze to be less masculine and bring out the mixed wood hues in the table/desk, and now I’m pretty content with the layout. Once the big items were set, I had fun searching for my gold accents and picking prints to frame. And in case you were wondering, the shelf was never intended to be functional…I just needed more space to style. With a rolling rack housing my oversized coats and samples to shoot, I have a pretty sweet space that I now spend majority of my days in. It is so important to enjoy your work environment, and for me, to be happy with what I am staring at all day long.

frendsTo go along with my gold addiction, I am also addicted to these gold Frends headphones that help me cancel out the household noise around me so I can focus on work.

shelf-stylingThis shelf is a compilation of life, art, DIY, and style.

rolling-rackMy employees are cuter than yours.


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Etiquette 101: On working out

etiquette2So we know that my Etiquette series is typically inspired by events and encounters that fill my everyday life, and not just an excuse for a 26 year old to school you on acting like a decent human being. With that said, I feel like if enough people read my tips we would have a lot less to complain about. And trust me, I enjoy complaining, but some things just need to be addressed. Today’s suggestions (and yes, I will call them suggestions since I’m not exactly the lawmaker around here) are inspired by a very odd experience I had in my yoga class that I usually have absolutely nothing to complain about. Here we go: We are about 3/4 finished with the class and we are laying on our backs about to hold a bridge pose. In my yoga studio they play very light “mood” music that I very much enjoy, and just as I settled into my bridge (pelvis and thighs raised) I hear someone humming to the song playing (very off key, by the way). I glanced over to Paul, who was about 2 feet to my right, and within one second of eye contact I was hysterical. His face registered the same horror I felt: WHY ARE YOU HUMMING IN YOGA???!!!!! I couldn’t hold my laughter completely in so I was releasing some laugh-snort thing for about 5 minutes until the teacher finally pretended she thought a phone was going off and announced, “please no cellphones in class.”

Things you should avoid while working out:

  • Hitting on people. Sorry to sound prejudice but, men, it’s always you doing this and we (women) ALL hate it.
  • Singing or humming out loud in any class or gym unless it is private.
  • Taking selfies as your exercise.
  • Wearing make-up. Unless you’re coming from work or whatever.
  • Talking on the phone. I personally find it very rude to subject people around you to listen to your conversation while you’re working on your HIIT.
  • Playing your music out loud. I’ve mainly only seen this at Runyon, and I’m already grumpy enough climbing the hard part, I don’t also need to listen to your dubstep/rap.
  • Sweating everywhere without a rag in very close proximity.
  • Paying attention to other people and racing them. Well, I am totally guilty of this one. However, I am mentally racing them, which can be great motivation. But don’t stare…find your opponent and beat them secretly.
  • I don’t really know how I feel about shirtless people at the gym. I get you’re hot (temperature), but it just doesn’t seem right. I’m open to thoughts on this one.
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